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2015 Reviews

Wayne A – January 21, 2016

Very seamless and efficient. No surprises. Very easy to understand rates and costs. Candis P – January 15, 2016

The staff was very professional and helpful through the entire process. It was a stressful approval and was handled in a way that helped us get through everything very efficiently. Angela T – January 11, 2016

Everything was very smooth and easy Everyone was very helpful and prompt Thanks! Jeanelle S – January 5, 2016

I was very impressed with the customer service from Sammamish Mortgage. I ended up putting in an offer right before Thanksgiving on a house and even though some people in the office were out of the country, I would have not known if they had not told me. They made the closing process very easy and we were able to close 15 days early! Wai C – January 4, 2016

Friendly, helpful, good services and response directly… Thanks

 Sherry E – December 18, 2015

I felt my loan process was handled swiftly and with complete attention to detail. If we refinance again, or purchase again in the future, I will absolutely use Sammamish Mortgage again. Christopher L – December 5, 2015

Following a bad experience with another company, after being provided paperwork that did not reflect what I was being told, and then being reassured that it would be corrected at closing, Sammamish Mortgage was up-front and transparent from the beginning, locked us in for 45 days (compared to previous company’s 30 day lock leading to extension fees), and kept us informed during the entire process. Closing was exactly what we had been told from the beginning. Jeffery B – December 4, 2015

Wonderful experience and customer service!

Nancy B – November 30, 2015

The staff at Sammammish Mortgage are very knowledgeable and helpful. Our mortgage refinancing went smoothly and closed without any issues. Edward W – November 22, 2015

Great experience!
Eugene C – November 19, 2015
Excellent. I will recommended Sammamish Mortgage to friends and family.
Tarek A – November 10, 2015
Everything was very convenient and explained clearly. No surprises, just what you want in a refi/mortgage.
Fung Ying L – November 6, 2015
We recently refinanced our mortgage and got the best rates from Sammamish Mortgage. I like how their website has setup & I could get an instant quote without giving out much personal information. At closing, the costs were exactly as projected and lower. Michael Shane and his team were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Good communication by email. Everything went smoothly and completed efficiently I would recommend Sammamish to all my friends, family and for our financing needs.
Randall T – November 5, 2015
After thorough research online, we chose Sammamish Mortgage to refinance to a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage on account of its exceptional rates & its excellent reputation as reflected in numerous reviews. We found this reputation to be well-deserved: the service is impeccable & technology is employed very effectively. Sammamish Mortgage provides a rare mix of attentive personal customer service along with efficient use of technology to help customers successfully navigate the whole process.
Mark M – November 3, 2015
Great service, competetive rates, transparent fees, sophisticated electrictronic process and patience with my anxiety, especially Cory. Thank you very much! Shawn M – November 2, 2015 You were a pleasure to work with. The process was easy and painless. Jeffrey F – October 30, 2015 Positive. I particularly appreciated Cory Physer’s hard work, availability and unflagging good humor. She helped make the home buying experience a little less harrowing. Marletta M – October 1, 2015 communication is prompt and thorough. very helpful. Lynne C – September 30, 2015 The entire process was very easy and low pressure. I felt supported with lots of information and explanations, and when I had questions, they were answered promptly in an understandable way. It felt odd to never have to go in to your office, but it was extremely convenient to be able to complete all communication and paperwork by phone or online. I can’t imagine you could have made the process any easier. Thank you. Emily C – September 29, 2015 I appreciated how quickly your team responded to my questions. As a first time re-financer, I did have quite a few, and you guys never made me feel bad for asking and were prompt in your replies. Thanks for your help! Charles V – September 26, 2015 I appreciate your high degree of professionalism Nicholas A – September 23, 2015 Easy to work with; already recommended a co-worker Terry G – September 21, 2015 This is the third time working with Sammamish Mortgage and I appreciate all of the hard work done to get what turned out to be a difficult refinance completed. The only criticism is that you do not pay Cory enough money. She was terrific in handling not only the lenders but my family members as well. I owe her a big thank you. Huy H – September 21, 2015 Really like the professional attitude to make my loan moving quickly. Much appreciated. Sidney S – September 21, 2015 You guys were great. I received fast responses to all my questions and the process went smoothly. Everyone was very courteous and helpful. Colin O – September 14, 2015 The pricing and customer service were unbeatable. Doug B – September 14, 2015 It was very pleasant refinance experience, I would say the best!!! The entire team was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and excellent in communications. I would definitely recommend to others or consider future refi (if I ever need it again). Fantastic Job everyone!!! Thank You! Doug Bae Spencer B – September 13, 2015 Entire process went smoothly. This was my fourth loan with them Geir W – September 10, 2015 Always a pleasure. You are fast, dependable and communicate exceedingly well. I will continue to use Sammamish Mortgage and recommend you to others looking for a mortgage.

08-02-2015 – Robert T – Mercer Island, WA – I started by researching refinancing options online. I was very impressed by your website. It is very informative. Various refinancing options and costs are clear and transparent. The rates are competitive. My next step was to call your office. Jeanne called back immediately. After the initial call we exchanged a couple of emails. All my questions were answered, I received insightful advice. I also appreciate that there was no “pressure”. I felt I could trust Jeanne. The application process was very smooth. Tony was on top of the process. He followed up on the next steps, kept me informed on the status. The process was completed ahead of the schedule. 07-22-2015 – Henry S – Realtor – Dimension Properties – I loved that Ryan Shane was always available to communicate with our clients or I. If we had a question on timing, Ryan would make sure to get back to us in a timely manner. He was very professional throughout the process and I would not hesitate to use him again or refer him out to future clients. Great work! 07-20-2015 – Paul T – Mercer Island, WA – Thank you Michael and Tony for all your help in getting this loan funded and completed on time. This is my second loan through your company and it’s been a positive experience each time. 07-07-2015 – Russell M – Poulsbo, WA – I selected Sammamish Mortgage because the rates and fees were quite lower than the competition in my area. In addition, the website interest rate quote feature was the deciding factor in selecting your company. A great tool that allowed me to accurately determine total fees. Most banks don’t provide the detailed data that you guys provide. I was very pleased with the overall transaction. Michael Shane and Tony Lorraine answered all of my questions promptly and were extremely professional throughout the transaction. Very appreciative of the $$ saved for my refinance and the star treatment. I see why you guys are rated so high, keep up the good work! Thanks guys!! 06-26-2015 – Vera W – Seattle, WA – Working with Michael Shane at Sammamish Mortgage was a fantastic experience. I asked many questions and when in doubt, I’d ask them in a different fashion in order to ensure that I had a fundamental understanding of the process of which I was engaging, the numbers I was crunching, and the documents I was signing. Michael was patient and understanding of my time and my husband’s time.With Michael, there was never any pressure to sign or go with Sammamish. Everything was out in the open, clear and cut & dry from the start. This is the type of business I will recommend to my friends for years to come. Thank you Sammamish Mortgage and of course, thank you Michael Shane for a stellar job. 06-14-2015 – Michael L – I chose to work with Sammamish because they were a local mortgage company with good reviews that seemed to be easy to work with. Even though this was a little difficult since I was purchasing my step mom’s estate, Sammamish Mortgage took care of all of the loan documents and finding a closing agent. Thanks! 06-09-2015 – Jonathan G – Sammamish, WA – I checked rates on Zillow Mortgage and Sammamish Mortgage had one of the lowest rates/fees. I then checked Yelp and saw the positive reviews. I checked your website and I liked that you were a local, family run business. At the end of the loan process, I had an overall excellent experience from the efficient and courteous staff. 06-05-2015 – Jan K – Gresham, OR – The team at Sammamish was excellent to work with. They quoted me a fantastic rate, locked in the rate and processed the loan with professional service. Over the years I have completed about 4 mortgages on various properties. Sammamish is definitely the best. 05-27-2015 – Andrew M – Sammamish, WA – Sammamish Mortgage has a great website with fantastic tools and education. Working with them was very easy and they always kept me in the loop with the status of my refinance transaction. 05-27-2015 – Valerie A – Kirkland, WA – We were looking for a local company and when we contacted you felt very comfortable and Sammamish Mortgage was very helpful. We like to support local businesses. From our initial interview with Jeanne through the final closing appointment, everyone did their utmost to explain and answer any questions. Calls and emails were returned promptly. We felt very confident that all was being handled well and the process, with all the paperwork now required was handled as quickly and cleanly as possible. 05-17-2015 – Sharon B – Battle Ground, WA – Our experience with Sammamish Mortgage was great! Same day responses to our questions, even on the weekends! Great people to work with. Able to work around our busy schedules and close within a month! 05-08-2015 – Rhoda P – Everett, WA – We were recommended to Sammamish Mortgage by trusted friends. They were very professional. They had a solution to every challenge we had encountered when we made the last minute change from another Mortgage originator to Sammamish. 04-14-2015 – Rebekah B – Gresham, OR – Michael Shane and all the others that we worked with at Sammamish were professional and personable. They made the refinancing process as painless as possible. I have already referred my niece to Sammamish. 04-13-2015 – Brian T – Lake Stevens, WA – I used Sammamish Mortgage last summer for a refi. It went well so I contacted them again. I had a great experience. The process went very smoothly and Tony kept me well informed all the way. 04-01-2015 – Brent T – North Bend, WA – Ryan did a great job guiding me every step of the way: evaluating options, addressing my multitude of questions, very prompt feedback via email – He went out of his way to educate me in a number of areas around financing this loan. 04-01-2015 – Tien P – Shoreline, WA – Excellent service, straightforward talkers and quick to expedite. Exactly what you need in a refinance. 03-27-2015 – Yehong Z – Issaquah, WA – It is convenient to know the closing costs on your website for a variety of rates, honest to tell the closing costs, and very convenient to send all loan documents through the secure inbox instead of email attachments (I really like this feature). We have successfully done three home refinances with Sammamish Mortgage, they are honest, efficient and we had actually lower closing costs than what we expected. The whole process is very smooth and left us with a very good experience to work with Sammamish Mortgage Company. I’d like to thank them for the good work. 03-23-2015 – Debarijit C – Mill Creek, WA – Excellent experience working with Sammamish Mortgage. Was completed well before the rate lock had expired. 03-21-2015 – Andy H – West Linn, OR – I chose SM for my refinancing need because of cost competitiveness, customer reviews and the initial contact with the company representative. The service was excellent. 03-15-2015 – Sun K – Sammamish, WA – I have refinanced a number of times with Sammamish Mortgage. Every time, my wife and I have been treated fairly, honestly, and with great respect! Jeanne and her team are the best! 03-13-2015 – Byron H – Bothell, WA – Our purchase was time sensitive and Sammamish Mortgage worked to not only meet the deadline, but closed a week early! They worked to predict potential hold-ups so they could be prevented. Sammamish Mortgage performed every task required of them for our home loan quickly and accurately. There are nothing but positives to be said about them. 03-01-2015 – Skye D – Camas, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was very thorough and provided detailed requirements throughout the process. Every interaction with Ryan and on occasion Trevor was very professional. They were friendly and helpful in understanding the lending process. Always timely in replies. 02-22-2015 – Karen M – Bend, OR – This was by far the smoothest home financing transaction I have experienced in nearly 40 years of buying, selling, and refinancing homes. I found Michael to be responsive, well-informed, flexible, and articulate. His low-key approach was a refreshing change from the other loan officers I have worked with. Tony and his team did a great job of explaining what documents were needed and keeping me up to date with progress reports. 02-21-2015 – Vincent G – Seattle, WA – Your office had good reviews on the internet and my initial phone conversation with your office left me with a good first impression. My wife and I appreciated the prompt responses to our questions and your direct business approach. You kept the process simple and as streamlined as possible. 02-20-2015 – Dianne W – Black Diamond, WA – I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because of their length of time in the business, their professionalism and they had the best current refinance rates I could find. 02-12-2015 – Paul L – Richland, WA – All the staff was pleasant to work with answered my questions without regard to how many times I asked the same one. They did it in a non-condescending way even if it was just to reassure me along in the process. Special thanks to Ryan, Trevor, and Tony. You have a good crew. 02-11-2015 – Keith T – Portland, OR – Thanks to Michael for taking the time to answer my questions in the beginning of the process and effectively communicating our different loan options. Michael handed us over to Tony who seamlessly handled the process of collecting all the necessary documentation. They were both great to work with throughout the process. 02-10-2015 – Paul G – Vancouver, WA – Sammamish worked to resolve my mortgage refinancing need. Through the process their team was able to resolve multiple challenges and successfully close our loan. 02-03-2015 – Miguel R – Snoqualmie, WA – I like that you had the rates and mortgage payment calculator online and that I didn’t have to call anybody to see what loan was best for me. Instead, I was able to run some numbers by myself and decided what loan was best for me… everything else was perfect. 01-26-2015 – Patrick J – Sammamish, WA – I chose to work with SM because of strong referrals offered a great mortgage rate and gave straightforward, honest advice. I had an excellent experience working with them. 01-21-2015 – Viraf K – Issaquah, WA – I didn’t have the time to research too many mortgage companies. I had heard good things about Sammamish Mortgage. The website looked friendly enough so I decided to try the company to help finance my new home. I’m very happy with my overall experience dealing with Sammamish Mortgage. A tedious process was transformed to a pleasant experience thanks to Jeanne and her staff.   2014 Reviews 12-07-2014 – Yolanda F – Everett, WA – Excellent service from the start through funding. Very competitive rates and Michael was patient and efficient. 12-03-2014 – Ramil A – Kent, WA – My friend endorsed your company to us and the offer/terms presented matched our desires. Sammamish Mortgage and its staff and leadership were the best from among the lenders/loan officers we have engaged with in the last 4 months during our shopping. 11-04-2014 – Craig R – Seattle, WA – After internet research, I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they had the best price with local service. Also, because they were willing to work with VA financing. 10-14-2014 – Redmond, WA – After talking with Ryan, I felt confident they would treat my business seriously. All my interactions prior to committing to the loan application were very positive. I enjoyed working with Ryan and Tony. They were responsible and knowledgeable. 10-04-2014 – Ellen M – Puyallup, WA – Having the option of having a notary come to the house for signing was very convenient and greatly appreciated. Overall it was the easiest loan process we have been through and the service was excellent throughout. 09-25-2014 – Srikanth Kumar S – Beaverton, OR – Sammamish Mortgage offered me rates and numbers that were unbeaten by others. My experience with this company has been very positive and being a first time home buyer it was intuitive in nature. I had many questions and Tony and Mr. Shane took time to make sure that I understood the intent of the documentation. 09-13-2014 – Jessica H – Snohomish, WA – I appreciated the timely communication and if my loan officer was unavailable, someone else that was part of the team would help me. 09-08-2014 – Randall N – Bothell, WA – My father who is a California real estate broker helped me select your company for my recent financing. Your company website information is impressive and you are a local company in a city in Washington State where I live. Prompt, courteous, responsive and efficient service provided and results delivered as promised with very competitive interest rate/fee pricing. Thank you and all your staff for a job well done. 09-08-2014 – Carolyn P – Bellevue, WA – The whole experience was great from the first time I talked with Ryan to my dealing with Tony. Great work making everything happen on time. It was painless! 09-05-2014 – Sapun D – Seattle, WA – We worked with Sammamish Mortgage because we heard good things about SM. We found Michael to be very helpful and his office staff is very cooperative. 09-03-2014 – Trevor Y – Seattle, WA – Ryan Shane was extremely responsive, professional, and helped us close a complicated loan that other loan officers were incapable of doing. 08-20-2014 – Mark M – Seattle, WA – I used Sammamish Mortgage in the past. I almost went with a different mortgage company, because they were suggested from a realtor friend of mine, but thought I wasn’t being serviced properly. I received an e-mail from Jeanne Shane (out of the blue) that same day. It said we could probably save you some money on your current mortgage. I gave Jeanne a call that day and was locked in on a rate the very next day. I wasn’t the most prepared person, but Sammamish Mortgage nudged me along and I was able to close within the time that was allotted. I’m a very happy customer and will always stay with Sammamish Mortgage. 08-20-2014 – Marvin S – Albany, OR – It is sometimes hard to do major financial transactions long distance, but the staff made it a doable thing. They handled my questions and managed my stressful situations with care. Thank you for staying with me and getting my refinance accomplished successfully. 08-10-2014 – Nicholas V – Seattle, WA – I found Sammamish Mortgage through a glowing endorsement given to me by a good friend. From my point of view the best thing that could happen is that the whole process feels like it takes almost no effort on my part. That was the case here. There was the hassle of collecting all the documentation, but of course that’s unavoidable no matter where you get your mortgage. Thanks! 08-04-2014 – Dean W – University Place, WA – The costs associate with the loan were more competitive than other mortgage companies we were considering and the positive feedback testimonials gave us the confidence to trust Sammamish Mortgage with our loan. Sammamish Mortgage took the extra time to meet with us in person and answer all of our questions. We appreciated their being sensitive to our desires and the level of security in dealing with our confidential information. Thank you! 08-04-2014 – John S – Gig Harbor, WA – I find your website very helpful especially the instant rate quote tab. It lets you see clearly the relationship between interest rate and closing costs. Also, dealing with Jeanne is a pleasure. She always delivers on her upfront quote with no surprises. I really appreciate that. 07-25-2014 – Brent N – Sammamish, WA – Thanks Michael and everyone else in the office who helped out! Everything went so smoothly and you all helped us meet our deadline to close before we left for vacation. We will definitely recommend you to others and use you again in the future! 07-22-2014 – Debra R – Bellevue, WA – I chose to work with SM because Ryan was extremely responsive and they offered the most competitive rates, plus he explained a lot to me if I didn’t understand. It was a very smooth process and extremely accurate with no hidden costs or surprises. 07-21-2014 – Emily P – Renton, WA – We wanted a local family owned business with excellent customer service and I loved the service we received from Sammamish. It made the borrowing process as painless as possible. The staff were pleasant to deal with and were always very responsive. 07-21-2014 – Karl T – Seattle, WA – Sammamish Mortgage gives you the trust and honesty of a family run business, but has the experience and resources of the largest lenders in the Pacific Northwest. 07-12-2014 – Andrew J – Port Orchard, WA – After starting the refinance process with two different lenders and getting poor service I decided to call Sammamish Mortgage. They were friendly and helpful unlike the other two lenders. The cost of the loan was cheaper too! I would definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage. 07-09-2014 – Joel L – Bellevue, WA – I had worked with Ron in the past and you offer very competitive rates. It was a very enjoyable experience and much easier than I thought it would be. 07-05-2014 – Allyson U – Spokane Valley, WA – I appreciated the very prompt replies to our questions as well as confirmations that our documents had been received. The prompt submission of all of our documents so that we could close early was very much appreciated. 07-04-2014 – Michael H – Bothell, WA – We refinanced with Sammamish four years ago. The process was smooth and the loan was exactly as promised. When Michael contacted us about the possibility of a loan we were already watching rates and the loan he offered fit the criteria we had. Sammamish is efficient and effective. They give you what they promise and keep you apprised of the process along the way. Thank you for excellent customer service. 07-03-2014 – Howard B – Kirkland, WA – A great experience! They know what they’re doing, communicate clearly, no surprises, no delays, knowledgeable staff, efficient process. 07-03-2014 – Sharlene M – Kingston, WA – Sammamish is an honest, direct & no-nonsense mortgage broker. I highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage for your mortgage or refinancing needs. 07-01-2014 – Leanne G – Richland, WA – I found Sammamish on Zillow’s preferred list and they provided flexibility and lower closing costs. Sammamish Mortgage exceeded my expectations in terms of timing, cost and service. 06-17-2014 – Connie K – Everett, WA – Sammamish Mortgage helped me in the purchase of my home 19 years ago and in refinancing the balance to lower interest rates in the years hence. They are straight-forward, efficient, and pleasant to deal with. Sammamish Mortgage made the process stress-less! 06-03-2014 – Dylan C – Snoqualmie, WA – I found Sammamish Mortgage through a referral from our Realtor and found them to be friendlier than the other person at another company we had briefly talked to. Ryan and team were very professional, made things super clear, and made it a very easy process. We always knew exactly what we needed to do. 06-03-2014 – Derrick V – Beaverton, OR – After speaking to a few other companies Sammamish Mortgage (Ryan) stood out. I could tell that he wanted to help and was truly looking out for what was best for us. Ryan had a lot more knowledge than people I spoke with from other agencies. I appreciated the continuous open lines of communication. 05-09-2014 – Mark L – Redmond, WA – I found Sammamish on Zillow and they had the most affordable closing costs and most transparency about help in how to shop for loans. Tony Lorraine was amazing, going the extra mile to help me understand all the implications of all my decisions. 04-22-2014 – Lukasz S – Snoqualmie, WA – Originally I found Sammamish Mortgage through a website ( After calling up and talking to Ryan I was convinced he is the guy for my loan. He was very friendly and informative. It was mostly because of my interactions with him that I decided to use SM. I have a great experience working with your company and would give my recommendations. 04-19-2014 – Carolyn W – Maple Valley, WA – Their rates matched Navy Federal’s rate and I’d much prefer to have a local mortgage company over a national one. I wanted to be able to pick up the phone or email and speak with the same person every time I had a question. I also like to support local business when I can. As first time homebuyers, we didn’t know what to expect in this process. It wasn’t until we spoke with our realtor after closing that I realized how easy our mortgage experience was compared to many people. The whole mortgage process was pretty effortless and smooth for us and we appreciated the frequent updates and explanations we received from your company. I am so grateful that we decided to work with you! 04-14-2014 – Sarah B – Redmond, WA – We previously had done business with them and had a good experience. This experience turned out to be excellent as well. Our transaction coordinator, Cory was great! 04-07-2014 – Edna S – Seattle, WA – I chose to work with Sammamish because there was easy access to good info on the website, the emails and phone conversations with Michael helped me to determine his level of responsiveness to me as a customer, and his ability to demonstrate patience (as in having to hear the same questions over and over again from different customers) and showing expertise as a subject matter expert when answering my questions. I found out about them during my research when polling family, friends and colleagues for their referrals and recommendations. I appreciated the high level of customer service. Very positive experience working with all of the staff involved in my transaction. 04-03-2014 – Nicholas A – Federal Way, WA – Great service all around. Process was fluid, smooth, and there was communication at all steps. Sammamish Mortgage was also available any time that I had a question. 04-02-2014 – Jason S – Damascus, OR – I found Sammamish Mortgage through MSN Money and their rates were better than anywhere else. This process was very smooth and efficient. I was a little apprehensive about doing business over the web and phone instead of in person, but my transaction went really better than I could have ever imagined. 03/03/14 – David M., Beaverton, OR – Sammamish Mortgage Was highly recommended by two coworkers who refinanced with them. Other brokers and my bank just presented poor options. You and the staff were awesome–So quick to respond, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful in explaining the processes, etc.. You really stood out from everyone else. Not pushy, just plain professional and courteous. 02/20/14 – Christopher H. Milton, WA – A co-worker recommended Sammamish Mortgage. Upon speaking with Jeanne Shane she eased me through the process and helped with the on-line application. She drew up a worksheet that explained the “costs” of a refinance. This was something she did on her own to help me understand where all the money goes and I felt this was above & beyond what is normally done. Cory Pysher took personal time from her weekend to meet me to return some documents to me and further explain the refinancing process. This was extremely nice of her as I live a fair distance from the Sammamish office. She also kept me informed on the progress of the refinance with e-mails and phone calls. The employees and staff at Sammamish Mortgage were courteous and professional. I would use them again for a new mortgage or a refinance. Cory Pysher & Jeanne Shane are to be praised for the extra steps they took to make the refinance process go smoothly for me. 02/19/14 – Andrea S. Sammamish, WA – I was referred to Sammamish by my daughter in law who convinced me that you were the best. My experience with Sammamish Mortgage was a positive one. They were very patient with me, explaining the refinancing process as we went along. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff and their united goal to provide me with the best possible outcome. Thank you, Sammamish Mortgage. 02/09/2014 – Desirae R, Portland, OR – Everything was excellent and everyone at Sammamish Mortgage was courteous, professional and timely! My re-finance was quick and easy thanks to the skilled and competent team I worked with. 01/23/14 – Jason M., Bellevue, WA – I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of their good rates and because they are local. I found them via a net search then checked online ratings. Everything was excellent: The estimated closing costs were accurate in relation to what I actually paid, the degree of efficiency and service I received from my loan processor, the level of courtesy from the staff, and my overall experience working with them—all excellent. I will definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage to family, friends, and colleagues. 01/17/14 – Carol B., Kirkland, WA – I chose Sammamish Mortgage because I liked the reviews when I searched the internet. Everyone was excellent. They have excellent service and are very professional. Our refi was smooth sailing with no problems. Definitely recommend. 01/16/14 – Julie A., Duvall, WA – The reason I chose Sammamish had to do with the option of no closing costs. Everyone was excellent. I will definitely recommend to others. 01/15/2014 – Narendra S, Silverdale, WA – Sammamish Mortgage appeared more prepared to complete my loan on a very tight timeline. I found them thanks to a friend. They are courteous and extremely efficient. Faced with a 13 working day timeline to close a loan, Sammamish mortgage closed loan within 11 working days! 01/08/2014 – Ganesh P, Sammamish, WA – I was referred by a friend and the Sammamish Mortgage team is very easy to work with, provided clear information and found good rates. I have not seen a more organized mortgage company. Thanks to Sammamish Mortgage, my American dream is more real than ever before. 01/07/14 – Patrick G, Portland, OR – I chose Sammamish because of their good reputation and low rates. Everyone was excellent. Definitely recommend. 01/04/14 – Steven K, Seattle, WA – Return customer due to low rates. I found the entire staff and overall experience excellent and will definitely recommend them to others.

