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Our expert salary-based Loan Officers allow you to avoid big Loan Officer commissions and help save you money. Our LO's guide and advise you through the loan process vs. pressure and sell you. Effortlessly view, sign and upload documents throughout the loan process.

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Transparency 24/7. Avoid the standard high Loan Officer commissions - save thousands by working with our salaried LO's and find the best rate for you by paying no lender fees. Instantly compare real-time accurate rates and costs customized to your specific situation.

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Sammamish Mortgage is a family owned and operated Mortgage Company who has been proudly serving the Pacific Northwest since 1992. Our team of experienced professional Loan Officers are salaried, not commission-based. This means they are committed to helping you find the best loan for your unique situation, and there’s never any pressure to close. We believe in making the mortgage process as transparent as possible, with openness and honesty surrounding rates and costs. We don’t charge standard high lender fees or origination fees, instead choosing to make it easy for you to price your own loan, track rates and experience an online digital mortgage process. Our technology allows you to complete your application, upload your documents, and sign disclosures from any device, using our overarching intuitive system. As a Mortgage Company, we currently lend in all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Colorado. Our unique company structure allows us to offer great rates, low costs and 5-star service on home mortgages. At Sammamish Mortgage, we’re all committed to doing what is best for you, and making your home loan process the enjoyable and exciting experience it should be. For more information or to speak to an LO, contact us today!

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