2013 Reviews 12/27/13 – Paula D, Bothell, WA – Sammamish has the best financing rate I could find, and came back because I had a prior good experience when re-financing my home. Sammamish Mortgage assisted me with the purchase of a home. I applied for the loan on-line and received a call from Michael Shane the next business day to talk about my options, and rates. The loan proceeded efficiently and closed exactly as planned. This is my second experience working with Sammamish Mortgage and both times were a pleasure. 12/25/13 – Rakesh V, Everett, WA – They are generous and I heard a lot of good things about them from my family and friends. I want to thank Sammamish Mortgage for assisting me in making my dream come true. They were very helpful and the process was not difficult at all. 12/24/13 – Erik M. – Renton, WA – I liked the straightforward, no-nonsense approach by Michael Shane & Co. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience. They were very transparent about the fees and the refinancing process. The entire process was quick and relatively painless. I would definitely use Sammamish again and would not hesitate to recommend them! 12/24/13 – James B, Albany, OR – After searching the web, I chose Sammamish because of upfront pricing details. The processor, staff, and overall service were excellent. I’d definitely recommend. Cory was very nice and responded quickly to all my concerns. 12/23/13 – Spencer B, Bremerton, WA – I have used Sammamish Mortgage in the past and came back again. Rates are good and the process goes smoothly. I have no reason to look for rates from anyone else! 12/18/13 – Erica P, Snohomish, WA – I had no idea where to start with finding a mortgage company and my dad gave me good feedback on you and your company so I thought that was a good choice. My dad recommended me since he has been working with you and all of his financial needs over the years. My own experience was excellent with Sammamish Mortgage. My husband and I had no idea about anything when we went into wanting to buy a house. Sammamish Mortgage was very helpful in helping and explaining the whole process. Our selling process had many setbacks with the seller but everyone worked very hard to make sure the deadlines were met and all paperwork and documents were done and on time. My husband and I are very grateful for all the hard work the company did to help us get our dream home. 12/18/13 – Michael S, Seattle, WA – Low cost refinances with fair interest rate. I found them because of a newspaper quote years ago in the business section. I have used Sammamish Mortgage several times and as a Realtor I have referred many clients and friends to use their services. My experiences have always been that they can get the job done and my clients and friends have always thanked me for giving them the referral. 12/04/13 – Michelle M, Redmond, WA – I chose Sammamish Mortgage based on the technical side of rate and loan costs, but also I felt that you were taking the time to answer all my questions, you did not pressure me to make a commitment, and you were considerate of my process. Overall my experience completing my refinance with Sammamish Mortgage went very smoothly from my initial research through to closing. I felt the staff was professional and personal, allowing me to make the best decision I could for my situation. I will definitely discuss my loan needs with them next time I need such assistance. 12/04/13 – Roger B, Covington, WA –I checked with the BBB with an A+ rating. Reviews were all very good. They are a local company that I could actually go to if I needed to. I was looking on the web for the best mortgage company in the Seattle area. You were rated the best so I started looking into all the info I could find about Sammamish Mortgage. Wow, what a great experience. Everything went smoothly and efficiently and closed very quickly. The loan processer even came to my house on a Sunday (she happened to be in my area) to go over the loan package to make sure everything needed was there and signed. When I called I usually got through to my processor or it was a short wait or a fast call back. Everyone there is very professional and kind. It was a pleasure doing business with Sammamish Mortgage and I would highly recommend them to anyone for their mortgage needs. 12/02/13 – Jessica S, Duvall, WA – We were referred from a friend and also chose Sammamish because of the good rates and responsiveness. We have never been through a refinance before, so I appreciated the prompt responses and thorough explanations about the process. 11/27/13 – Erin S, Pacific, WA – I heard about the great reputation of the company. My husband and I were referred by my older brother who has gone through Sammamish twice. 11/26/13 – Hochoon L, Bellevue, WA – Very competitive rate and great customer service. You guys are awesome. I can’t think of anything negative. The rate was very good and the loan processing was very prompt and responsive. I will recommend Sammamish to all my friends. 11/15/13 – Elizabeth S, Bellevue, WA – The process was efficient and accurate. The Staff was always friendly and helpful. Thank you for a great experience. 11/13/13 – Sean B, Portland, OR – Working with Ryan at Sammamish Mortgage was a great experience. Of all the stressful things that come with a home purchase, getting our Financing was not one of them. In Fact it was a delight and I highly recommend their service to my friends and colleagues. 11/12/13 – Charles G, Friday Harbor, WA – This was absolutely the best mortgage outfit that I have ever worked with. Fast, competent, trustworthy, and friendly – What else could you ask for? 11/11/13 – Paulo E, Kirkland, WA – Michael and his team helped to get the best possible rate. They did a great job. 11/09/13 – Benjamin K, Tacoma, WA – I definitely would recommend them for future loan servicing. Thanks. 11/07/13 – Tyler C, Kirkland, WA – My experience with Sammamish Mortgage was great. I used them to buy my first house and was quite clueless going in, but they were very helpful at explaining everything to me each step of the way and helping me get together all the information I needed and making the best choices. Thanks to their quick turn-around, we were able to close over a week early. 10/24/13 – Ryan C. Seattle, WA – Initially attracted to the rates we found online. Ultimately had some great initial conversations with the team and decided to move forward. Don’t know why we didn’t do this with our last mortgage. Definitely recommend. 10/22/13- Tyler C. Kirkland, WA – Very friendly and did a great job understanding what we were looking for. 10/18/13 – Kevin B. Seattle, WA – I knew I could trust them to act in my best interests and I knew they would be organized and close on time. Great company to work with. They made a stressful process quite easy. 10/17/13 – Susan G. Buckley, WA – We wanted to work with a company that had a good reputation. A friend mentioned that her parents had used Sammamish and were very pleased. So we researched the online reviews. Both of the people that we worked with there were very helpful and good about walking us through things we didn’t understand. Everything was completed efficiently and in a timely manner, and we received good communication with plenty of updates. Our questions were always answered quickly and courteously. We very much appreciated the use of a Title office that was close to our home. 10/12/13 – Kristen C, Hillsboro, OR – Excellent. Definitely recommend. Sammamish is prompt and extremely responsive. Everything was great. 10/11/13 – Kevin B. Seattle, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was great. They explain the mortgage process well and made sure we were able to close on time. They even renegotiated our rate down by a quarter of a percent right before closing. 10/07/13 – Jon P. Seattle, WA – We absolutely will use you again and refer friends as well. 09/24/13 – Bothell, WA – I Have worked with Ron and the team over at Sammamish Mortgage in the past. Great people and rates with lots of follow-up. Ron is the man! He’s helped us on both re-fi and new house purchases with great rates and no surprises. Great team behind him as well. 09/20/13 – Ian E. – Bellevue, WA – Michael was extremely helpful with all of my preliminary questions before I started actually looking for houses, and I was fairly impressed that he took the time to send me a “snail mail” letter when his e-mail wound up in my spam filter. I found Sammamish via online searches and reviews. I thought the website was helpful and everyone was easy to work with. I liked Michael Shane in particular; he was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions quickly and effectively. I thought Sammamish Mortgage was a world class organization from top to bottom. They were helpful both in the initial phase of determining financing options and what I could afford, as well as throughout the application process. They have an informative website and helpful staff, and I found Michael Shane to be extremely knowledgeable as well as a very clear and concise communicator. I could not have expected more, and would recommend them to anyone. 09/20/13 – Ramesh C. – Bainbridge Island, WA – Rates were the best amongst the brokers I talked to . Definitely recommend. Great rates, flexible (I asked to close a couple days early, and they had no problems with it). 09/20/13 – Nicholas B. – Seattle, WA – Recommendation came from friend who used you guys for his last few mortgages. My experience was Sammamish Mortgage was quick and relatively pain free. (They don’t lose/forget about paperwork (A lot of mortgage places seem to loose pretty much everything during the process). 09/07/13 – Khoi P. – Renton, WA – Jeanne and the team at Sammamish was great to deal with. They had the best rate and deal at the time I was looking. Throughout the whole process, Jeanne took the time to address all my concerns. She was prompt with all of my requests for pre-approved letters. When it came time to lock, it was a quick, clear, clean process (just make sure you have your docs ready). 09/04/2013 – Marsha N. – Seattle, WA – Ryan and Cory, We thank you both for the wonderful service you provided for our two loans: the refinance for our home and the loan for purchase of our vacation home. We are a difficult scenario and we know how much more work our file took than others. You were thorough and very helpful!Thank you again for your professionalism, attention to detail, and for getting the job done! It was a great lesson to be part of the loan process from a buyer’s perspective and know first hand what goes into getting the documentation together for a difficult self-employed package. Job well done! And again, many thanks! 08/30/13 – Joe P – RE/MAX -You guys did a great job!! That is no longer the norm in our industry. Thank you for making my job easier. 08/26/13 – Debra O. Allyn, WA – I found Sammamish through an Internet search and chose them because Ryan provided great information, was very knowledgeable, quick to respond and offered a wide range of options to fit our needs. I’d definitely recommend Sammamish as they work with many lenders and can offer some fantastic deals! We entrusted Sammamish Mortgage with both a refinance and purchase and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. 08/26/13 – Ma, Q. Kirkland, WA – I am a return customer and would definitely recommend the because I got a good rate, they are trustable people, have professionalism and are able to meet the needs. Sammamish Mortgage is my housing loan financing choice because I have gone through them more than 5 times now for various housing finance needs. Each time they got the best rate on the market and were able to close on time. They always kept me informed of what it is going on and Jeanne Shane is especially good at explaining what documents were needed and why. All staffs are respectful and show professionalism. 08/24/13 – Susan M. Parkdale, OR – Found these guys via an internet search and chose them because of Mortgage rates and their website. I received immediate returns from my email and phone calls. I’d recommend because of the ease of process and depth of knowledge 08/20/13 – Marsha N. Seattle, WA – I was referred by a colleague of mine at Windermere Real Estate. Definitely recommend because of the efficient and knowledgeable staff who know the process and were proactive. Ryan and Cory and Sammamish Mortgage got the job done! We had a difficult financial situations so the process took longer in our case, but we secured both a refinance and purchase loan. 08/17/13 – Mary B. Spokane, WA – Chose because of the low cost, and good reputation. I used to work in the industry when we lived in Seattle. Also, a friend recommended them. They did a good job, and the cost was low. There were no major problems, and they were professional. Thank You! 08/10/13 – Prathiba P. Kirkland, WA – My sister had used them before and had a good experience. Also the response time was fast and the GFEs were thorough. Good customer service, timely responses, not pushy. 08/08/13 – Alin S. Lynnwood, WA – Sammamish Mortgage helped me refinance very fast and with a high degree of competency. Again, very fast service and accurate service, highly recommended. 08/05/13 – David T., Snoqualmie, WA – Honestly found them from just a Bing web search with positive customer reviews from independent reviews. Definitely recommend. 08/02/13 Jerry T. – Pullman, WA – Sammamish Mortgage works hard for you. A great team. Always keeping your best financial interest in mind. 08/02/13 – Timothy R. – Spokane, WA – I shopped on the internet, looking for good rates and a company that was in Washington State. You guys hung in there and worked with us, even when the transaction was taking a long time while you were waiting for us to respond. 08/02/13 – Deborah T. – Bothell, WA – I was looking for a local business, great rate, easy transaction. I’d definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage to others because you have the best rates, you’re easy to do business with and make what can be a stressful time a very easy transaction. I compared rates and reached out to Sammamish Mortgage via the web over the weekend – amazingly quick response, friendly people, rate and services as advertised. I highly recommend these folks! 08/01/13 – (Anonymous) – I found Sammamish via an internet search for best mortgage company in Pacific Northwest region. I found them to be efficient, courteous and with a clear loan process with good rates. I am glad that I chose this company. They offered me one of the best rates with very clear upfront fees. During the loan process, everything was efficient and courteous. I ended up closing several days earlier than scheduled. I think that everyone in this company is professional in this business. 07/31/13 – Robert G. – Seattle, WA – I have a family member that works for Sammamish Mortgage and the loan closed in 20 days. Loan processor was great, kept me up to speed on everything that was going on, answered any questions I had. Really pushed things through for us. My experience with Sammamish Mortgage was truly wonderful. We needed our loan to close very quickly and Sammamish Mortgage was able to complete it in 20 days. Very friendly staff all the way around. Couldn’t be happier with the way we were treated by Sammamish Mortgage and our entire experience with them. 07/30/13 – Rachel M. – Seattle, WA – I was referred by a friend and they seemed to actively make sure we got everything completed properly and in timely manner when necessary. 07/29/13 – Philip K. – Seattle, WA – I’ve refinanced with Sammamish Mortgage many times and never had a problem. I will tell others to give you a call before deciding on any lender to compare, and of course recommend you as a reputable and trustworthy company. As usual, great communication, great rates, and great service overall. You guys have put a lot of work into customer service and it shows. Well done! 07/29/13 – John S. – Seattle, WA – I’ve used you before and had a great experience. You have the best rates – great service. 07/29/13 – Quinglin M. – Woodinville, WA – I had good service from previous experience and trustworthy people. I came back and definitely recommend it to others because they will get you the best rate, good service– and the staff is professional. 07/25/13 – Matan O. – Bellevue, WA – Good rate. Great service levels, very patient. Thanks Michael for taking the time to explain the process. 07/23/13 – Gloria H., Marysville, WA – I found Sammamish Mortgage when looking to refinance and saw a listing in the Herald newspaper with interest rates. I encountered professional staff, excellent service, and ease of use with electronic filings and phone/email contacts (never had to drive). I have obtained several mortgage loans and refinances during the past 25 years. Sammamish Mortgage demonstrated the finest customer service, lowest rates and fees, and best follow through by far of all these experiences. I would definitely recommend the office to others. 07/23/13 – James M., Vancouver, WA – I became aware of Sammamish Mortgage through a advertisement in the Oregonian. I’m very thankful they advertised there since I live in Vancouver I would have not found them otherwise. What first caught my eye was they were one of only a couple of Mortgage companies to offer a 20yr Re-Fi. That was an attractive loan for me since I had been in my current mortgage for almost seven years I didn’t want to Re-Fi to another 30yr term. When I was going through the lock in period, rates had just started to move up. After talking with Michael he informed me that Sammamish Mortgage works with three rate tracking firms that were recommending to “lock in”. I’m so thankful Michael made me aware of that because since then rates had moved even higher and I would have been kicking myself had I not. During the loan process we did run into a few delays, but to me that’s when you get a real feel for the company you’re working with. Lisa and Tony, who were handling my loan, did an amazing job for my loan. I’m self-employed so there was more information needed and kept in constant contact with me throughout. My wife and I’s loan funded a couple of weeks ago and I can’t tell you the relief that is felt in our household now knowing that we have a great rate for the next 20yrs. If you’re in the market to Re-Fi or a New Loan there is no question I would highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage. They have incredible loan options and the staff to back it up!!! Great job and my wife and I can’t thank you enough. 07/23/13 – George K., Sammamish, WA – I came back to Sammamish Mtg. because they did a great job in 2009 for me, so I went back to Jeanne without hesitation. They work hard to get the job done, with the best interest of the client in mind. Jeanne Shane is fantastic to work with. She has a very competent staff. 07/23/13 – Greg F., Seattle, WA – I received a high recommendation from a competing mortgage broker to contact Sammamish Mortgage. Your pricing is great and you follow through on it! Excellent service. Thank you! 07/22/13 – Linda G., Puyallup, WA –My reason for choosing Sammamish Mortgage was the lowest rate and knowledgeable staff. They have great rates, honest estimates on closing and good instructions. Thank you Tony and Jeanne for your help!! 07/22/13 – Bob C. – Maple Valley, WA – I used SM for a refinance in 2011 and was happy with the results of that encounter. You can trust them to handle your case with speed and superior knowledge. 07/16/13 – Steve W., Puyallup, WA – The recommendation came from someone at work who has worked with Sammamish Mortgage in the past and they also had very competitive rates/pricing. They are customer service oriented, with good regular updates/communication and also the ability to load documents to a secure portal was nice. 07/16/13 – Paul T., Sammamish, WA – I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of their reputation in the community. My experience included great people who answered questions in a timely manner and good rates. Everything was great. I appreciate everyone working through the process and we are happy with the results 07/14/13 – Munir R., Kirkland, WA – Service was the criteria for me choosing Sammamish Mortgage. If you need a professional service contact Sammamish Mortgage. Great people to work with, helpful on each step during the application process. 07/12/13 – George Z., Seattle, WA – I came back again because I had a good experience with the company on a previous refinance. They have very competitive rates and a high level of customer service. Very happy with overall experience. 07/06/13 – Peter B, Woodinville, WA – The processors, staff and overall experience was excellent. We found Sammamish Mortgage through positive word-of-mouth and will definitely recommend to others. 06/27/13 – Nicole F. – Seattle, WA – I was referred by multiple coworkers. They made themselves always available and were really interested in helping you. Everyone I worked with went out of their way to help with closing in time and getting me the best rate. Tony and Ryan not only helped close my loan in the 30 day time frame, they also helped with other items to help me with getting the lowest rate. This referred to tips to rescore my credit that helped a lot!” 06/27/13 – John F, Seattle, WA – We chose Sammamish Mortgage because of rates offered, knowledge and helpfulness of Michael Shane, and based on a referral from a friend. Everyone we worked with was excellent. Reasons we will recommend: Good rates and good service 06/27/13 – Greg F, Seattle, WA – In all my years of financing and refinancing, I’ve never seen a larger move [in rates], so I really got lucky that day! I mentioned that even the next day it had moved. I’m not always lucky, but I sure was on this one. I’ve also told you that it was a bank rep who mentioned how good he’d heard Sammamish Mortgage was, and I’ll tell him he was right. He’s one of their top loan officers in the state, by the way, so he knows good rates. You all delivered just like your reputation, so thank you again! I already have passed on references and always will. 06/25/13 – Ming Shan K, Seattle, WA – The loan processor was excellent and we had a good overall experience with the company and staff. Sammamish Mortgage helped us get the Refi done through the HARP program and I’d definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage because it is a flexible mortgage broker offering various mortgage tools and options to meet customers’ needs. 06/19/13 – James & Danell J, Seattle, WA – Everyone we worked with was excellent. We chose Sammamish because of the value and previous experience. I will definitely recommend because of the great value, they are respectable, and have proven service. 06/14/13 -Wirote P, Redmond, WA -Our experience was good. Very competitive interest rate. 06/13/13 – Mohammad S., Sammamish, WA – The processor, staff and experience were all excellent. I found Sammamish Mortgage to have good and prompt service. They are reliable. I have worked with them before and was satisfied. I will definitely recommend because they are reliable and trustworthy. They explain all the hidden costs and risks upfront. No hidden agendas. 06-10-2013 – George S – Oak Harbor, WA – Thank you for the work you all put in on this. I am very satisfied with Sammamish Mortgage (once again)! You got me a better rate, with lower closing costs, than any other broker could even get close to. 05-31-2013 – Karthik T – Renton, WA – We moved in this week and setting up our new home. I wanted to thank you and your team for an outstanding job with all the delays you had to deal with. Our overall experience with each and every member of your team was excellent. Your honest assessment of not making it on May 24th was what saved me so much trouble and helped me plan for contingencies My agent nor the builder could give me that! Thanks once again. Great job overall. 05-31-13 – Aimee P, Seattle, WA – I came back to Sammamish Mortgage for my recent loan because I used them when I originally bought my condo. The processor, staff, and overall experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend because of how efficient and pleasant they are to deal with and not high pressure. Sammamish has been great to work with! 05-30-13 – John B., Bothell, WA – I chose Sammamish Mortgage 1.) Based on reputation from word of mouth and internet, 2.) When I asked for a good faith estimate I received what I was looking for with detailed items and not a lot of sales included, 3.) The website really made it easy to figure out what I wanted and get started with the process. Everyone I worked with was excellent. I’d Sammamish Mortgage to anyone after my second time of using them, everyone at Sammamish is incredibly helpful and very responsive. They took the time to walk me through all my options so I could make an informed decision. Throughout the refinance, the people at Sammamish stayed on top of the lender’s requests and made everything as smooth as possible. 05-30-13 – Marin & Ann F., Seattle, WA – Sammamish because they had the best rates we found and we also found the staff to be friendly and courteous. 05-30-2013 – Tuyet L – Seattle, WA – We have signed all the paper work today. Everything went through just fine. I can’t say thank you enough for all you do. Your team is awesome! Your timely responsiveness, hard working are appreciated. I’ve referred so many people that I know so far to work with you when they need to refinance their properties. Take care and looking forward to working with you all again. 05-21-13 – Kim Q, Seattle, WA – Chose Sammamish Mortgage because of previous experience and would definitely recommend. Our overall experience was excellent as was the degree of efficiency and service we received from our loan processor and the level of courtesy from our staff. The estimated closing costs were accurate in relation to what we actually paid. 05/06/13 – David G., Shoreline, WA – We selected Sammamish Mortgage from following your (among other) ads in the Sunday Seattle Times. We also helped a friend refinance her mortgage about 3 years ago and had a wonderful experience. I found them to be very efficient, timely, they maintained good communications, were orderly, and extremely helpful. Sammamish Mortgage provides very good rates at very low costs. I would highly recommend. Ryan and Tony were very helpful members of the team. 05/05/13 – Joseph & Jennifer C, Kent, WA – We chose Sammamish because it is a Local company with some of the best interest rates nationwide. Definitely recommend. 04/29/13 – Timothy F, Seattle, WA – We came to Sammamish because of a referral. They were quick and responded to emails promptly. Estimated costs lined up. Great job by the whole team; specifically Ryan Shane and Suzanne Thirtyacre. 04/28/13 – Linda R, Seattle, WA – I came back because of a previous positive experience. Michael Shane runs a very professional company. 04/28/13 – Brian & Seana K, Sammamish, WA – Good people, good rates !!! They treat you like family! They covered all the bases. 04/27/13 – Byron & Courtney R, West Linn, OR – I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of the Loan cost to value ratio. My experience: Personable, prompt response, good value. 04/26/13 – Ed K., Anacortes, W – Good rates, efficient process. Definitely recommend. 04/22/13 – James & Laura L, Issaquah, WA – We’ve gotten a mortgage and refinanced through Sammamish several times and have been very happy with the customer service and product. Easy to recommend because of their great customer service, and because Sammamish Mortgage is a broker, they can shop for the best rates. 04/20/13 – Troy G, Bellevue, WA – I had used Sammamish on a previous refi. The website tool for reviewing mortgage rates is excellent and the process of getting the paper work in place is efficient. This combined with responsive and articulate personnel made it easy. 04/19/13 – James M, Kirkland, WA – I chose Sammamish because they have the best rates and fees. I have also used them in the past (our original loan and now two refinances). They are very responsive and some of the best rates and lowest fees around. I am very happy with the results. 04/18/13 – Lynn A, Issaquah, WA – Sammamish has good rates and provided quick processing of the loan. 04/18/13 – Jeffrey B, Seattle, WA – Sammamish got me 3.5% whereas my previous lender was only able to offer 3.875%. I can recommend Sammamish because they will get you the best possible rate and they are good at answering any questions you might have. Thanks! 04/14/13 – John C., Kent, WA – I chose Sammamish because of their good reputation and because they are a local company. I recommend them based on very good communication alone. They keep the process moving quickly. I found them to be very professional and courteous. The entire process took less than 30 days. 04/12/13 –Scot & Margie N, Issaquah, WA – I came back because of a previous experience with Michael & Sammamish Mortgage 11 years ago. I recommend them for access to great rates and because they are very efficient. 04/11/13 – Tony U, Everett, WA – Why I chose Sammamish? TRUST, IS A KEY FACTOR IN CHOOSING SAMMAMISH MORTGAGE. I’d recommend based on the fact it’s a LOCAL COMPANY WITH GOOD REVIEWS, FAST AND EFFICIENT. EVERYTHING WENT VERY SMOOTHLY. 04/07/13 – Gloria L, Woodinville, WA – I chose Sammamish because it is a local business, had a good web site, good rates and ultimately I experienced good service and communication. Fast too. 04/05/13 – Bradley H, Issaquah – Sammamish had the best rates and cost offerings. That, combined with friendly and efficient communication means I’d definitely recommend. 03/28/13 – James F, Newcastle – A co-worker recommended your Sammamish Mortgage. They have very good interest rates, were easy to work with, had good communication, and a smooth process. 03/24/13 – Ha N, Enumclaw – Reliable and trustworthy. Like others, I found they were excellent in terms of efficiency and service of my loan processor, staff courtesy, and overall. If you need a reason to choose Sammamish Mortgage, it’s trust. Thank you very much to your staff, especially to Mike and Cory. 03/20/13 – Ian S, La Center – We came back to Sammamish Mortgage because we had used them with the purchase of our home and they had come highly recommended by friends. They were excellent in terms of efficiency and service of my loan processor, staff courtesy, and overall. Sammamish Mortgage makes the mortgage hunting process so much easier and you know you are getting a great interest rate and very fair closing costs as compared to other companies. Amber and Cory were awesome to work with. They kept in close contact with us thru email on the process and provided very detailed lists of what was needed from us to make the process go quickly and smoothly. 03/19/13 – Terrance F., Seattle. I was referred to Sammamish Mortgage by my real estate agent and found the efficiency and service level of the loan processor, courtesy of the staff, and overall experience to be excellent. I would definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage. Ryan stood behind his word on a no cost loan. Great service. Super helpful. 03/17/13 – Michael WP, Snohomish, WA – Sammamish Mortgage had low closing cost fees, easy processes, and good information on the website. 03/15/13 – Robin G, Issaquah, WA – A friend recommended Jeanne Shane and I recommend Sammamish because the people were knowledgeable, friendly and communicated well. 03/14/13 – Bev V, Kirkland, WA – I liked that Sammamish Mortgage is a local company and they gave a quick response to my questions. They were responsive to the customer and helped me get a great rate. They kept me informed as the process went forward. The staff at Sammamish Mortgage were all easy to work with, addressed my needs and kept me informed. 03/14/13 – Jay G, Redmond, WA – I decided to work with Sammamish Mortgage because of Michael’s prompt responses to my questions. This is a very well run, professional organization with great teamwork and responsiveness to one’s needs & questions. They set proper expectations on how long things would take and executed accordingly. Great team of folks… Thanks! 03/14/13 – Raphael K, Seattle, WA – I’ve worked a few times with Sammamish Mortgage in the past. Good interest rates and low fees. They have the best combination of interest rates and fees, and there is never a bait and switch on the closing costs. They are always willing to answer any questions. 03/07/13 – Brad V, Seattle, WA – I came to Sammamish Mortgage on a recommendation from a friend. They had great response times on email and were honest and friendly! 03/04/13 – Colin N, Lacey, WA – Sammamish Mortgage had a great rate and the fact they were local was a plus. I refinanced another house using The Money Store last Spring, Sammamish was faster and had better service. What I liked about Sammamish is the fact they were experts. Everything from the application to closing, they were on top of it. They were very good about communicating and they took time to read emails sent to them so there was no “re-explaining” what was previously communicated. 03/02/13 – Daniel R, Mount Hood-Parkdale, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was within my geographic region and had competitive rates. I also received prompt personal response to my inquiry. It was one of the less intrusive processes we’ve had in requesting a loan. 03/02/13 – William B, Mercer Island, WA – We were referred by our son who was happy with your service. Overall, a plus experience. 03/01/13 – Andrea C, Seattle, WA. – I had used Sammamish Mortgage before and was familiar with their service. They are good about going through all your options and do not pressure you to go forward if you are not comfortable. Overall it was a good experience. 03/01/13 – Brian P, Richland, WA – My review of rates and online reviews of company are what brought me to use Sammamish Mortgage. I’d recommend because they are quick, efficient and professional. 03/01/13 – Matthew C, Seattle, WA – I came back to Sammamish based on past experiences with previous refinances. Everyone is very professional, and responsive, and friendly. And, they know their stuff. 03/01/13 – Mark M, Sammamish, WA – We have worked with Sammamish Mortgage before. They have excellent rates, shop many different lenders and are very efficient. 02/27/13 – Rick S, Bothell, WA – Thank you Suzanne and all at Sammamish mortgage. It was great experience working with you all. All went smoothly, with very little pain or inconvenience. We would certainly point friends and family in your direction. 02/22/13 – Ron S, Redmond, WA – I wanted to thank you for the great refinance experience you provided for Sam and Jill. This whole transaction seemed to work out flawlessly and it was great having them work with someone I knew and trusted. Jill enjoyed meeting you today. I suspect you will be getting some referrals from Ed although I don’t really know how many of his clients are purchasing homes or looking to refinance. Real estate is one of Ed’s specialties – along with estate planning and mergers/acquisitions – so I hope there will be some added business for you. Thanks again for all your great work on their behalf! 02/19/13 – Wayne W, Kenmore, WA – Many many thanks to Cory, Amber and Jeanne for all your help in this process. This is my second mortgage brokered by Sammamish Mortgage and again I have been very satisfied with the service and professionalism of the staff. I will definitely recommend you when the opportunity arises. 02/18/13 – Matthew C, Seattle, WA – Thanks, Lisa! We appreciate all of Sammamish Mortgage’s help, and greatly appreciate how responsive everyone is, and how easy every one of you makes it to do business with your company. 02/16/13 – Ian S, La Center, WA – Amber and Cory we just wanted to let you know we were able to sign docs on Thurs 2/14 with First American. Thank you both for assisting us in this process and working hard to get it accomplished in a timely manner. You both made the process much easier and kept us informed along the way. We appreciate that so much. You guys are a great team at Sammamish and we will share this with friends we know who are considering refinancing too. Have a great weekend! 02/13/13 – Justin G, Snohomish, WA – The process and the people at Sammamish were A+. Thank you! Thanks again for such a perfect transaction. 02/09/13 – Michael P, Seattle, WA – Sammamish had the best rates I could find. The level of courtesy of the staff was excellent and the degree of efficiency and service from the loan processor was good. I’ll definitely recommend to family, friends, and colleagues. Overall a professional and pleasant experience. 02/05/13 – Brian P – Lisa we want to thank you and Sammamish Mortgage for such a swift and easy time processing our refi. Everyone we worked with was very helpful and great to work with. We are very happy we came to you and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. 02/02/13 David B – Renton, WA Sammamish Mortgage had the lowest cost and would definitely recommend them to anyone. 02/02/13 Renee G – Seattle, WA I liked that you were local and family owned and that when I call a person answers the phone. I used you for a first refi a few years ago and was impressed with your service. A friend used Wells Fargo at the same time and closed 2 months later with lots of hassle. I’ll come back because you are easy to get in contact with, organized and will work with clients to figure out best possible options. Our experience refinancing with Sammamish Mortgage was smooth and efficient. We appreciated the personal service and ability to get in contact with Michael and Janel quickly. They always returned calls promptly and were patient with helping us to determine options and processes 02/01/13 Rebecca D – Newcastle, WA I really liked working with Michael. He seemed honest and straightforward. He didn’t try to hide anything or sugarcoat anything. I feel like nothing was hidden and all the necessary information was disclosed. It also appeared that Sammamish Mortgage offered a selection of possible loan options. Together, I couldn’t ask for more. I was very happy with the loan we got and the service that Sammamish provided. 02/01/13 Robert S –Sammamish, WA Best rate and great service. 01/26/13 Brandon L – Woodinville, WA I went to Sammamish Mortgage again because of past experience. The process goes smoothly and is managed well. 01/26/13 Sharon A – Seattle, WA – Michael and Jeanne Shane make sense to me. How they explain things make sense to me. Michael gives me his opinion and doesn’t think I’m an idiot if I do it differently; both of them have patience with my questions. I have recommended Sammamish. I have used Sammamish Mortgage twice – they know their business really well and they make mortgages understandable! 01/23/13 Steven S – Kirkland, WA I was quoted the best rates, very clear and informative website, and Michael Shane seemed helpful and knowledgeable when I called him for a quote. Great service, great rates. 01/21/13 Phyllis S – Mercer Island, WA I chose Sammamish Mortgage to refinance the house. They are great. 01/18/13 William B. – Seattle, WA – Sammamish showed up on a quick web search for rates in Seattle. I read the reviews and they were overwhelmingly positive. I’d recommend because Sammamish Mortgage is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. I have been through the mortgage process many times. Sammamish Mortgage provided me with the most positive experience of all. 01/18/13 – Sean M – Portland, OR – Thanks for getting my purchase pushed through to close this week! That was really a big help. I am happy with the results and you and your team’s service. I know that our loan was one of many that you were working on and I greatly appreciate you following it all the way through to close! 01/18/13 Jennifer K. – Twisp, WA . I was referred by a family member and when I contacted Sammamish Mortgage I immediately felt comfortable with them so I stayed. They had great customer service, quick and reliable. 01/10/13 Karl N. – Seattle, WA – I had worked with Sammamish Mortgage before and chose to work with them again as I had a good experience. Don’t be afraid of the online process. It’s very easy and efficient. Plus you can call if you need to. 01/10/13 Luke S. – Seattle, WA I was referred by a friend and Sammamish Mortgage had good rates and efficient processing. 01/07/13 Patrick D. – McMinnville, OR Sammamish had the rates that were the most attractive at the time (on-line search). It took a bit longer than expected, but the results were fine. 01/05/13 Nolan H. – Battle Ground, WA. I came back because I was pleased with former refinance with Sammamish. I liked the personal touch, family owned business, appreciated that they have so much information available on their website to inform the customer. Their loan offerings are easy to choose from and that the zero point loans make it affordable to refinance. 01/05/13 Richard R. – Bothell, WA We have used Sammamish Mortgage in the past and they did an excellent job of explaining the process and time frame from the very beginning. Everything went very smoothly again. 01/04/13 John C. – Redmond, WA I came to Sammamish on the recommendation of a friend on prior refinance and good experience with that. They are very professional and offer good mortgage rates. 01/04/13 Steven H. – Redmond, WA Found Sammamish Mortgage on the internet, good ratings (no complaints) at Better Business Bureau. Efficient, Quick, easy to work with and low cost. 01/04/13 Judith M. – Redmond, WA I have worked with Sammamish Mortgage several times and have been happy with the service. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and there were no surprises.

2012 Reviews 12/19/12 Geir W. – Kenmore, WA – I worked with Sammamish Mortgage before with a highly satisfactory outcome; best rates AND best service. Why go anywhere else? Excellent service, communication, quick execution and best rates. This is my third time refinancing with Sammamish. They are consistently excellent in executing and offer the best rates around. I have referred them to many friends and relatives and will continue to do so. Great job! 12/19/12 Ryan M. – Redmond, WA – I was referred from someone in our neighborhood and our experience working with Jeanne was excellent. 12/19/12 Timothy H. – Seattle, WA –  I came back to Sammamish Mortgage because of good previous experience, good product offerings. I felt the process went smoothly and that our expectations were set appropriately. The only hiccup we had each time we refinanced was that the information about the closing came rather suddenly so that we had to scramble a little to get a cashier’s check. But, our experience overall was excellent. 12/16/12 James S. – Tacoma, WA – I chose Sammamish because it was a local company with solid rates. I’d recommend Sammamish Mortgage to others because of the great service, competitive rates and costs. They went the extra-mile to assist me. 12-16-12 – Gary N. – Fairbanks, AK – For my recent refinance I chose Sammamish because of past experience. The staff was excellent both times.   I found ease of use, value, trust, and a wonderful staff. The best experience I have ever had with the mortgage process. The company came through the first refinance with flying colors. This second refinance, exceeded my already high expectations. 12-16-12 – Daniel F. – Sammamish WA – This is our third financing with Sammamish Mortgage and we are delighted with their program, low rates, honest predictable procedures, and final results. We would highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage and greatly appreciate their program. 12-12-12 – Erin K. – Corvalis, OR – Sammamish Mortage was recommended by a friend. I appreciate that this is a fairly local (west coast) company and your personal service was definetely a plus. 12-12-12 – Karen N. – Kirkland, WA – Thank you so much! We have refinanced three times with you because of the great service! 12-10-12 – Kendall J. – Zillah, WA – I was recommended by a friend, I enjoyed the friendly and caring staff, great rates, and fast answer to questions. Thank you for doing such a great job! Everyone I talked with was very professional and helpful. 12-10-12 – Richard H. – Issaquah, WA – I always like looking for a local alternative, and with fair rates the staff at Sammamish Mortgage was friendly and responsive. 12-07-12 – Dennis M. – Seattle, WA – I used Sammamish Mortgage before and have been completely satisfied. Low rates were a huge draw. I have already referred many co-workers who have closed loans with Sammamish Mortgage. I tell them the process is easy, costs are low and the rates are hard to beat. Since I am in finance the sell is pretty easy. 12-06-12 – Judith M. – Seattle, WA – Due to a neighbor’s recommendation, I’m back for a 2nd time to Sammamish Mortgage because they are easy to work with, fair, have clear communication, and they make it very easy as they do the heavy lifting for you and are very organized. The only problem was the late in the month closing so we had to pay the next month’s mortgage payment making the money due at closing higher than estimated. Not the fault of Sammamish Mortgage. 12-05-12 – Lisa L – Bellevue, WA – Thank you so much for all your help! You are fantastic!  You addressed our concerns promptly and handled all the issues related to the loan beautifully and professionally.  Most importantly, you helped us get things done and get the loan approved and processed timely.  We really appreciate all of your help and I think that you guys are awesome!  We will definitely use Sammamish Mortgage again for our future mortgage needs and certainly recommend you guys to our friends and colleagues.  Thank you again for getting the job well done! 11-28-12 – Amy O – Bellevue, WA – Thank you Cory. Everything went well from the initial phone call with Michael. He was extremely helpful in getting the loan application completed, given the limited time I had due to my work schedule, so I could lock in at the then quoted rate. There were no surprises and everything went as said. Staff was courteous, polite and phone calls returned promptly. You exceeded my expectations! 11-27-12 – Larry G – Auburn, WA – I liked the fast response and the discussion with Ryan. Everyone at Sammamish Mortgage was very professional and the facts are laid out in front of you.  My entire transaction was handled via email and fax. 11-26-12 – Dennis M – Seattle, WA – A big thanks again to the entire Sammamish Mortgage team. I will continue to use your services and recommend you to all of my coworkers. 11-21-12 – Julie P – Redmond, WA – We chose Sammamish Mortgage because of the ease of checking rates on your website and a quick and helpful loan officer. 11-14-2012 – Elaine C – Bothell, WA Michael and Cory I just wanted to say thank you for the great work you guys did. My closing went very smoothly and your GFE was very accurate. I appreciate all your hard work to get my loan processed on time. 11-13-12 – Christopher K – Seattle, WA – I’ve worked with Sammamish on a few refi’s in the past and was comfortable with them. I have recommended multiple clients to Sammamish Mortgage. 11-10-12 – James S – Tacoma, WA – We chose Sammamish because rates and costs to close were competitive with other vendors and I wanted local company. The staff was efficient and always helpful in answering questions. 11-10-12 – Nate B – Bellevue, WA – Sammamish Mortgage did an outstanding job on my new home loan last year. They are a very trustworthy company with competitive rates that you can completely trust with your finances.  Working with Jeanne is fantastic.  She always takes the time to explain things and is an extremely helpful resource. 10-31-2012 – Peter R – Seattle, WA  -Thanks to all of you for making the process so smooth and easy. I’ll happily refer any friends who ask me about refinancing to Sammamish. All the best, Peter 10-29-2012 – Cheryl L – Seattle, WA – Thank you so much.  This was by far the smoothest mortgage process we have ever been through and we do believe it was due to the hard work of Cory, Tony and Michael and everyone at Sammamish.  We will definitely be in touch if we have any other needs and Sammamish certainly did exceed our expectations all along the way. 10-23-2012 – Mohammed R – Issaquah, WA  – I wanted to thank you and your team again for completing our refinance. Thanks to HARP2 and you, we will save over $90k over the life of our loan. I appreciate that when our refinance wasn’t working out under HARP1, you followed up and found a way to make it work under HARP2. And then, when the initial lender backed out, you stuck with it and found one that could make it work. Your persistence won’t be forgotten, and I’m always sure to tell anyone who’s interested about your company. Thanks again 10-21-12 – Dave A – Kirkland, WA – Don’t waste any more time searching for a mortgage broker, these guys have best rates and service to match. Thank you for your help and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone I know. 10-19-12 – Pam B – Langley, WA – Everyone we worked with at Sammamish handled our application and our questions very professionally and in a timely fashion. They were always available to consult when we called, and all necessary information was in place in plenty of time for the scheduled closing. They’ve been very polite and more than patient with our many inquiries. We are so happy Sammamish Mortgage was recommended to us! 10-05-12 – Mohammed R – Issaquah, WA – Your advertised rates are real. You worked hard to make our refi work despite serious challenges. 10-04-2012 – Donald S – Seattle, WA – My great thanks to all of you – from start to finish I was very impressed by your individual and collective level of expertise, responsiveness and willingness to tutor a first time buyer! I would not hesitate to confidently recommend your team to others and you will be at the very top of my list to contact when I make my next purchase! 10-04-12 – Paul H – Renton, WA – My third refinance with Sammamish Mortgage completed just as smoothly as the previous two. Through their professionalism and transparency of process, I have gained a trust that they will deliver exactly what is promised in the timeframe promised. This time they even exceeded my high expectations. I was told that the lender chosen may not complete the loan within the original lock period but they were able to get the lender to extend the lock at no cost to me.  Whenever I know someone is looking for a mortgage, I always refer them to Sammamish Mortgage. 09-29-12 – Grace K – Seattle, WA – Your staff is reliable, efficient, and professional without exception. 09-29-2012 – Rick M – Portland, OR – Michael, thank you for your service and support in refinancing my second home. You are extremely knowledgable and professional. You have a great team with Cory, Tony and Trevor in my dealings. I will continue to refer people your way for their financing needs. 09-28-2012 – Tilahun H – Bothell, WA -I do not have the words to help explain your genuine help and support  for this wonderful success. I am so much happy about the service you all provided me. I will refer my friends to get the same service form you and your team. Thanks a lot Jeanne and your team. 09-28-12 – Jay W – Seattle, WA – Thank you and everyone at Sammamish for your hard work and diligence. We were extremely satisfied with the services you provided.  We have shared your contact information with a few friends who are considering refinancing. 09-28-12 – Doug F – Bellevue, WA – We recommend Sammamish Mortgage because of their good knowledge of products and excellent closing of loans. Michael was smart about choosing the best product for us and then his staff efficiently got the loan closed. 09-28-2012 – Marco F – Bellevue, WA – Jeanne and the staff at Sammamish Mortgage not only offer the most competitive rates and fees, they go out of their way to make sure you understand the complete process. I am a repeat customer and have recommended Sammamish Mortgage to friends, family and my realtor. They define exceptional service as the new normal. 09-25-2012 – Paul H – Renton, WA – Thanks for the final update on the mortgage.  Even though I did get a little anxious everything eventually occurred exactly as originally advertised.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised that Sammamish Mortgage acknowledged our help in keeping the loan process going smoothly. That along with Sammamish Mortgage’s approach to having set fees and their staff’s professionalism has made me a repeat customer.  Thank you for a great mortgage that I’m sure will meet our needs for the next 8-10 years (unless rates continue to go down). 09-24-2012 – Matthew F – Issaquah, WA – Sammamish Mortgage delivered on their promises and walked us through the complex process while keeping us informed. Great experience and no surprises. They came through for us. 09-24-2012 – Daniel C – Sammamish, WA – Your company had the best rates that I saw with a transparent website with quick notes. The rates were better than major banks with the ease of application/information sharing by accepting e-mailed copies. 09-20-2012 – Andrew P – Portland, OR – Choose Sammamish Mortgage if you want great rates, professional service, and a responsive closing staff. You will reach a representative on the phone without going through a large touch-menu, and you will be in instant contact with your loan broker and closer. I think Michael owes me lunch as this is the 4th closing I’ve had with him! 09-14-2012 – Patricia S – Thank you Amber, it has been a very painless process (except for the appraisal) and I think you all are doing a fabulous job. I have been very pleased with how it all worked out and would not hesitate to refer your services to friends,except that no one down here has ever heard of you and I kept getting “Sammamish who? how do you say that?”  I guess you all can thank the internet for turning me on to your existence. I will certainly call you if I have any problems, but in the meantime thanks again for every one’s professionalism and competence. 9-10-2012 – Jonathan J – Bainbridge Island, WA -It wasa pleasure dealing with all of you at Sammamish Mortgage. My only regret is that I haven’t met any of you in person. Hey Michael, perhaps some photos of of you folks on the web site, which I still believe is the best one out there! I always enjoyed my phone conversations & emails with Cory, typically on Friday’s or Mondays – always so reassuring. I have already recommended you guys to at least two friends. 09-10-2012 – Ralph R – North Bend, WA – You will not find a more courteous and professional group to work with. You will also be hard pressed to find a better interest rate without paying outrageous fees. Thanks to Michael, Tony and Cory for working with me to make my second refi in as many years as pain free as it could possibly be. I must admit to shopping around (again) only to realize that I could not get a better deal than what Sammamish Mortgage was offering. It’s no surprise you’ve been around for 20 yrs. Happy Birthday! 09-07-2012 – Merrick R – Seattle, WA – Service was excellent. Great people, no unnecessary meetings and convenient online interactions. 09-01-2012 – Thomas B – Kenmore, WA – We’ve had a great experience every time we’ve worked with Sammamish Mortgage. 08-27-2012 – Derek L – Bellevue, WA – Thanks for all your help! Best refi experience ever!! I have shared your impressive professionalism and service with others! 08-23-2012 – Daryl W – Bellevue, WA – I chose to work with SM because of the prompt responses to my inquiries, solid advice on products and options, and complete disclosure documents early on that they stayed true to. I wasn’t sure initially if a firm that advertised in the paper was truly local, but the rates and costs turned out to be as low as advertised, and they treated us personally, like customers, not just a transaction. Very efficient, courteous, and a great value. Thank you very much. We really appreciated your team and would absolutely tell people about you and keep you in mind ourselves. 08-21-2012 – Mitchell R – Kirkland, WA – I wanted a local broker that could offer the best financing available on the market so I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage. They were very efficient, providing forms to my wife and I very quickly, and then moving the process to the next step as soon as we returned the paperwork needed. They also minimized the paperwork needed. Thanks, Cory. The process was pretty painless, and we appreciate the “no drama” approach! 08-20-2012 – Kurt C – The Dalles, OR – Thank you so much for the extra effort that I know you had to put in to get the loan processed. Sammamish Mortgage is definitely the best team that I have ever worked with on home financing – best price and best service. The process has become much more challenging ever since the meltdown in 2008, but you seem to know how to make it all happen in spite of this. 08-21-2012 – Scott U – Auburn, WA – Sammamish was great to work with – professional and efficient. We were able to make everything work electronically. 08-18-2012 – Tory K – Bothell, WA – I came to Sammamish through a friends recommendation and found it was easy to get a hold of Mike. My processor Cory was an absolute pleasure to work with. The team was professional, pleasant, knowledgeable people. They had the best interest rate, with the lowest costs. The interest rate decreased a few weeks after I had locked the rate and towards the end of the refi process, these guys renegotiated my rate to get me a lower rate. I was blown away. 08-13-2012 – Carol C – Sammamish, WA – I was recommended by a friend who had used Sammamish Mortgage and I saw their great rates. Our loan processor, Amber, was monitoring and updating us on every step of the process! 08-11-2012 – Byron B – Duvall, WA – I had refinanced previously with Sammamish Mortgage and the experience was very easy, so I chose to do so again when the interest rates dropped further. I like the free calculator on their website, the ease of getting a quote, the lack of pressure, the explanation of my options and the overall excellent service. 08-09-2012 – Joan R – Snohomish, WA – This was the easiest refinance/purchase of a loan we have ever had! I will definitely be recommending your company. 08-04-2012 – Walter A – Sammamish, WA – I had an excellent previous experience with Sammamish Mortgage. I had another great experience with them this time as well. They provide good rates and they do exactly what they said they would do. Very knowledgeable and professional. They gave me full confidence throughout the mortgage process. 7-26-2012 – Anne C – Issaquah, WA – I was so impressed with Sammamish Mortgage. The service far exceeded my expectations. I purchased a home that was a short sale – which took months to get our offer approved by the selling banks. Upon approval they set a mandatory close date that was a very tight deadline. Sammamish Mortgage worked aggressively to ensure we hit that goal and kept me updated every step along the way with status updates. Everyone I interacted with was positive, helpful and seemed to genuinely have my best interest at heart. I love my new home and am so thankful that Sammamish Mortgage made it all happen – and with the great rate!! 7-17-2012 – Adnan S – Newcastle, WA – I couldn’t be happier! Jeanne and Cory took such good care of us. We closed early and had no problems with the process. Every time I called, I was put through immediately and never got voice mail. My emails were ALWAYS answered quickly. I felt like I could call at any time to ask questions and was always taken care of. It was important that we closed on time to avoid any problems with the process. You are running your business right!!!! I have and will recommend Sammamish Mortgage to everyone I know who is looking to refinance and buy a home! 7-14-2012 – Neil W – Gresham, OR – We chose Sammamish from an ad we saw in the Oregonian newspaper. We were impressed with the terms they were advertising and the quick reply we got from them. The whole process was easy and trouble free. Obviously, Sammamish has been doing this for a long time because everything went just like clockwork. Thank you! 7-13-2012 – Chad D – Sammamish, WA – This was a very easy process and Sammamish Mortgage was there every step of the way. They were in constant contact with me giving me updates on my application/loan progress. It was a very efficient process and I will definitely go to them in the future. 7-11-2012 – Serge P – Issaquah, WA – The best, most competitive Washington mortgage company… by far. It’s more about making sure that we have our ducks in a row than worrying if Sammamish Mortgage has theirs. 7-8-2012 – Debra C – Centralia, WA – I checked with my local credit union 2x’s and had used them before for all my mortgage needs. They were slow to respond and even lost my info once. Sammamish Mortgage was on top of everything….they were amazing thru the entire process. No question went unanswered. I have and will continue to recommend them to all of my friends requiring mortgage financing. 06-27-2012 – Jason J – Seattle, WA – Thanks so much, Suzanne and Michael! This should be a very beneficial refiance for our family. We appreciate your work! 6-26-2012 – Volodymyr Z – Mountlake Terrace, WA – I chose to work with SM because of their clear straightforward initial information offer through the quality website, competitive conditions and pricing and their good reputation. They are a company with a high level of integrity, open and clear process, great communication, reasonable pricing with no surprises. Trustworthy, reliable, and a company that keeps its word. I am thankful for your very efficient work, and completely satisfied with the great result that you made happen. I have already referred one of my friends to Sammamish Mortgage, and will continue doing that as I greatly appreciate the ethical way of doing business your company clearly demonstrates. Thank you once again! 06-25-2012 – Jon S – Issaquah, WA – I just got back from closing with Sandy at Eastlake Escrow. I wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for (another) very smooth refinancing. Nice work all! Best wishes. 6-22-2012 – Tim F – Sammamish, WA – Thanks for the great service. Michael, Lisa and the full team at Sammamish Mortgage are a pleasure to work with. 06-22-2012 – Brian C – Tacoma, WA – I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because of the rate quoted closing costs. Their good reviews posted online were also a factor in selecting Sammamish. The web site was a plus as well. Amber was a pleasure to work with – always courteous and efficient. She responded to all our queries in a timely manner and she is very knowledgeable about the entire process. I strongly recommend Sammamish. 6-19-2012 – Jaclyn D – Camas, WA – Thank you Suzanne. It has been a good experience. We will definitely keep you in mind and have been referring you to friends and family. 06-12-2012 – John R – Monroe, WA – Sammamish is very up-front about what the can offer and have always offered the lowest rates I have found. I have worked with Sammamish Mortgage several times and have referred several friends there as well who have been happy with their service. They are up-front and work to get what YOU want from your loan. If they don’t have what you want at this time, they will tell you. No games. Thanks! 6-9-2012 – Joan R – Seattle, WA – Thank you Michael, I was pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of the people in your office that helped me with my loan. I enjoyed working with Amber and Tony very much. Thank you for keeping me up to date. Wishing you the best. 5-30-2012 – Bogie D – Edmonds, WA – Michael and Cory thank you both very much. It has been a pleasure and everything came through as expected without any surprises. I was referred by others here at F5 and I will continue to be a referral for your business. I will also be in touch if I need anything else. Thanks again, you were all great! 5-16-2012 – Connie M – Seattle, WA – I would like to say that it has been an absolute delight to work with your company.  Everyone worked hard trying to make sense of my “unusual” income stream, what with no W-2’s, various trusts, self-employment, etc.  Your lender’s credit was very generous, and I look forward to no payment until July 1!  I have referred several people to you already, and will continue to do so to anyone who mentions a refi. 5-15-2012 – Peter B – Portland, OR – Michael, thank you for making this process very easy. Anamaria and I appreciate all the hard work. 5-09-2012 – Matthew L – Duvall, WA – I like the website Sammamish Mortgage has setup. I can get a good estimate immediately using their mortgage calculator. The people I’ve worked with at Sammamish Mortgage are friendly, very responsive and provide knowledgeable answers to all my questions. When I’ve shopped around and compared mortgage companies, Sammamish Mortgage was the best value I found for those companies that I felt were reputable. I’ve recommended Sammamish Mortgage to co-workers and friends and for those who ended up using Sammamish Mortgage, I’ve heard only positive feedback. This last re-finance, everything went smoothly (as it did the first time). The only minor issue I had was that they indicated I would hear back on my loan approval by a certain time and it took a little longer. I had to call back later to find out my loan was approved and that I could schedule a time to come in and sign off the final paperwork. I realize they have been very busy with a high volume of re-finances and I did not consider this to be a big deal. I highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage and they will be my first choice for any future mortgage re-finances. 5-07-2012 – Christine H – Mukilteo, WA – Great experience! Ryan took very good care of us during our refinance. We had a glitch because we were going out of town when our papers were supposed to be signed and Ryan took care of it all. He was very personable and so was everyone we talked with at Sammamish Mortgage. We would definitely do business with them again! 5-01-2012 – James J – Puyallup, WA – Excellent. The whole process of refinancing went more smoothly than any of our previous loans. The timeframe from when we received application forms to the date we closed was less than six weeks. We chose Sammamish Mortgage because of a friend’s recommendation, because of competitive rates, and also because the web site provided so much information and was so user friendly. 05-01-2012 – James S – Issaquah, WA – Fantastic in every way!!! Highly recommend. Sammamish Mortgage was superior in every aspect!! 4-25-2012 – Chris D – Issaquah, WA – I wanted to say that it has been a real pleasure working with both Ryan and Cory.  Both of them have been super helpful in our first home purchase, especially with all the newbie questions I had.  Your quick response and great service was the #1 reason why I ended up choosing Sammammish Mortgage over other brokers and lenders.  Back in November/December when I was comparing different mortgage and lender companies, other lenders I spoke to were slow to respond to my emails.  In addition, when I talked to them on the phone, they seemed disinterested and quite annoyed with all the questions I had being a first-time home buyer.  When I talked to Ryan, on the other hand, he was super nice and very patient with answering all my questions.  Even when he seemed busy, he always responded to my emails and calls right away.  This directly led me to choose Sammammish Mortgage.  Working with Cory has been a pleasure, as well.  She always responded to my emails quickly and answered my questions with great precision. I want to thank you guys for your great work and excellent service.  I will definitely refer you guys to my co-workers and friends that are looking to purchase a home.  Just keep up your great service and quick response and I’m sure you’ll have many satisfied customers for years to come. 4-24-2012 – Steve F – Sammamish, WA – Dawn, Michael, Tony Thanks to all of you for your efforts to get our home refinanced.  I’m very pleased with how things went and will certainly refer your good business on to friends and colleagues. 4-23-2012 – Brett J – Chelan, WA – Thank you so much! We appreciate all that you and everyone at Sammamish Mortgage did for us ! We will definitely send people your way. 04-08-2012 – Brian H – Woodinville, WA – You can receive an Instant Rate Quote on the website and daily rate info via e-mail, which allows you to see all the options for rates vs. closing costs. The process went very smoothly both times we refinanced with Sammamish Mortgage, and we paid very little to lower our rate. The application process went smoothly and our mortgage closed quickly. Excellent customer service and communication. 04-06-2012 Charles M – Sammamish, WA – Thank you for the good work on getting my mortgage refinance through on schedule and such that the terms were consistent with what was discussed at the onset of the process. The process was very smooth and timely so I didn’t have to get worried about running up against the end of the interest rate lock period. I’ve had queries by friends and co-workers already when they have heard about my refinance asking about the interest rate and who I went through and I’ve been happy to say Sammamish Mortgage and things went very smoothly. 04-04-2012 – Kirkland, WA – Paul T – Thank you to your office for working on my loan and executing to get it done on time. I am glad to have worked with your office on this refinance and look forward to future loans as well! 03-29-2012 – Robert W – Bainbridge Island, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was very good to work with in all respects. They followed through with what the initially discussed as terms. We were also kept informed of our status of the loan application process. I would use the again and have recommended them to friends seeking to refinance. 3-28-2012 – Shauna E – Seattle, WA – We have refinanced our homes 10-12 times over the last 15 years. Sammamish Mortgage provided the most painless, straightforward process of any of the mortgage brokers we have used. The rates were excellent and the fees reasonable. We would use Sammamish Mortgage again. 3-28-2012- Dennis M – Seattle, WA – SM was easy do to business with and has great rates. I have already referred multiple co-workers to Sammamish. 3-22-2012 – Richard P – Redmond, WA – We chose to work with Sammamish because of their low interest rate, closing costs and it is a family owned business. We always got a live person to answer the phone and in this day that is very important. We also enjoyed having Eastlake Escrow right next door to your office so the two of you could coordinate paperwork. 3-20-2012 – Shellie T – Belfair, WA – I have worked with SM before and have has great experiences. They are professional, best rates, and the staff is always top notch! They responded to all our questions expeditiously, alerted us quickly when there were problems or additional paperwork needed to be submitted, and it seems like you are their only client J 3-19-2012 – Cedric F – Woodinville, WA – After talking with Mr. Ryan Shane, we felt that this mortgage company was the best for our refinance. We managed to get excellent service and the best rate. I received professional service in every way. 3-15-2012 – Grace K – Seattle, WA – Everyone at Sammamish was friendly, efficient and on top of their jobs. 3-9-2012 – David H – Bellevue, WA – I chose to work with SM because it’s a local company with good rates. The website was very informative and allowed me to investigate without having to”signup” and receive unwanted phone calls. So when I was ready to start my refinance the process was well understood. Then everyone quickly and professionally got back with me to get the process going! Everyone at Sammamish Mortgage was polite, professional and made me feel as if we had a team working for us. A very big thank you! 3-9-2012 – Chris G – Bothell, WA -Thank you very much. This was probably the smoothest refi I’ve ever done, which was much appreciated especially after my last experience with another company. I have already recommended your company to a few friends and will continue to do so. 3-2-2012 – Gene B – Gig Harbor, WA – Sammamish helped me get my original loans it was a good experience, so it was logical to go to them for refinancing. Also, they advertise very competitive rates. Sammamish is a thoroughly professional organization. They know their business and helped guide me though the maze of paperwork that threatens to overwhelm the current lending environment. And they’re nice while doing it. 3-1-2012 – Mary P – Edmonds, WA – The refinancing process was very user friendly and was one of the easiest loans I’ve ever encountered, and in these times, it says a lot! Tony was very attentive, professional and just a nice guy! 2-28-2012 – Christopher H – Port Ludlow, WA – Our sincere thanks to the staff at Sammamish Mortgage for the very fine service that was provided to us. From start to finish, your vigilance, thoroughness, and professionalism were very much appreciated. Thank you for treating our financial matters and our home as if they were as important to you as they are to us. Ryan was very reassuring at the beginning of the process, and Janel made certain that we were never concerned about the many details she addressed. 2-23-2012 – Leonora H – Bellevue, WA – Sammamish Mortgage came very highly recommended from a good friend. Your company was honest, efficient, courteous and informative. 2-19-2012 – Nan Ping W – Bellevue, WA – Michael thank you and your team for all the efforts in the process of our refinancing.  We had a very positive experience with your professionalism and attention to the details.  We look forward to other future opportunity in working with you. 2-18-2012 – Le Trinh T – Fife, WA – I wanted to thank Michael Shane very much for helping me with my refinance as well as my last refinance. I will certainly refer you to my friends who need help with loans in future. I am satisfied & very appreciated. 2-7-2012 – Paul L – Thanks for helping me out! Ryan and Dawn were very helpful, easygoing and super accessible. They answered when I called pretty much every time..or returned my call very quickly. Overall, this is the first time I’ve dealt with a mortgage company that I felt was honest and on my side and I ended up with a great deal that will save me a lot of money, which is of course the bottom line. 2-17-2012 – Larry R – Maple Valley – SM had the rate I wanted and the closing costs were great. Suffice it to say, I was very happy with your service and will definitely recommend your firm to others in need of financing. 2-14-2012 – Tony A – Mill Creek, WA – Michael, thank you for delivering fantastic value with my mortgage, your team got me a terrific deal with low closing costs. I will recommend your company to anyone looking for a mortgage, you guys are top notch professionals. 2-9-2012 – David S – Camas, WA – I had a fantastic experience. Every individual I came in contact with throughout the process was knowledgeable, focused and extremely effective in obtaining the information necessary to close my loan on time. It was a clean process with great flexibility in helping us when we moved up the closing date a few days for our convenience. 2-7-2012 – Dawn D – Kirkland, WA – Sammamish Mortgage has a great reputation in the mortgage industry. I also chose Sammamish Mortgage because of the online rating engine on the website. This allowed me to self-service rate quotes without filling out a form and waiting for a return phone call. Everyone at Sammamish Mortgage went above and beyond to make our difficult closing happen. The level of service and commitment was very impressive and we will forever be grateful to Jeanne and Suzanne for making our dream a reality. The folks at Sammamish Mortgage are outstanding and I highly recommend them. 1-31-2012 – Jeremiah L – Portland, OR – I chose to work with SM because they come highly recommended and I have had good experiences with them in the past. They are professional, diligent and offer some of the best rates. 1-30-2012 – Tin-Fook O – Bellevue, WA – Sammamish Mortgage has never disappointed me. They provided me with a low rate, closed the loan very fast and I received great service. 1-25-2012 – Pamela W – Bellevue, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was trustworthy, efficient and friendly – they make it easy. 1-20-2012 – Sean W – Seattle, WA – Thanks Michael, I really enjoyed doing business with you and your company.  You took the time to explain things clearly and I never felt pressured or unsure about the decision.  Thanks for a wonderful mortgage experience. 1-4-2012 – Daniel A – Auburn, WA – Sammamish Mortgage provides great rates and worked on my behalf. I felt respected and knew that I could trust them to handle my refinancing and I recommend their service.

2011 Reviews 12-27-2011 – Christopher G – Issaquah, WA – Sammamish did a great job both on my latest refinance as well as my original mortgage the year prior. Excellent communication and probably one of the most professional companies I have ever done business with. 12-23-2011 – Troy H – Federal Way, WA – Sammamish Mortgage offers several great benefits. For me the primary benefit is their online rate and fee quoting system. The fact that they actually provide that upfront every day 24/7 for you to query against and HONOR the offers/results means a lot when you make that critical decision of who to APPLY with and when to lock. Their rates, and fees (total cost) were the best I could find and their service (Loan Officer Ryan) and processors were very prompt in all aspects of my loan. 12-23-2011 – David N – Covington, WA – Besides great rates, Sammamish Mortgage provides several options on length of loan and loan costs. The staff is very professions and everything went smooth. 12-22-2011 – Kurt C – Renton, WA – Considering the turmoil that many unethical and perhaps criminal mortgage brokers and bankers have caused, it is refreshing to find a competent and responsible person to work with. Check their website, scope out what you think will work, then call and discuss your options. SM stood behind their quotes – including online – and did not bother me with gimmicks. 12-16-2011 – Williams M – Redmond, WA – If you’re looking for good rates AND good service, call Sammamish Mortgage. 12-14-2011 – Merlin S – Gaston, OR – Sammamish Mortgage offered the best rates in the country during the week I did a rate search. I compared 10 mortgage companies and narrowed it to three. Sammamish Mortgage has connections that beat them all. I was happy to choose a company from the Northwest. 12-12-2011 – Michael M – Spokane, WA – This is the second time that we have refinanced with SM and both times got the best rates, great customer service and timely results. We could not be happier. We have referred others and they have been pleased as well. The website is especially helpful – explains the process well and provides no-obligation calculators to help with decision making. 12-10-2011 – Jeffery M – Kirkland, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was a reputable broker with low costs and great service. They bend over backwards to get the job done. Kept in close communication prior to closing. 12-7-2011 – Gregory G – Bellingham, WA – I have worked with Sammamish Mortgage before and had a good experience. They are attentive, professional and thorough. I have always received great interest rates. 12-6-2011 – Kevin V – Seattle, WA – I will be recommending Sammamish Mortgage to everyone I know. Your team is quick, helpful and always responsive. 12-4-2011 – Bahadir O – Bellevue, WA – I was referred to Sammamish from a friend. I was very pleased with the staff, the process, competitive rates and the eventual closing. There were no surprises. Everything went along as planned. I would definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage to others as well. 11-29-2011 – David L – Sammamish, WA – I would highly recommend this company for mortgages. I found their website useful when looking for the days rates. 11-26-2011 – Thomas M – Sammamish, WA – SM processed my documents quickly and the pricing was explained upfront and did not change as the process went on. The level of service I received was excellent. 11-25-2011 – Brenda T – Mill Creek, WA – I Thoroughly enjoyed working with both Michael and Tony. Both called me back promptly whenever I had questions and they were able to get our loan done on time for our purchase. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable and professional, and friendly as well. If we ever need another loan, I would not hesitate to call them again. I would also highly recommend them to anyone else because they offer low cost loans AND provide great service—a rarity to get both in one place. Great job! 11-21-2011 – Dean S – Liberty Lake, WA – Sammamish Mortgage has been the best value on my last two refinances, no one even came close. My rates and terms have shrunk to levels I did not think were possible. I tell everyone to go to their website and get a quick quote, so they can compare other providers. 11-15-2011- Geir W – Kenmore, WA – It is always a pleasure working with Michael and his staff. They are competent, efficient and have complete integrity. Coupled with the lowest rates and extremely competitive closing fees, why go anywhere else? 11-10-2011 – Bob C – Maple Valley, WA – As a first time customer with Sammamish Mortgage, we were very pleased with the professional capabilities of SM. We have experienced several new home mortgages and about five refinances over my lifetime, and this was the very best in terms of handling everything with ease and with no surprised. Very highly recommended. 11-08-2011 – Dipen P – Sammamish, WA – I have worked with Michael previously and I’ve always received excellent service from him and everyone at Sammamish Mortgage. 11-03-2011 – Boyd H – Kirkland, WA – I found Sammamish Mortgage had the best rates and reviews on Angie’s List. You guys were helpful and worked hard to get me the best rate. I was informed along the way of what was going on and the closing happened quickly and accurately with no surprises. 11-02-2011 – Lowell D – Seattle, WA – We chose Sammamish because we’d had an awesome, easy experience with them before. Refinancing needn’t be a nightmare scenario. We took advantage of the low interest rates to refinance two properties. Sammamish made both experiences breezy and worthwhile. They kept an eye out for variables that would benefit us and explained details every step of the way. 10-28-2011 – Gilbert B – Issaquah, WA – I would use Sammamish Mortgage again and would not hesitate to refer them to my family and friends. 10-24-2011 – Sean W – Seattle, WA – Sammamish was honest, very clear and patient with me. You will have a hard time finding a better mortgage company. The other estimates I had from competing mortgage companies were not even close. They saved us a bundle of money and were very nice people too! 10-26-2011 – Nancy R – Seattle, WA – Cyndi and I are grateful for your expert handling of this refinance. Two of my sisters (and husbands) are trying to refinance in other states. Their biggest complaint is lack of responsiveness and communication by their mortgage companies. We have never felt this in our dealings with Sammamish Mortgage. It means a lot to always have a live person answer the phone, and to have emails returned promptly. Michael, you’re a true professional. Thank you for finding us a great rate and a good lender. 10-22-2011 – Robert B – Damascus, OR – As someone who was working from Portland, I was skeptical at first. The rates and testimonials seemed too good to be true. In reality everything that you said, you followed through on. Also, the level of service I got from Janel was OUTSTANDING. She literally made it so that we were able to close on time. I have already recommended you to others in the Portland area who are looking to either refinance or purchase a new home. 10-21-2011 – Candy L – Redmond, WA – I chose to come back to Sammamish Mortgage because I have used them successfully in the past… and Ron Wilcox is the best ever!!! You guys were superior in all regards… and yes, once again… it’s all about Ron Wilcox. 10-19-2011 – Ken A – Seattle, WA – I’d heard terrific things about Sammamish Mortgage from two co-workers who refinanced (or are now refinancing) with you – and theywere right. The service was terrific, all the way through. 10-18-2011 – Karl N – Seattle, WA – The combination of easy rate information displayed on the website and quick response to initial email questions led me to Sammamish Mortgage. The service was excellent and you guys made the process easy. 10-16-2011 – Susan T – Bellevue, WA – I was VERY impressed that I was contacted just a couple days before closing and offered a lower rate. That really made my day and convinced me that Sammamish Mortgage is the best company to recommend to friends. This was a very efficient and painless process. Job well done! 10-15-2011 – Alina D – Mount Vernon – The staff at Sammamish went above and beyond to help me with my refinance. Long hours, lots of paperwork, and always a friendly call from them made my experience excellent. Thank you. 10-12-2011 – John S – Fall City – The ads in Seattle Times and online search identified SM. Following an initial conversation with Ryan, I was impressed enough to take the plunge. Ryan and Janel were both professional and made the whole process easy. They looked out for me, the customer. This included a renegotiation for a lower rate. How could you not appreciate the effort? Thanks 10-12-2011 – Tim S – Federal Way – We worked with Sammamish because there was no hesitancy of working with us even when we were in HARP category. They were straightforward and provided full disclosure of actual costs incurred and had some of the lowest rates available. Overall I had a very positive experience. 10-9-2011 – Jeffrey H – Sammamish, WA – I have worked with Sammamish many times and am always pleased with their refi process. 10-3-2011 – Philip K – Bothell, WA – I am a return customer. The previous experience was positive as was this one. Thanks again for a very positive and professional refinance. I appreciate the knowledge sharing and guidance along the way. 9-25-2011 – Bryce G – Woodinville, WA – My experience with completing a refinance through Sammamish Mortgage was smooth and easy. They explained things patiently and thoroughly, the estimated costs were quite accurate, and there were no hang-ups or gotchas. It was really hassle-free, and enjoyable to get a great rate and little to no closing costs. Thanks! 9-17-2011 – Paul S – Auburn, WA – We trust Michael! It’s that simple, really. In this time of unscrupulous mortgage and other financial entities, Michael is in a class by himself. This was our 3rdmortgage with him and we will be back again if needed. Call Michael and you won’t need to worry about paying too much, finding a better rate or closing on time. They will even make sure, before the loan is closed, that the rate you locked has not gone down. If it has, they will negotiate the lower rate for you! Who does that? These guys do. 9-12-2011 – Coral E – Des Moines, WA – I felt very comfortable dealing with Sammamish Mortgage, especially talking to Jeanne who took her time to explain everything in very simple terms. I appreciate that very much. 9-7-2011 – Nancy L – Nordland, WA – Sammamish Mortgage was a bulldog. The best. Earned every penny. You are already on our watch list to refinance our primary first. We were happy with the service and follow-through. Great small company feel. 9-4-2011 – Michael T – Des Moines, WA – SM helped us meet a short deadline to obtain our loan and close our purchase. They provided accurate, efficient service for our loan transaction. Our realtor worked well with SM and the relationship benefited us by being smooth and efficient. 9-2-2011 – Dan M – Olympia, WA – I was referred to you guys through a friend. Thank you to Ryan, Janel, and everyone at Sammamish Mortgage. You guys did a great job! 8-26-2011 – Carrie M – Renton, WA – You guys had the lowest interest rates with the lowest closing costs while I was researching. Your estimates were accurate to what I actually paid, thank you! 8-21-2011 – Steve L – Bellevue, WA – Sammamish has the best rates and the best service! 8-13-2011 – Michael T – Covington, WA – My initial contact was based on an ad in the Times, and it was all good from there. I experienced prompt service, thorough explanation of the process and details, and a welcoming reception. 8-8-2011 – Kathryn B – Bellevue, WA – I chose your company because the rates listed online looked good, the Better Business Bureau recommendation was strong, and I wanted a local company with a positive history. We received very personal attention and accurate information. 7-31-2011 – Oliver D – Kirkland, WA – We were recommended to Sammamish Mortgage by a friend and they delivered a great rate, thank you! 7-23-2011 – Kirsten F – Bainbridge Island, WA – I chose to work with Sammamish because of their great rates and super helpful personnel. Dawn Hull was very helpful, cheerful and prompt with returning calls and emails. 7-17-2011 – Larry H – Bellevue, WA – SM was the best priced mortgage company I could find, they have a great online calculator and I’ve used them before so I trusted them. The estimated closing costs were accurate to what I actually paid and the service was great. 7-10-2011 – Yuliya S – Bellevue, WA – I have used their service before and they always deliver what they promise. It is my third time with Sammamish Mortgage and I’ll definitely use their services again in the future. 6-30-2011 – John C – Spanaway, WA – I turned to Sammamish Mortgage after months of waiting on another company. Given all the new obstacles and roadblocks the finance world is now faced with, my loan was still done with maximum efficiency. I would definitely recommend them and I would say that whether someone wants to know every detail of the process or just wants it handled without dealing with the minutia, Sammamish can be trusted to handle the job. 6-29-2011 – Nathaniel B – Bellevue, WA – It was great working with both Suzanne and Jeanne! After several bad experiences with mortgage brokers in the past, it’s nice to find such a trustworthy company where everyone we worked with was so helpful and honest. My wife and I appreciate all the time they spent helping us feel comfortable with the transaction, and we will definitely be recommending Sammamish Mortgage to our friends. We look forward to working with them again in the future! 6-26-2011 Mu H – Redmond, WA – For a 15 year jumbo, Sammamish Mortgage ended up saving me a lot of money as they had much lower rates than others. 6-24-2011 – Stacey H – Redmond, WA – I chose to work with SM because they didn’t give me the run around about rates and presented the information clearly. They listened to our needs, presented a variety of options to us, and quickly processed our information as requested. 6-21-2011 – David P – Eatonville, WA – Sammamish Mortgage is accurate in their advertising, and very helpful and complete in attending to the details necessary for a home loan. 6-16-2011 – Erin W – Monroe, WA – Sammamish Mortgage offered the best rate I found and I have a history of receiving good service from their office. I really love that true and updated rates are posted on their website. I also tell everyone about the time Ron advised me to use another lender to take advantage of a credit they were offering. While Sammamish had the lower rate, it would have taken years to break even. I’ve been refinancing with Ron as rates have dropped many times since. 6-14-2011 – Barbara B – Renton, WA – We were very happy with the skill level of the staff at Sammamish Mortgage. Calls are returned promptly and people are friendly. Communication is very important to us and Sammamish Mortgage delivered. Well done. We’ve worked with them twice now and will again if the need arises. 6-10-2011 – Daniel C – Sammamish, WA – Good rates and the ease of working via e-mail were the reasons I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage. Service was great and they were quick to respond. Easy to work with due to comfortableness with e-mailing documents. I like the information I was able to find through the website as well. 6-8-2011 – Bernadine A – Seattle, WA – I liked the way that Ryan filled out my loan application as it was very confusing for me to do. This refinance was the smoothest I have ever encountered. I could not be happier with the process and the ease that it all went together. Thank you. 6-3-2011 – Todd F – Spokane, WA – Their rates are good, closing costs were excellent, extremely professional and friendly staff, highly responsive to question and concerns. Sammamish made the entire process of buying a new home an easy one. I highly recommend them! 6-1-2011 – Brian W – Bellevue, WA – I had used Sammamish Mortgage in the past and went well so we did it again. Everything was smooth and the service was excellent. 5-17-2011 – Iuliu F – Bothell, WA – Very knowledgeable and professional team. The process was smooth without any surprises. Your GFE actually beat a lot of big mortgage companies such as Lending Tree and Amerisave. These big companies are trying to scare customers from working with small mortgage companies saying that the closing time is an issue, but my experience was definitely different. My loan closed on time and there were no issues during the process. I knew upfront what to expect and how to avoid pitfalls throughout. Thank you very much and congratulations for having such great customer service and for building a very cohesive and knowledgeable team. Keep up the good work! Iuliu F 5-13-2011 – Barry F – Anacortes, WA – When looking for a mortgage company I was looking for a local broker who seemed reputable. I also liked your website and the ease of getting a quote. You guys are a great company that is easy to work with. 5-11-2011 – Sid B – Bothell, WA – My wife and I elected to refinance our home through Sammamish because they posted the best rates for a 10 yr term. The service was great and the staff members were excellent. Suzanne Thirtyacre did a great job processing our loan, never once dropping the ball. Thank you Suzanne! 5-7-2011 – William B – Redmond, WA – SM provided me with a good rate with low closing costs. They will give you what they say in a professional and speedy way. 4-30-2011 – Dennis B – Seattle, WA – Great rates and excellent service. Michael always does a great job of explaining things in a detailed manner without being overwhelming nor condescending. 4-27-2011 – Alison and Malcolm G – Bothell, WA – Dear Mr. Shane, I am writing to express my high appreciation for the work your company did in getting our loan refinanced in record time. I believe it took 19 days from the time that I submitted my application to the day the loan closed. Considering all the horror stories we had been hearing, this was quite a feat! I would especially like to recognize Dawn for her prompt action on all the little details involved with the processing of the loan. And Sandy at Eastlake was extremely helpful in explaining the multitude of forms that we had to sign at closing. I commend you for assembling such a great team! 4-19-2011 – Rachel M – Seattle, WA – We’ve done four refinances in our lives and this was the most straightforward and easy one. The numbers they gave us were very fair and accurate and there were no surprises along the way. The rates were low and the process was easy. 4-14-2011 – Emanuil T- Redmond, WA – I was very pleased when our closing costs were very accurate to what was estimated by Michael. 4-7-2011 – Jill A- Liberty Lake, WA – Rates, service and my overall experience with Sammamish were all very excellent throughout my refinance. 4-2-2011 – Daniel G- Mercer Island, WA – The initial estimates were accurate to actual costs. It was easy to contact someone when I had questions. Most importantly, I closed within 30 days. 3-29-2011- Phyllis S- Kenmore, WA- Michael and Dawn shepherded a very difficult and drawn out refinance with grace and aplomb. Michael was very willing to explain terms and processes I didn’t know so that we could understand all of our options. We would recommend them without reservation, as they know their stuff, they were patient and professional in all interactions, and their rates were competitive with brokers who are much less competent (trust us, we know). 3-22-2011 – Jane B- Bellevue, WA – Sammamish Mortgage had the lowest rate I could find and there were no hidden costs. Our refinance was simple and our loan closed in a timely manner. 3-16-2011- Christopher H- Bellevue, WA- We definitely have found Sammamish Mortgage to be superior to all other refi’s as well as original lenders we have ever used (I believe this is the 10th such experience in our 30 years of marriage). Not only did Michael Shane get back with us immediately after our leaving a message over a 3 day week end but the rate shown on the website is the rate we locked in at (I believe within 48 hours of first talking to Michael). This is unheard of in our previous transactions- we have always been the victims of “teaser” rates on the websites. Because of the different options for calculation on the website, we were able to decide that the 10 year fixed rate was perfect for us before ever speaking to Sammamish. What a joy to feel so comfortable with one’s new mortgage. We not only combined our mortgage and home equity line (we got all 3 kids through college with that and now wanted to close it out and firm up with a significantly lower fixed interest rate) but we had just had a furnace melt-down with an unexpected $8000 cost which we felt comfortable adding onto a 10 year mortgage. We actually only had about 8 years left on our old mortgage (with a higher interest rate) so we were thrilled that there is absolutely no pre-payment penalty and we can put the extra money that we’ve saved on interest directly to paying down the principal early. The cost for this loan was not only what we had been told but was so little that it will pay for itself in interest saved in just a few months. Not only is your product fantastic but EVERYONE involved was so prompt, courteous and knowledgeable that it took less than 3 weeks from the first phone call to having all of the papers signed. I often wonder how quickly it could have been done had we been under a time constraint. 3-13-2011- Robert P- Longview, WA- Their local reputation and honesty helped make my decision to work with Sammamish an easy one. This company has good people who work hard. This mortgage experience has been a good one. 3-10-2011- Ralph R- North Bend, WA- I was very impressed with the way Michael and Tony took the time to make sure that I understood the whole loan process. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. The fact that your interest rates and fees were among the best I could find didn’t hurt either! 3-5-2011- Gregory H- Snoqualmie, WA- Receiving and filling out paperwork was very smooth and easy. The advertised rate which brought me to SM and the rate I was quoted were very accurate. 3-1-2011 – John K- Renton, WA- My wife and I have been using Ron Wilcox for over 10 years dealing with mostly rental properties. I am very familiar with the paperwork involved and understand it well. Ron’s honesty and knowledge is what keeps my wife and me as loyal clients. Keep up the great work, stay honest and Sammamish Mortgage will continue on being a great company. 2-25-2011- Frank S- Hansville, WA- The good mortgage rates and easy access to their website led me to give Sammamish a shot with my home loan. It ended up being a very good experience from beginning to end. Ultimately the loan and cost of it turned out exactly as initially discussed. I will definitely be recommending your company! 2-21-2011- Steven R- Sammamish, WA- I have now had several dealings with Sammamish Mortgage and they are very easy to work with. Both the experience and staff members were excellent. 2-14-2011- Sharon A- Seattle, WA- It didn’t take long to figure out that Michael knew his business and I felt that he is honorable about not only mortgages but his company. I felt very comfortable with the knowledge, courtesy and efficiency from everyone I encountered at Sammamish Mortgage. They know their stuff and stay connected with the changing market. Thanks! 2-11-2011- Paul S- Olympia, WA- You guys were able to find me low interest rate loans and worked hard to help me get the loan! I appreciate the hard work from your staff. Thank you Janel, Michael and all of the others I worked with! 2-10-2011- Michael A- Issaquah, WA- I refinanced with Sammamish in the past and had a good experience so I gave them my business this time as well. Again, I wasn’t disappointed and had an excellent experience. 2-8-2011- Shelley M- Newcastle, WA- You were very responsive and always took the time to explain information that I didn’t understand. This meant taking extra time because I usually had a lot of questions. Everyone was very professional. You always showed patience, even when I was frustrated. Thank you for the assistance. You went above and beyond in making the deal close! 2-8-2011- Archibald M- Redmond, WA- No surprises here. Everything was on schedule and very quick. Even closed faster than I expected. 2-8-2011- Casimir F- Renton, WA- I was recommended by a friend and pleased with the response I received. I will be recommending you as well and let them know how well you honor the Good Faith Estimate. 2-7-2011- Qinglin M- Kirkland, WA- Jeanne is absolutely the best broker I have worked with considering I have 4 properties and did many refinances to lower the rates before. If you want a broker that really cares about you with low rates, Sammamish is the choice. They are someone whom you can trust and get the loan done for you in a timely manner. 1-31-2011- Paul O- Wenatchee, WA- After considerable contact with a number of nationwide firms, I chose yours because the people I dealt with were knowledgeable, efficient, and prompt in answering questions and returning telephone calls. As I stated above, I spoke with a number of national firms about a refinance for my home before choosing Sammamish Mortgage for their financial services. Several of those companies were at the center of the problems that caused the recent severe recession. Despite the near catastrophic results of their activities, I was struck by the impersonal, blasé’, business as usual aura that seemed to permeate those firms. I was pleased to use a Washington state firm for the transaction that provided outstanding personal service and an efficient, streamlined process. 1-27-2011- Maribeth T- Sammamish, WA- I decided to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they responded to our inquiry in a timely and professional manner. They are no pressure, but let you know their opinion of your situation. They were very attentive, courteous, professional and honest and were able to explain things in a no-nonsense manner. I will be calling them again if the rates drop or if I decided to sell/buy something new. 1-26-2011- Kenneth B- Renton, WA- I found Sammamish Mortgage while looking at rates in the Seattle Times. Sammamish Mortgage had the best combination of points and interest rate that I saw. What I read about them turned out to be true, and I closed before the end of the year, which was very efficient. I have already recommended Sammamish Mortgage to my cousin! 1-24-2011- Dwight K- Kirkland, WA- Sammamish had the lowest rate that I found on the internet. They are honest, family run and I had an excellent experience. Thank you very much and we were very pleased to have met you. 1-21-2011- Kenneth K- Kirkland, WA- I found SM because of their low rates advertised on the internet. Your company was honest and I love that it is family run. Thank you very much! Very pleased to have met you. 1-19-2011- Sanjay R- Redmond, WA- My previous experience with Sammamish was very positive and this time around was no different. They are professional, prompt, honest and friendly. 1-16-2011- Ronald B- Mill Creek, WA- I decided to work with you per the recommendation of my daughter. You had good rates, excellent service and were quick. If I were to tell someone what to expect from Sammamish, I’d say that you know where you stand from the beginning and it doesn’t change throughout the process. Thank you. 1-16-2011- Sandy R- Lake Forest Park, WA- I had a great experience and I wouldn’t refinance with anyone else in the area. Thank you!!!! 1-13-2011- James B- Kent, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish because I have used them before and their rates are competitive and processing is fast. I feel that they have strong integrity as what you’re told is what you get. By the way, I like your new location as the parking is much better than the old place. 1-11-2011- Peter R- Seattle, WA- Your company was brought to my attention from a friend of mine, and the reassurance from Michael’s straightforward manner sealed the deal. They were professional and there were no surprises. 1-09-2011- Nicholas W- Bellingham, WA- Initially, I saw low rates on Some of the other firms with similarly low rates had multiple complaints on the internet, and Sammamish’s in-state presence was favorable on the margin. The ability to apply online was appealing, and when I applied for pre-approval, the good-faith estimate indeed reflected low fees (in addition to the good rate), cinching the deal. Sammamish’s process for obtaining a loan for my new home was about as smooth and fast as one might hope and the staff (Michael in particular) seemed knowledgeable and honest. I am quite please with my experience and would readily work with Sammamish again if I needed further mortgage assistance. 01-07-2011- Byron B- Duvall, WA- Sammamish Mortgage provided me with the ability to view rates instantly online, and evaluate the various options I had been considering (higher or lower down payments, 15 or30 year loans, etc) and see those in real-time. The rates were substantially lower than what I saw from the other providers, and the process was very easy. I would tell someone looking for a mortgage that they’re throwing money away if they don’t at least look at Sammamish Mortgage, and that the service is as good or better as I’ve received anywhere. Sammamish was able to get me a loan from Wells Fargo at a lower cost and lower rate than I could have received working with Wells directly, and with much less effort. You’re throwing money away if you don’t at least look at Sammamish! 1-3-2011- Bob K- (Financial Advisor to Jo Ann B)- Michael & Jeanne, I received and email from Jo Ann B, whom we recommended to you for a refinance. Thank you for taking such good care of her! Not only was she thrilled about your rates and fees, but she greatly enjoyed working with your people too. And since rates have moved up quite a bit since she locked, she’s pretty close to being on “Cloud Nine” right now. Please share Jo Ann’s kind words with the appropriate people, and add my own thanks too. It’s incredibly gratifying to know I can refer people to Sammamish Mortgage and feel confident they will be treated so well. Hope your 2011 is off to a great start! 1-3-2011- Jo Ann B- Des Moines, WA- I thought Sammamish Mortgage did an outstanding job. Janel Schwindt was the processor and led me right through all of the steps. Everyone there was efficient and pleasant. They’d certainly get my recommendation. Thanks for your help in setting me on the right track. -Jo Ann B 1-02-2011- Sun K- Sammamish, WA- I came back to SM because of the great service Jeanne and her company had provided me in the past. You guys did a great. I appreciated getting all the documents via email, several days prior to physically signing the docs. 1-01-2011- John, C- Redmond, WA- I was referred by a trusted friend and from start to finish our refinance experience with Sammamish Mortgage was Excellent! Dawn is a delight!

2010 Reviews 12-31-2010- Anthony R- Edmonds, WA-I saw their rates posted on Sunday in the Seattle Times and decided to give them a call. Sammamish Mortgage was pleasant to work with. I was very pleased with the knowledgeable professionals who explained the ins and outs of today’s demanding mortgage applications. Sammamish Mortgage has a great team. They work together in explaining the new complexities of obtaining a mortgage, finding the best rate available at the time and following through in locking and securing that rate. They are really knowledgeable, professional and were really nice folks to work with. 12-30-2010- Jason K- Renton, WA- I decided to choose your company because you had the best price available and your reasonable fees were clearly stated from the beginning. In the end, you answered my questions promptly and delivered as promised. I will definitely be calling Sammamish first for my next loan. 12-28-2010- Brad S- Woodinville, WA- Originally I had to come your company through a recommendation from my real estate agent. After an original mortgage and 3 refinances later, I return for the great service, quality of product and overall support through the lending process. 12-27-2010- David H- College Place, WA- For a mortgage company, I really enjoyed working with the people at Sammamish. While there was an issue outside of their control, Dawn was very prompt and efficient in getting things corrected. I really enjoyed her attitude and efficiency. They had the best rates and fees and were very straight forward on costs and how they do business. 12-23-2010- Dan S- Bellevue, WA- Sammamish had low rates and I had worked with them earlier when looking to refinance. They were great to work with and always took the time to explain and answer my questions. They provided a great service, were fast to respond and fast to get me to closing. 12-22-2010- Doug K- Redmond, WA- I was referred by a friend and had a excellent experience. They provide a good and honest service at a good value. 12-21-2010- Marj M- Seattle, WA- I have previously work with Sammamish Mortgage and was originally referred by a friend. They are honest about upfront costs and I had a good experience going through them again. 12-20-2010- Hans B- Edmonds, WA- This is the second time I have refinanced with Sammamish Mortgage. Prior to refinancing with them in both instances, I did thorough research on the best rates and lowest closing costs. Both times Sammamish Mortgage was the lowest by far! 12-15-2010- Son T- Auburn, WA- I’m very happy with the way you conducted your business. Your staff is kind and answered my questions promptly. Sammamish Mortgage is an excellent organization! 12-13-2010- Boguslaw C- Auburn, WA- I enjoyed the best experience throughout the whole process of refinancing. Sammamish Mortgage offered the best interest rate and superb customer service and you definitely earned our loyalty. 12-8-2010- Russell B- Mukilteo, WA- Thanks Michael! The refinance process was seamless, well organized, and a fantastic rate to boot. I will be recommending you to my friends and family. God bless you and your family this Christmas season. 12-7-2010- David H- College Place, WA- Hi Michael: I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your company for your services in refinancing my mortgage. Your staff was really wonderful, efficient, and responsive to work with. I would especially like to thank you for getting us a little bit lower rate for the final loan. That was really above and beyond anything I would have expected. Again, thank you very much and I will make sure to recommend you to anyone I know who may be looking at financing or refinancing a home. 12-6-2010- William W- Issaquah, WA- Michael had a great technical understanding of the home mortgage field and came across as very knowledgeable. My initial interaction with him was what sold me on going with Sammamish Mortgage. 12-4-2010- Stacy G- Seattle, WA- You guys came highly recommended by a friend and you 1. Delivered exactly as promised. 2. You were very complete, efficient and fast. 3. It was very clear about what was needed to be done. 4 Answered all questions immediately. You have a great staff and everyone I worked with was very professional! 11-30-2010- Robert F- Normandy Park, WA- My face-to-face meeting with Ron Wilcox was the deciding factor in going with SM for the refinancing of my home. The service throughout the process was excellent and the estimated costs were accurate to my actual costs which I appreciated. 11-23-2010- Jane K- Gig Harbor, WA- Prior experience with Sammamish led us to not seek other sources for the refinance of our residence. This is a good company with dedicated employees that make the experience easy. 11-19-2010- Eric S- Seattle, WA- I chose SM because I had used them prior and have had positive experiences. The level of courtesy from the staff was excellent and I even had the opportunity to speak with the owner. In my situation there was a problem that arose after signing the closing documents. The Sammamish Mortgage team addressed my concern and found a rapid solution. This allowed the loan to stay on track. 11-16-2010- Mike M- Bellevue, WA- We have used Sammamish Mortgage a number of times before and have had good experiences, this time was no different. They will get you the best rate with the highest quality of service and they finished my loan within the time promised. Ryan Shane assisted in answering a couple of questions during the process. He had to spend some time finding the answers, this was very appreciated. Dawn Hull was also especially cheerful in answering any questions that I had and was great at finding the correct answers for me. Thank you SM! 11-10-2010- Matt M- Seattle, WA- Past experiences brought me to SM yet again. This is my 3rd time and each has been excellent. Thanks again to Michael and the team. The refi was simple (for us) and with a better rate than those junk mail teasers so many companies are mailing. They have earned and kept our trust. 11-09-2010- Phil T- Bellevue, WA- A former customer’s HIGH recommendation (the most significant deciding factor) combined with competitive rates and fees led me to choose your company for my mortgage needs. I am satisfied with the accurate estimated closing costs and overall efficiency Sammamish Mortgage displayed during the process. 11-09-2010- Michael R- University Place, WA- I learned about you guys initially through word of mouth, but as communications increased I realized Sammamish Mortgage met our needs. I appreciate how the staff always followed through as well as sending me reminders. They were honest upfront, with no surprises or hidden fees. They are ery streamlined and easy to work with. I was pleasantly surprised to learn Sammamish Mortgage was family owned and operated. Passing business knowledge onto family members and close staff seems to be the key for higher level of customer service success. 11-07-2010- Jeffrey B- Sammamish, WA- We have used Sammamish in the past and were please with the service provided. This experience was no different, as they moved the process along promptly and landed me a great rate. They are price competitive and deliver excellent service. They can be trusted. 11-07-2010- Norman L- Redmond, WA- Sammamish Mortgage gave us very good service. Staff was very courteous – we were quite impressed with the ease and promptness of the entire process. 11-06-2010- Louis O- University Place, WA- A friend of mine told me to I should work with you guys because he was so pleased with his refinance. After working with you, I can see why. Not only did I get a great rate, but I found the staff very responsive and willing to walk me through my questions. 11-05-2010- Richard D- Seattle, WA- Ron Wilcox and Sammamish Mortgage have been successful now and in the past with our home loan refinances. (Another lender was NOT successful with our attempt to refinance in November, 2009.) EXCELLENT SERVICE, COMMITMENT, and COURTESY to my wife and I! 11-05-2010- Susan M- Sammamish, WA- I chose to work with Michael Shane because I received a prompt reply to my initial query. Competitive pricing on closing costs and the fact they were local also played a factor. The level of courtesy from the staff was excellent! 11-03-2010- Patricia L- Shoreline, WA- Working with Jeanne in the past has been a pleasant experience each time. This refinance was no different. Everyone was efficient, speedy, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. 11-02-2010- Cynthia J- Maple Valley, WA- Michael was quick and thorough up front with the good faith estimate and NOT pushy like most of the other companies that I was comparing options with. I was very impressed with the entire team of professionals that took care of my re-finance. I’ve been through this process before with other companies and this group made it stress free. I would never use anyone else for this type of service! Thank you. 10-30-2010- Timothy H- Olympia, WA- Jeanne, Thank-YOU for making the loan process go so smoothly. I really feel good about the way we were treated. 10-26-2010- Rudolph S- Eastsound, WA- From start to finish, the staff at Sammamish Mortgage make you feel like a valuable customer. They kept us informed as the process went on and made sure that we understood everything. They were a pleasure to work with. All of the staff, but especially Dawn, went out of their way to make sure everything went as smoothly and quickly as possible. When it seems that all you hear about are stories of terrible experiences with banks and mortgage companies, it was a true pleasure to find one that is so outstanding. I will recommend them to anyone I know who is looking to either refinance or get that first mortgage. Thank you Michael, Dawn and everyone at Sammamish. 10-24-2010- Aja L- Olympia, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because I felt respected through my initial contact. They were never pushy and I felt they were honest and “up front” about everything from what my options were to closing costs. They are a Northwest, Family owned Mortgage company with a great reputation. I felt like I was dealing with real people who have integrity. The closing costs are low and everything is transparent. They made the process understandable to me in lay terms. 10-21-2010- Darin, D- Snoqualmie, WA- Sammamish Mortgage serviced our first loan 4 years ago and we had a great experience. My father-in-law also used them and had a good experience, so we decided to go back again. I would have to say overall Sammamish did an excellent job in getting us a good rate. All in all the team did great… during a busy refi season. 10-18-2010- Rudy and Joan S- Eastsound, WA- Michael, Hi. I just wanted to let you know how much Joan and I appreciated the fantastic service we received from Sammamish. When we started looking to refinance our good friends and neighbors up here on Buck Mountain – Joe and Cherry- recommended Sammamish. They said they were in the middle of their refi and had great things to say about your company. We are so glad that we followed their advice. Everyone we either talked to or emailed was very helpful and friendly, but I have to single out Dawn for going above and beyond. I realize that it’s “just her job,” but it’s how that job is done that makes her stand out. She kept us informed and updated and was always quick to answer my often many and probably silly questions and concerns. Given all the stories we hear about terrible customer service, especially in the banking and mortgage industries, it was a pleasure to work with a company and people who are exceptional. Please thank everyone at Sammamish for us and rest assured that we will be recommending your company to anyone we know who is looking to refinance. 10-14-2010- Dennis B- Dupont, WA- This is a great company! The owner was very professional and friendly (which seems to be a rarity these days). I can say that they have a friendly and courteous staff and take care of the customer as if you were the only one. I will never use a bank of credit union again for a mortgage. Highly recommended! 10-12-2010- Joan D- Seattle, WA- I had worked with Sammamish Mortgage previously on a financial transaction and was satisfied with the result and personal service, so I decided to work with them again. I was very please with my experience once again. The client service was excellent and they cared about helping the client in achieving their financial mortgage goals. My options were described to me upfront in a clear way and the guidance proved to be good. 10-10-2010- Rita M- Mount Vernon, WA- I called to inquire about rates and found the quality of commitment to the client to be great. The communication remained excellent throughout the process. Our situation was rare and had some difficult moments (no fault to SM) and Dawn kept us in the know, kept things going smoothly and reassured us along the way. Dawn was truly amazing and we appreciate the extra TLC she provided. 10-8-2010- Kandi H- Lake Forest Park, WA- You can trust Sammamish Mortgage. I chose to work with your company because I trusted that information you provided on the phone would be the final figures at closing. I found that the information on your website to be true and the turnaround was fast. I appreciate that you kept me informed throughout the process and kept you promises! 10-4-2010- Tim F- Sammamish, WA- I contacted Sammamish because of the low rates they published in the Seattle Times. I found their staff to be very courteous and professional. They also provided great service and communication. 10-1-2010- Lawrence S- Puyallup, WA- I found Sammamish Mortgage on I found their staff easy to work with and I was very pleased with the experience. Everyone that I dealt with was great and very responsive to my needs. 9-29-2010- David R- Sammamish, WA- I came back to Michael and his team at Sammamish because I have had many great experiences with them. I have recommended Sammamish Mortgage to many friends and relatives and they have had excellent service each time too. Michael and Ryan Shane were always professional, thorough and efficient. Michael is EXCELLENT! Never been happier. 9-28-2010- Joel H- Seoul, Korea- I was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire loan process. I refinanced two loans while I live outside the US. Sammamish Mortgage helped me through every step with efficiency and promptness. The loan processing team went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everything went along smoothly. I will definitely use Sammamish again as this was by far the easiest loan transaction I have had 9-23-2010- Erik K- Quincy, WA- The particulars of our closing were very challenging, requiring completion of a tremendous amount of work in a very short timeframe. Michael and Suzanne of Sammamish Mortgage went above and beyond our expectations to ensure that roadblocks were removed, activities were accelerated, and next steps were communicated quickly and clearly. We are quite certain that we would not have been able to close on our purchase without the superior efforts of Michael, Suzanne, and the team supporting them. They have not only our sincere appreciation but also our strongest possible recommendation. 9-15-2010- Derek H- Issaquah, WA- We had been through two lenders who both quoted us one thing on the phone, then sent us GFEs that were 50%-75% higher than the verbal quotes. It was extremely frustrating, confusing and ultimately impossible to get straight answers from them. We explained this up front to Jeanne and she made us feel confident that we could trust her to guide us through the process in an honest, straightforward manner. (And she delivered!) Everything was presented as clearly as possible throughout the entire process. You will feel taken care of, not victimized when dealing with SM 🙂 I have already recommended you! 9-20-2010- Kim C- Maple Valley, WA- I have used Sammamish before with great satisfaction, so I came back for another try. They didn’t disappoint. They had the best rates and lowest closing costs. They never quoted points, had great service, were very professional/organized and their customer service is excellent. 9-17-2010- Raphael K- Seattle, WA- I took out my initial mortgage with Sammamish and was very happy, so I came back to them again now when I had a new need. They have great rates and make the process as painless as possible! They stand by their word and you can have confidence that there will be no surprises along the way. And everything can be done via phone and email/fax, no need for an on-site visit until the closing. I had another very good experience, though I really should actually meet Michael Shane in person one of these days! 9-15-2010- Brenda M- Kent, WA- When I was shopping around to find the right mortgage company for me I requested proposals from 2 firms. I felt like I was being pressured by the other firm to choose them and it was very off-putting. I liked the fact that I was not pressured to use Sammamish when I first requested a proposal for financing and have already recommended your services to a colleague. I advised him that I found the employees to be very helpful and pleasant and that every effort was made to ensure a smooth closing. 9-15-2010- Kate S- Mukilteo, WA- I ‘cold called’ Sammamish Mortgage about rates and costs for a refinance after seeing their rates published in The Seattle Times. I never expected to find such a great mortgage firm this way. This is a very professional group and they provided a very seamless experience with no surprises and accurate estimates. Jeanne provided a lot of ‘education’ about the process, rate trends, options, etc., even prior to the application process. I never felt ANY pressure and she was great about taking my calls and returning calls quickly. The service was great! I have already referred two friends and will go back to Sammamish Mortgage again for my future mortgage needs. 9-12-2010- Beverly A- Sammamish, WA- This was a relatively quick and painless refinance that both lowered our rate and term of our loan. You guys stayed on top of things and were always ready to answer questions or concerns. I was very pleased with how you contacted the lender and lowered our locked in interest rate because I casually had mentioned that the rates decreased, and for that I would without hesitation highly recommend you! 9-10-2010- David S- Issaquah, WA- Sammamish Mortgage closed my original Mortgage and I appreciated the honest & patient approach of Ron Willcox. Ron is an honest person to work with and always explains the full picture. The Mortgage process can be like going to the dentist. It usually hurts, it usually costs you more than you expected, but you don’t open your mouth or your mortgage without having someone you can trust running the show. 9-8-2010- John P- Duvall, WA- After I saw Sammamish Mortgages advertised mortgage rates, I decided to do a reference check. Once they passed I went ahead and gave them a call and was met with a favorable impression from first contact with their staff. I am glad I went ahead and stuck with them for my mortgage needs as they were professional, thorough, and fast! Will be recommending you guys, thanks! 9-5-2010- Chad W- Sammamish, WA- Their informative staff who took the time to educate me and provided me with my options up front, before I applied for anything was why I made my decision to go with Sammamish. If you are looking into working with Sammamish, check out the quotes on their website and call them if you need any questions answered. They are quick to respond. 9-1-2010- Brett S- Woodinville, WA- I have been working with Sammamish since 2007 and they still had the best rates/products available. Everything was excellent this time around as well. 8-29-2010- Carolyn R- Seattle, WA- Your responsiveness and availability to answer questions was very much appreciated. I also appreciate your following through with lowering my interest rate when that became available. You can tell that this company is very knowledgeable in their profession. 8-28-2010- Edward K- Issaquah, WA- I am extremely pleased with the work that Sammamish Mortgage has done. They put together a difficult loan package in a very short amount of time. Several other local mortgage brokers were skeptical. But from the start, I was impressed with Michael, his availability, and his staff. They had excellent rates, were quick to answer questions and they delivered the product as promised. I appreciated the accessibility to high level people within the company and their professional staff. 8-25-2010- Jeffrey H- Sammamish, WA- I am a repeat customer who was satisfied in the past and they still offered good rates. I was not let down this time around as Ron and Suzanne were flexible efficient and easy to work with. 8-23-2010- Joe M- Eastsound, WA- Sammamish Mortgage has very competitive rates and fees along with an excellent website which were the initial attractions. An excellent record with the Better Business Bureau and an initial conversation with Michael Shane finalized my decision. Sammamish is a highly professional firm that is attentive to its clients needs. They were responsive to questions and a pleasure to work with. 8-20-2010- Wesley H- Bremerton, WA- I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of their rating with the Better Business Bureau combined with the low mortgage rate. In addition, the initial contact with Michael Shane indicated comprehensive knowledge of the refinance process, and put no additional pressure on us in making our decision. They keep the process moving swiftly, with no hidden fees and they are willing to patiently and quickly respond to perceived concerns from relatively inexperienced customers. 8-17-2010- Graim G- Kent, WA- I decided to work with Sammamish because they are Washington based and they have a great BBB rating. They had attractive rates and speedy loan processing. 8-11-2010- Renee G- Seattle, WA- Their Prompt, helpful service along with the best offer around led me to choose Sammamish to assist me in refinancing my home. I am so glad that I took the time to get a 2nd quote — your offer was better by far and the service was exceptional. I also appreciated that you were willing to answer questions and explain terminology in a way that was not condescending. 8-4-2010- Daniel S- Portland, OR- Both your rates and your outstanding client feedback as posted on your website led to me choose you to facilitate my home refinance. When recommending you I would most definitely comment on your overall efficiency, excellent customer service, and easy accessibility. You led me through the process step by step and made it relatively painless and straight forward. I am very happy to add my comments to the many testimonials you already have and, from my experience, which you richly deserve. Though I am out of town and I never got to meet your staff personally, every contact I did have, by phone or e-mail, gave me the sense that I could trust you and your team and that we were working together. And that was exactly what happened. The refinance process went through without a hitch, on time, as laid out from the start. Thanks for your help and professionalism. 8-3-2010- Jennifer W- Valleyford, WA- My husband wanted me to check out ten different lenders to compare rates and fees. Sammamish was the tenth place I checked and had by far the lowest rates and fees. We are so happy we went with Sammamish! They not only gave us a great deal, but they were a pleasure to work with! Even the lady at escrow was impressed by how low the fees were. Sammamish does what they say they will do, and has a high degree of professionalism. Thank you to the team at Sammamish!!!! 8-1-2010- Richard B- Sumner, WA- I decided to work with Sam because of an excellent reference and their integrity rating along with a welcoming initial contact. Sam was timely, responsive and helpful. They anticipated possible problems and used their resources and effort to resolve any issues. They seem to be connected to other quality agencies. We appreciate the overall feeling of honesty up front answers and timely communication. 7-28-2010- Martha L- Pateros, WA- I had a relative that recommended Sammamish and I appreciated that they were quick, friendly and of low cost to us. 7-28-2010- Brett F- Pasco, WA- Sammamish’s good reputation and our past relationship is why we chose to work with them. They are trustworthy. Our previous mortgage company attempted to sell us on a refinance and by the time they were finished, everything was changed from our original conversations. When I say changed I mean for the worse. Higher fees, costs, and interest rates. Sammamish was exactly the opposite. Thank you for being honest and keeping your word! 7-27-2010- Suryo S- Seattle, WA- I decided to work with Sammamish because of their great rates and good reviews on the internet. I appreciated the professionalism of your team that you were able to close my loan on time and you were easy to work with. For example I can scan a document and just email to you without the need of a fax machine. Previous mortgage companies I worked with would not allow that and weren’t as technologically advanced. 7-26-2010- Charles S- Bremerton, WA- I initially chose to work with SM because they had the lowest interest rate without any points. It was a very smooth process from start to finish and by far the easiest refi we have ever gone thru. 7-22-2010- John D- Prosser, WA- I wanted to shop local……. (I know but at least it is in the state). Sammamish offered great rates reflected on or which ever service it was…. I appreciated the fact that as rates kept dropping Jeanne went to bat and got my rate lower. I felt like I really had someone on my side. THANKS 7-20-2010- Phillip M- Seattle, WA- Sammamish Mortgage appealed to me because I wanted to work with a local company with a good reputation. Sammamish was knowledgeable and has a friendly staff, quick response time, and follow through. Working with Sammamish Mortgage made refinancing relatively stress-free and straightforward. Highly recommended. 7-10-2010- Ralph L- Burlington, WA- Sammamish Mortgage was able to find a lender for me based on my unique earnings profile when other lenders could not. They have good rates, lower closing costs and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage. 7-06-2010- Monette F- Seattle, WA- A friend referred me to Sammamish and I was pleased with their professional staff and low interest rates. 7-5-2010- Daniel W- Issaquah, WA- They are the best. They are highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Sammamish will explain things along the way, and helped me negotiate better rates and lock-ins even before I asked them. They are very easy to get hold of during the entire process, and they look after your interests, unlike some of the other firms I had the bad fortune to select, due to pricing (I had to refinance some of my properties). For a couple hundred dollars, I’d rather stay with Sammamish. It was much easier. I learned my lesson. 7-2-2010- Tai D- Kent, WA- You had low closing costs and I appreciated the good service. Your staff provided me with all the answers I needed in a timely manner. 7-2-2010- Zoran B- Seattle, WA- I chose Sammamish because they offered the best terms, but the overall experience was excellent. Thanks for the great experience. 6-29-2010- Danny B- Bothell, WA- Your rate offer and local presence appealed to me. You were responsive and accurate in both time to close and costs. You made the process easy to understand and smooth as is possible considering the documentation requirements. I especially liked the rate reduction realized prior to closing. 6-28-2010- Serge P- Issaquah, WA- It was a combination of your competitive interest rates as well as your outstanding and prompt customer service that led me to work with you. Sammamish offered very competitive interest rates, had a very efficient loan process, excellent customer service and follow-through. You twice beat the competition and earned my business. I wish I had heard about you guys sooner as I didn’t know you until I found you through a Google search yet you are 15 minutes away from my house. 6-25-2010- Linda R- Seattle, WA- Dear Michael, It was my pleasure to refinance through Sammamish Mortgage. I’m only sorry that I never got to meet you. The friendliness and professionalism of you and your staff, however, allowed me to have the confidence to complete the transaction with only online and telephone communication…a big step for an old-fashioned person like me. Sammamish was efficient, professional and top shelf. Thank you again. Linda 6-22-2010- Marco M- Seattle, WA- I had used Sammamish the first time I secured a mortgage. It was a good experience so I went back to them again when it was time to refinance. They have a real commitment to customer service. I really felt at times like I was their one and only client. This is the second time I’ve used Sammamish Mortgage and when it comes to customer service — no one else comes close. When it’s time to refinance — I highly recommend you visit Sammamish Mortgage. You will not be disappointed. Jeanne and Tony — I just wanted to thank the two of you for taking me by the hand and guiding me through the very complex refinancing process. The outcome is exactly what I’d hoped for and the outcome also gives me and my family great peace of mind. I appreciate your diligence and your dedication. After a great experience with my first mortgage, I knew I could turn to Sammamish again when it was time to refinance. If Sammamish ever needs me to offer a testimonial — just let me know. Thank you again. 6-17-2010- Jack R- Woodinville, WA- All of my interactions with SM were straightforward. SM was clear that they just wanted to provide a quality service in return for a fair price. I worked with three SM employees for different things and all three were familiar with my case. The SM folks had their act together. I would contrast that experience with experiences with WSECU (never prepared, pages duplicated or missing in packets) and with Countrywide a few years ago. Sammamish Mortgage did a great job dealing with the lender and providing workable deadlines. Everything about the deal was straightforward and above board. 6-16-2010- Bethany R- Redmond, WA- This is the second time we have used Samm Mort. When we chose them the first time they were able to get us better rates than lending The service was great the first time, so we started with them this time without additional research. They have great rates, they’re efficient and they do what they say they are going to do. 6-12-2010- Jeremiah L- Tigard, OR- I have refinanced with Sammamish Mortgage twice and they are very good at what they do. They’re professional, courteous and they have integrity. I would highly recommend them anyone. They also have lower fees than most brokers and banks which attracted me to them from the beginning. They’re nice people to work with. They have low fees. They’re honest and they do a good job on estimating costs so there are no surprises. 6-2-2010- David M- Snohomish, WA- I came to Sammamish because of a recommendation from a friend and after seeing their closing costs compared to our credit union. Their responsiveness was great, they were available for questions and the closing was remarkably fast. I was amazed at how much more responsive and knowledgeable Sammamish Mortgage was than our local credit union. I greatly appreciated their ability to handle email while the credit union insisted on receiving faxes. Since I don’t have access to a fax machine, that became an unnecessary cost. 5-27-2010- Laura K- Seattle, WA- I had tried going directly to my primary lender to refinance because of the possibility I would qualify for the Home Affordable program, but the experience was a nightmare… I came across Sammamish in an internet search. Their fee structure coupled with what appeared to be a great track record appealed to me. After all of the problems I encountered with my primary lender, I am definitely glad that Sammamish lived up to internet claims. My experience with Sammamish was beyond excellent! Michael and the rest of the staff went so far above and beyond what I expected in finding me a solution to fit my budget given the difficult appraisal value on my condo. You can trust them to give sound financial advice, and as advocates, you won’t find better. Their tenacity and follow through are amazing. Thank you, Michael, for being so tenacious. My refi was definitely challenging given the recent market conditions, but you decided to advocate assertively based on my credit score and got the lender to offer a solution that would make sense. I feel good that the deal you bartered for me is the best I could have possibly found. 5-26-2010- Sean B- Pasco, WA- I was referred by Matt and Kristin S and they had a great experience with Sammamish Mo. Sammamish always kept me informed about what was going on and I really felt assured that we were being taking care of. Sammamish Mortgage was great to work with and I really appreciated Michael and Dawn’s professionalism. They were both very helpful and they always kept me informed. Thank you! 5-22-2010- Diane H- Camano Island, WA- I found Sammamish on the web and liked their great customer recommendations. It was a smooth transaction, there were no surprises and their staff was responsive at all levels. I would highly recommend you to a friend, great staff all around. You are doing the right things! 5-20-2010- Jim F- Lynnwood, WA- Sammamish offered competitive pricing and honest service. Michael Shane was straight forward and explained the process well and seemed like he had our best interests in mind. They are an honest group of people who will help you get a good deal. Michael, Thank you for the quality service you provided. You were honest and seemed to have our best interests in mind. We really appreciate that you stayed true to your word. I will be sure to refer people who are looking for a mortgage to Sammamish. 5-17-2010- Jim A- Seattle, WA- Sammamish had really great service. They follow up on any issues immediately and get them worked through with a minimum of difficulty from our end 5-16-2010- Christina L- Woodinville, WA- We had a previous positive experience with SM. They’ll get the job done, tell you what to expect and they know what they are doing. 5-12-10- Ed and Sharlene B- Salem, OR- We chose to work with SM because of their competitive rates, they were a “local”company and their excellent testimonials regarding service on their website. We would recommend the Sammamish Mortgage team highly to anyone. Their rates were very competitive, their fees are quite low, and the service provided by everyone we worked with was exceptionally prompt and professional. Handling everything electronically could not have been easier. They streamlined the process from application and pre-approval to the final loan approval, even covering the extension of the loan lock. We especially were impressed with the ability to immediately talk in person when we called — which is very unusual these days! Many kudos to Sammamish Mortgage. Ed & Sharlene, Salem, OR. 5-11-10- Rachel H- Renton, WA- Sammamish had a history of low interest rates. They were great. They always got back to us asap. They were friendly and comfortable to work with. 5-10-10- Albert B- Lake Stevens, WA- Sammamish offered a lower mortgage rate with less points and they got my refi done, where BOA had failed. 5-7-10- Laura C- Carnation, WA- They are local and easier to work with than companies in other States. They provide excellent service in a timely manner. 5-5-10- Marc L- Olalla, WA- Sammamish Mortgage had a helpful staff, good rates and they were very transparent throughout the process. They were straight forward and stood behind their word as everything I was told turned out to be true. They were very helpful finding exactly the product and rate I was looking for. 4-29-10- William T- Spokane, WA- I appreciated the upfront information about rate, costs, etc… as well as their knowledge about dealing with BECU for the subordination of my 2nd. Sammamish didn’t play games and they were quick with their responses. I had a clean transaction with no issues and I’m happy with the way everything turned out. 4-26-10- Christine D- Prosser, WA- I had used you to re-finance our home before, and was pleased with the experience. The fees are good, the service is exceptional and you work quickly and get the job done. 4-23-10- Gayle M- Tacoma, WA- Sammamish is as good as their word and I appreciate that. 4-22-10- Dennis B- Seattle, WA- Sammamish’s rates were great, they had a knowledgeable staff and they were patient in explaining market conditions and the loan process. 4-16-10- Karl F- Milford, CT- Sammamish offered great rates and I appreciated their ability to work with my complicated loan situation. 4-14-10- Malcolm G- Seattle, WA- They are local and advertized the best 5/1 ARM around. They were competent and had a good customer service attitude. You did an excellent job in a very complicated situation. You displayed very high integrity. 4-8-2010- David M- Auburn, WA- Sammamish offered competitive rates w/o the need to haggle and they were prompt in their response to my inquiry, not to mention I had a positive previous experience. They were courteous, and willing to both earn and keep my business. They quickly resolved ANY issue or concern I had by doing the following; they answered my questions, paid for our inspection, extended my lock and squeezed in our signing appointment. Overall, I was very happy with the service and have already passed this along to friends and family. 8-23-2009- Walt A- Sammamish, WA – Sammamish had the lowest quoted rate and I liked Michael’s sincere attitude about their quick, reliable service when I called him. I had a great experience and it all came out like Michael said it would. I was also very impressed with Sandy who handled the escrow at closing. She is a true professional. 4-4-2010- Jeffrey B- Snohomish, WA- I found your listing on I chose to work with you because of your BBB accreditation and testimonials on your website. We appreciate your hard work in order to secure the most favorable terms for our loan. 3-30-2010- Jimmy F- Bothell, WA- SM is a local company and they offered the best rates and fees I could find. The experience was great and everything was handled quite nicely. 3-29-2010- Ben B- Bonney Lake, WA- I found Sammamish on I chose to work with them because of their good rating with the BBB and their great rates and terms. Their solving, professionalism and courtesy stuck out to me during the transaction. 3-26-2010- David V- Kenmore, WA- I decided to work with Sammamish because they had a good rating with BBB and state DFI. They’re local, have a savvy website and have competitive rates and finance costs. They delivered documents and responded to communication promptly. Their 30 day rate lock is shorter than the rest of the industry. 3-26-2010- – John C- Seattle, WA- Jeanne and her customer service is why we chose to refinance through SM. She took the time to educate and help me (although I know she was swamped). They were honest, efficient, and provided excellent customer service. Everything was perfect. Thank you. 3-25-2010- Jack B- Bellevue, WA- I had an excellent prior experience working with Sammamish. As always, they had great service and are honest and helpful people. 3-18-2010- Julia C- Redmond, WA- I ultimately chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because their fees were low, but their service ended up being excellent. 3-17-2010- Norman C- Brush Prairie, WA- Sammamish offered good rates with minimal fees. Their responses were quick. They were pleasant people to work with and they had an honest representation of services, rates, etc. Everyone we interfaced with were outstanding professionals. The overall experience was great. 3-16-10- Joseph M- Woodinville, WA- Thank you for working so hard for me. I feel very fortunate to have found you guys. 3-14-2010- David J- Bothell, WA- Great Website! I decided to work with Sammamish because they seemed fair and local and I was concerned about other companies not being fair. In the end, Sammamish did what they said they were going to do. They were quick, complete and their closing costs were accurate. 3-12-10- Michael C- Mukilteo, WA- I chose Sammamish because they offered the best rates, but their fast and enjoyable service was definitely a plus. 3-12-2010- Daniel W- Seattle, WA- I had done my previous mortgage refinance with Sammamish in 2003. It was a pleasurable experience and they are honest people to deal with. Fortunately we did not have any problems along the way, and Sammamish did a splendid job by being proactive in automatically extending the lock-in period without any additional cost to us. 3-8-2010- Erik K- Sammamish, WA- I decided to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they offered the best rate available at the lowest cost, combined with clarity and simplicity of the application process. Make sure to check Sammamish when looking for competitive rates and costs. Overall, the process is straightforward and well explained on their website. 3-6-2010- Robert L- Seattle, WA- SM published competitive rates on their website. Their application was easy and everyone is very efficient and responsive. 3-2-2010- Alan B- Bellevue, WA- Sammamish advertised good rates, were a local company and they were honest. 3-1-2010- Kevin M- Liberty Lake, WA- For me – it was Sammamish’s great rates and low costs and yet, they still maintained a professional service. They were easy to get a hold of and always on top of things. I was a bit “skeptical” as I found them online with the lowest rates and lowest costs for my area (Spokane, WA). But after looking around at options and giving my local bank a shot at my refinance – I decided to go with Sammamish Mortgage. They were very professional, on top of my closing at all times. I have no regrets – as it was relatively painless. 2-23-2010- Paul L- Sammamish, WA- I chose Sammamish because the company is local (I live in Kirkland) and has products that are price-competitive with online brokers. Michael and Ryan Shane promptly and courteously answered questions about my 15-year refi and were responsive to all of my concerns from application through closing. Sammamish Mortgage helped get me into the streamlined refi process, which eliminated most of the appraisal charge and removed some of the wait time. My loan closed 21 days after application! I saved money by choosing Sammamish Mortgage–I would have spent ~$2,000 more at closing for the same loan at a local credit union. The process with Sammamish Mortgage was smooth throughout. 2-19-2010- Mazen W- Edmonds, WA- Sammamish offered low closing costs, which did not include additional costs. You were on time and there was always someone to answer the phone. Thank you as I know you worked hard to get my refinance closed. 2-15-2010- Michael S- Seattle, WA- Obtaining a loan in this environment is tough, but SM makes it easy. They had a good website, impressive rates and better service. I just thank you all. 2-10-2010- Stephen H- Sammamish, WA- Sammamish had the best information on the internet. They were easy to work with and they were professional, efficient, high tech and trustworthy. 2-5-2010- Marc W- Tacoma, WA- You were exactly what I was looking for — super low cost, easy to work with, and very competent. I have already recommended you to several friends who I’m sure we’ll consider you if rates go back down. I told them that you had access to some excellent loan programs and that your fees were the lowest of anyone out there. 1-23-2010- Glenn R- Olympia, WA- A family member provided a referral, but ultimately it was the value, great rate, great service and reasonable fees that convinced me to work with Sammamish. It was my first time working through a mortgage broker and I was somewhat skeptical. Sammamish Mortgage definitely exceeded my expectations for overall value. The GFE was accurate with reasonable fee and the broker was able to obtain the best rates available. Combine that with great customer service and that makes for a great refi experience. I would definitely recommend SM to friends and family. 1-19-2010- Marion H- Edmonds, WA- Sammamish Mortgage offered the lowest rates in the Seattle Times. They addressed everything and helped me to refi at the best rate available. 1-18-2010- Steven M- Duvall, WA- We got what we consider to be the lowest interest rate offered. The service and responsiveness from everyone we dealt with was exceptional. Their initial contact was fast and things moved along quickly during a very busy holiday season. Our loan closed on schedule despite a few curves thrown up by the banks. Thanks to everyone involved, everything came together. 1-13-2010- Paul T- Sammamish, WA- My last refinance with another broker resulted in so many problems that I swore I’d never put myself through that pain again. However, historically low fixed interest rates and Sammamish Mortgage’s excellent reviews prompted me to cross my fingers and jump in one more time. I’m so glad I did. My application went smoothly and, without exception, everyone I dealt with at Sammamish Mortgage and Eastlake Escrow was responsive and very professional. The staff was great, I got an incredible rate and this time, there was no pain. Sammamish Mortgage gets an A from me. 1-12-2010- Peter E- Woodinville, WA- From my first call to Sammamish Mortgage, they made me feel comfortable with the not-so-fun task of refinancing and they made it all feel much easier than I had expected. I liked that they also had the best rates, were a family friendly business and were very professional throughout the process. 1-12-2010- Gabriel W- Redmond, WA- Sammamish had good rates, very good service and were prompt in their follow up. 1-12-2010- David M- Sammamish, WA- Sammamish closed our original loan and they are true to their work and mean what they say. There were no hidden costs. 1-11-2010- Paul G- Olympia, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish because they offered very competitive interest rates, their closing costs beat all of the other companies and I liked the testimonials on their website. I felt that their service, costs and professionalism was top notch and better than all of my previous loan experiences. We will definitely be a return customer when we look to our future loan needs. 1-11-2010- Jennifer L- Woodinville, WA- I worked with Sammamish on my first mortgage and they were good, so I decided to work with them on this refinance. I would definitely recommend them because they are honest and will spend time explaining the process on the phone. 1-11-2010- Thomas B- Kenmore, WA – I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they were recommended by a friend and offered good rates. I had a very good experience refinancing through Sammamish because they are very efficient and trustworthy. 1-4-2010- George S- Oak Harbor- I am a previous customer and this was the easiest and fastest closing that I have ever had. Compared to other companies that I have dealt with, they are good, fast and inexpensive. I appreciated that someone was always there to answer the phones and you can speak to the owner too!

2009 Reviews 12-25-2009- Richard S- Gig Harbor, WA- We were referred to Sammamish Mortgage by a friend. Sammamish did what they said they were going to do. They were very up-front about the process and they had no hidden agenda or charges. They have a very efficient process and staff and provided great communication and quick responses to questions. They made an extra effort to negotiate a lower interest rate and made the process convenient for me. 12-22-2009- Maxine K- Sammamish, WA- SM offered the best rate, were very efficient and provided great customer service. 12-21-2009- Tim S- Bonney Lake, WA- Sammamish offered low rates and costs compared to Chase bank and was also highly recommended by a co-worker. Their web site made it easy to apply and Michael Shane got me a great quote quickly and made the whole process really a good experience. You guys are great people. Thanks again. –Tim 12-16-2009- Raymond P- Olympia, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish because they are somewhat near where I live and they advertised good interest rates. Sammamish was quick to respond to any questions and processed my paperwork quickly, which I appreciated. 12-14-2009- Brad B- Kalama, WA- SM offered a great rate was easy to work with and everything turned out as they said it would. It was very nice to do business with all of you. Enjoy the holidays. 12-9-2009- James J- Beaverton, OR- Working with Sammamish Mortgage is simple and easy. Their low closing costs were simple and easy as well. 12-9-2009- Eric J- Seattle, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish, because I had a very positive prior experience refinancing. You have a very efficient company and I had a good experience this time around as well. 12-8-2009- Geir W- Kenmore, WA- First off, I’ve recommended you guys to several family and friends, some of whom are in the process of refinancing with you right now. I chose to work with Sammamish because of their longevity, and low rates. I appreciated your professionalism, honesty and clear communication throughout the process. 12-5-2009- Matthew T- Lake Stevens, WA- Sammamish Mortgage offered me a good low rate and competitive costs. When I talk to others about refinancing, I’d tell them to check out Sammamish’s rates because they are very competitive. 12-4-2009- David L- Spokane, WA- Sammamish had the cheapest closing costs that I could find and the process was very fluent and smooth. 12-2-2009- Monica W- Issaquah, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they had very competitive interest rates and their website provided very useful information. I appreciated the courtesy, friendliness and responsiveness from their staff. Thanks everybody. 11-30-2009- Christopher S- Woodinville, WA- I used Sammamish Mortgage for a refinance on my primary residence. This was done during a period of very high volumes in the industry (rates were quite low) and Sammamish was timely in all that they said they would do. The lender was a bit slow in processing (due to volumes) which meant the normal 30-day lock would be exceeded. Sammamish honored the lock without hassle or additional fees. All in all, everything went quite smoothly. 11-24-2009- Rosie B- Federal Way, WA- We have worked with Michael Shane in the past and found him to be well educated in the mortgage field and professional. We have always been treated with honesty and sincerity in our dealings with him and his staff. Call Michael Shane if you want to work with someone who is going to work for you. You will be treated with honesty and respect while getting the best rates available. 11-19-2009- Gene B- Gig Harbor, WA- Purchasing a bank owned property can be a real challenge: the buyer is dealing with banks on both sides and they often have very stringent requirements. Sammamish Mortgage helped me navigate this difficult path and ultimately close a deal that could have fallen through at any of a number of sticking points along the way. They really stepped up when it was necessary. 11-19-2009- Denise A- Kenmore, WA- We have used Sammamish Mortgage in the past and were extremely pleased with the service and timeframe that they were able to close our loan. Their ability to submit most of the paper work electronically streamlined the process. 11-17-2009- Paul H- Renton, WA- Sammamish Mortgage had the product that I wanted for an appropriate price and they have knowledgeable staff that made me feel comfortable doing business with them. Our experience with Sammamish Mortgage resulted in an almost effortless refinance. Everything was explained from the beginning and everything occurred as explained. The staff was knowledgeable, courteous and easy to work with. I have already recommended them to a coworker. 11-17-2009- Mike M- Ballard, WA- Whenever I hear that a person is looking into buying a home I am going to tell them about Sammamish Mortgage. I know they’ll get the best price and service. 11-16-2009- Ned P- – Sammamish was easy to deal with. I appreciated their expertise, friendliness and courtesy. Everything went as it was suppose to. No surprises. They are great people to work with. No wonder Michael is one of the top one hundred originators in the nation. He has a great staff! 11-16-2009- Robert K- Issaquah, WA- I feel fortunate to have found Sammamish Mortgage. I prefer dealing with locally owned companies, and Sammamish Mortgage provided great rates, low fees and excellent service. Sammamish had excellent rates and very low costs. Plus your communication was very professional. Since many places offer low rates and expenses, I appreciated the prompt and courteous response to my questions. It’s great to have a local company that provides great rates, low expenses and excellent service. 11-14-2009- Lori H- Battle Ground, WA- I researched a number of mortgage brokers on the web and found that your website was thorough in answering many questions. I liked that when I called, I got a live person immediately who could give me preliminary information in order to compare service and rates with our credit union and another competing mortgage broker. 11-13-2009- James S- Sammamish, WA- Low cost…excellent service…question answered quickly…the whole thing was a pleasure. 11-12-2009- Barry F- Kent, WA- You guys and gals are incredible. The efforts put forth were well beyond my expectations. Nobody here will believe me if I tell them what you were able to do for me. They will think I finally lost it. It has been a wild ride. Thanks for all your efforts (they were many). Kudos to SM and ALL the staff there. 11-11-2009- Dan H- Bothell, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because they offered great rates, had many positive reviews on their website and they had an A rating with the BBB. Sammamish Mortgage was professional and very pleasant to work with. We got an excellent rate, and great guidance throughout the refinance process, even given the numerous recent changes in the mortgage industry. A great all-around experience! 11-11-2009- Deirdre G- Vashon, WA- Sammamish was very professional, responsive and transparent. I really enjoyed working with Jeanne and appreciated her quick turnarounds and her professional explanations. 11-7-2009- Sue H- Woodinville, WA- I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of their Better Business Rating and the quality of their website. There was enough info on their website to know what costs and interest rate would be, and I utilized the rate quote tool. Their estimated costs were accurate and the process was completed on schedule. No surprises. 11-6-2009- Matt M- Seattle, WA- My previous experience obtaining a mortgage through Sammamish Mortgage in 2007 was outstanding. Choosing them again was a very simple decision. They have excellent rates, low & very fair closing costs. They were honest & accurate. They provided excellent service from honest & very hardworking people. I would recommend Sammamish Mortgage to anyone. We had some difficulties (no fault and outside the control of Sammamish Mortgage) & without the diligent efforts of Stacy & Michael, I’m not sure we would have ultimately been able to close on our home. 10-27-2009- Kelli P- Redmond, WA- Financing or refinancing a mortgage is always a stressful experience but your organization was very efficient and “on the ball”, making it a much more pleasant experience. Very happy with the end result! 10-25-2009- Richard B- Mukilteo, WA- Sammamish Mortgage is easy to work with and they were very responsive, especially when I had questions. 10-19-2009- Terry M- Auburn, WA- For the most part, I chose Sammamish Mortgage because of their website. It answered all my questions before I even called the company. I had an excellent experience refinancing and they are truly a no b.s. company. Thank you everybody. 10-16-2009- Bob C- Snohomish, WA- I found their company on Bank Rate and chose to refinance through them because of their low rates and BBB rating. They were quick and efficient. Overall, I had a very pleasant refinancing experience. 10-15-2009- Sudhir J- Sammamish, WA- If I were to talk to someone about what to expect from Sammamish Mortgage, I’d tell them they will work with you to get the best rate, terms and conditions possible. 10-12-2009- Charles B- Shoreline, WA- Sammamish had the best prices I could find and I appreciated their responsiveness, competency and great service. 9-17-2009- Amadeo G- Lynnwood, WA- We want to thank you for the very professional way you treated us and keeping us well informed during the entire process. You have a very smooth operation and you present all steps of the procedure in a clear and honest way.—THANK YOU We will be more than glad to recommend your mortgage company to anyone who may cross our way and needs a mortgage. Even if they don’t, we will tell them about our experience with you all, so they too can spread the word to someone they may know who needs a mortgage. 9-6-2009- Paul M- Federal Way, WA- You can count on an honest explanation of the process, rates, expenses and what you need to do so they can make it happen. If you qualify and do your part, they will make it happen. Even with my tardiness in getting all documents submitted on time and my trip out of town; Stacy was able to have my loan closed in 30 days. Great support! 9-5-2009- Krasimir P- Bellevue, WA- This is by far the best mortgage experience I have ever had and in my opinion, Sammamish is the best in the business. Their professionalism is of the highest degree. They were fast, efficient and they got the job done! Thank you to all at Sammamish Mortgage. 9-5-2009- Jim V- Issaquah, WA- We were recommended Sammamish from a friend and the fact that they had the best interest rates I could find made my decision easy. They did an excellent job helping us with our refinance and I would definitely recommend them to others. 9-4-2009- Jesse D, Seattle, WA- They have a great combination of low costs, good rates and good service. They were very helpful and I appreciated their responsiveness. 9-3-2009- Maureen S- Kirkland, WA- I chose to work with Sammamish Mortgage because I worked with them before and had a positive experience. They were great this time around as well. They are very prompt and they do what they say they are going to do. I also appreciated their courteous and knowledgeable staff. 8-23-2009- Kristi R- Lynnwood, WA- I chose Sammamish Mortgage, because they had a good reputation, high rating from the better business bureau and good referral from a friend who recommended them. They also had one of the lowest overall APR. During the process, they seemed to have good relationships with their lenders. They were all very easy to work with, friendly and honest. 8-19-2009- Kathryn T- Olympia, WA- Sammamish Mortgage had the lowest quotes on the website for jumbo loans. We are impressed with their company because of the clear and straightforward communications and the efficiency with which the staff handled our refinance. 8-18-2009- Connie L- Bothell, WA – I was referred by a friend who had a good experience on a refinance. I had a great experience refinancing and was pleased with their great customer support. Thank you all. :>) 7-23-2009- Kim C- Maple Valley, WA- Sammamish Mortgage is a no-nonsense company focused on customer service, professional knowledge and excellent communication. It is also convenient that you have an association with an escrow service at the same location. The staff at Sammamish Mortgage excelled at customer service and communication. They kept me informed through every step of the process and provided all essential documents in a timely manner and did most everything electronically, which was efficient and a real time saver. I cannot think of a single thing that I would want to change about my experience. 14 days from start to finish is the best testament I could provide that demonstrates your professional skill, attention to detail and overall efficiency. Thank you for the best home finance experience I have ever had. 7-14-2009- Bruce B – Snohomish, WA – I liked Sammamish Mortgages rates, but more importantly, I felt comfortable with them helping me with my refinance from the first contact. Thanks for a making my refi experience great from the beginning all the way through to closing! 7-14-2009- Rick K – Edmonds, WA – Previously, I had a great experience with Sammamish, and this time around, they still had the best rate and closing costs I could find. 7/11/2009 – John R – Marysville , WA- Sammamish Mortgage was very straight forward much more so than other companies we contacted. They were friendly and worked to get the best deal for us. A in customer service! This was our best experience we’ve ever had in dealing with a mortgage loan. You went the extra step to give good clear guidance on what paperwork was needed and explained the process, getting us the lowest rate we could get at the time with the rates moving all over, up & down. We are very happy and have no regrets. I wish we had known about Sammamish Mortgage when purchasing our 1st home. 7/10/2009 Kim K – Maple Valley , WA – Thank you for making this refinance flow unbelievably smooth and efficient. You can be sure I will refer any of my friends seeking home financing to Sammamish Mortgage. It is a great comfort to us to be out from under the ARM we had previously and I am very pleased with the rate and costs associated with this loan. Diane and I wish your team great success in the future as we hope to see this economic downturn slowly come to an end. 7/10/2009- Karen N – Kirkland , WA- I was surprised at how painless the process was. Everything went smoothly. 6/29/2009- Dean S – Liberty Lake , WA- Thanks for your excellent service on my refinance. Sammamish Mortgage will always remain the first choice for my mortgage needs. 6/26/2009- James R – Snoqualmie , WA- The staff were very clear on what could be done and they performed to our complete satisfaction. We had heard from others how difficult it was to get financing in the current economic environment. That was not our experience. Totally satisfied!! Thanks Jeanne, Ryan, Stacey and Sandy. You guys are pros! Thanks for keeping us fully informed during the process and getting us the rate and terms we wanted. Always professional, friendly and available. 6/26/2009- David R – Sammamish , WA- Professional, low costs, Michael is great to work with and all folks there are nice. 6/18/2009 – Christine B – Fall City , WA- Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know that I posted a review of Sammamish Mortgage on Judy’s Book yesterday. A rave review, of course! Thank you so much for your outstanding service. It has been a pleasure refinancing with you and your company. And thank you again for the subscription to “You” Magazine. 🙂 It was a pleasure working with all of you (and Sandy with escrow) as well. Such a smooth and easy process, I hardly even knew we were refinancing! We were very impressed with the high caliber of service we received from Sammamish Mortgage. From the amazing rates and very reasonable fees, to the expertise and responsiveness of every team member, we could not have asked for a better experience. We have already recommended three different people to you, one of whom I believe is even in the process of refinancing with you right now. We sincerely appreciate your making this process so easy. We will continue to rave about our experience with Sammamish Mortgage to anyone who will listen! 6/17/2009- Jim A – Redmond , WA – Good rates, honest representation of fees and rates. Very professional staff who worked very hard at making sure everything was done, done right, and done right away. I came to Sammamish Mortgage because of their low published rates. I would go back to Sammamish Mortgage without question because of their attention to detail. Our refinance went very smoothly, and in this market that is not an easy thing to do! 6/17/2009- Rick K – North Bend , WA- I received a referral from a friend and I had a great initial conversation with Jeanne Shane that gave me a high degree of confidence in Sammamish Mortgage. I appreciated how courteous and knowledgeable your staff was. I was pleased at how smooth and quick the process was and especially that there weren’t any surprises. 6/17/2009- David M – Friday Harbor , WA- Our experiences have been zero-hassle and we have been able to get loans closed at the rates and fees quoted. 6/16/2009- Gary B – Fall City, WA- Most competitive rates and fees; A rating with the BBB; very responsive to inquiries. They offered by far the most competitive rates with very reasonable fees. They were extremely responsive to any inquiries. They are a very solid, trustworthy organization. Very highly recommended! It was a pleasure working with Sammamish Mortgage, and we could not have asked for a better experience. The process was so smooth and easy, we hardly knew we were refinancing. We were very impressed with the exceptional level of service we received, from the extremely competitive rates and very reasonable fees, to the expertise and responsiveness of every team member. We have already recommended three different people to Sammamish Mortgage and will continue to rave about our superlative experience. Thank you so much! 6/3/2009- Alfred A – Seattle , WA – They provide an efficient refinancing package at very competitive rates. 6/3/2009- Chip B – Redmond , WA – Great rates, low cost and excellent communication. Everyone we spoke with at Sammamish Mortgage was helpful and did a great job. We wanted to express our thanks to you all for your efforts to help us with our refinance. You were responsive and available at a time when we needed to essentially walk away from a lock with another lender. That turned out to be a great decision on our part to go with your team, even though we’d already paid to lock in with the other lender. We will be recommending Sammamish Mortgage to our friends and colleagues. You have provided World Class Client Service, and to that we say well done! 6/2/2009-Jeff W – Burien , WA – We had previously used them for our home purchase and when we decided to refinance came back to them. Originally, we chose them based on their low closing costs. When we refer someone to you, we will tell them that we had great service and the loan rate compared to the APR was the lowest we could find. We have already referred several friends and acquaintances to Sammamish based on our experience. We felt that they kept us informed and communicated well throughout the process. 6/2/2009- Mark J – Woodinville , WA- Saw their newspaper ad, local company, answered initial phone calls promptly and with courtesy. Ryan was very pleasant to deal with. 6/1/2009- Joseph M – Shelton , WA- I have worked with Sammamish Mortgage before. They take the time to talk with me and work out the fine points so that everything is in order and ready to go. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The first time I used Sammamish Mortgage I was in a situation without a real estate agent. I’d never done it before so I asked Jeanne some questions. Instead of telling me “you need to get a lawyer” she simply called the lawyer she was using for a similar type of transaction. This gesture was all I needed to move forward with Sammamish Mortgage and I haven’t considered anyone else since then. I’ll likely have another transaction later this year and will not hesitate to use Sammamish Mortgage again. 6/1/2009- Derin B – Seattle , WA – We have been working with Sammamish Mortgage for a few years now, and we really appreciate the excellent service we receive. Michael and the team really listened to our needs, gave great advice, and got us exactly what we wanted. Thanks again! 5/30/2009- Doug C – Sammamish , WA – Worked with them before; no hassles. They do a great job educating; and get it done right. Positive experience; no problems; that’s all I want. 5/29/2009 – Doug H – Seattle , WA – You will have my personal referral to others – it was a pleasure to work with Sammamish Mortgage to refinance, you staff was professional and helpful, and we did the refinance in record time with no glitches. 5/28/2009- George K – Sammamish , WA – From the initial conversation I was given the feeling that everything was touched on concerning the entire process. This was the most seamless experience that I have ever had with a refinance. Very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage. 5/21/2009-Elizabeth A – Issaquah , WA- I have had 2 other mortgages coordinated by Sammamish Mortgage. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else! I love the story of Sammamish Mortgage – that it’s a family business. Michael is an excellent and reliable broker. I missed seeing Michael this time! Congratulations on your wedding. Blessings to you all as you carry on in this challenging economic season! 5/21/2009- Beta L.K. – Bellevue , WA- They watched and monitored rates and locked us at a pre-agreed rate (a very helpful service for busy individuals like myself). 5/19/2009- Tom G – Sammamish, WA- Great Service. Great Communication. Very fast process from application to closing (less than 4 weeks) I really can’t say enough positive things about Sammamish Mortgage. I am totally impressed! 5/14/2009- Marcus B – Kent, WA- I felt that they were personable and easy to work with, good communication and fast service when it came to problem solving and getting answers in a timely fashion. A top notch mortgage company, a rare thing these days to find. Very professional, honest, timely and considerate. Most of all, good communicators overall. 5/10/2009- Jim L – Redmond , WA – We have purchased/refinanced multiple homes in the past 24 years. Sammamish Mortgage is by far the best experience we had in this time: the loan application process was straight-forward and easy to do on-line. The fixed rate and pricing desired were obtained in less than 10 days after was application and the closing occurred well-within the short rate lock provided by the investor. We couldn’t be more pleased with Sammamish Mortgage and Eastlake Escrow! Jim & Kathy 5/8/2009- Chris H – Federal Way, WA – They have good rates and are very easy to work with. 5/1/2009 – Dominic D – Friday Harbor , WA – We closed on the loan yesterday. Thanks for all your help. You and your company are very professional – the kind of people we like to do business with. Maybe someday we will have an opportunity to meet. 4/27/2009- Grigoriy S- Bellevue, WA – I would recommend Sammamish Mortgage to anyone who is looking for an excellent customer service and closing with no surprises. 4/27/2009- Rick S – Vancouver , WA- Fair price, as quick as can be expected and personable. 4/16/2009-David M – Issaquah , WA – We are repeat customers (and will most likely be three/four-peat). Sammamish Mortgage is very professional without being pretentious. We also didn’t get that mortgage mill feeling I have had with other brokers. I feel like quality folks are handling my process. 4/13/2009- Heather L – Seattle , WA- I was pleased with the level of service and felt comfortable working with all members of the team. Michael Shane was informative and very fair. The closing costs and interest rates are very competitive. I think the company has a lot of integrity and it shows in the way that it deals with its customers. 4/8/2009- Robert S – Bellevue , WA- I have and will continue to recommend Sammamish Mortgage to anybody who is looking for assistance in obtaining loan for a new home or a refinance. 4/7/2009- Herman S – Sammamish , WA – Keep up the good work and I hope you around for a long time. Special thanks to Michael who took my call at home on a Saturday to lock a rate and to both Sandy and Suzanne for the excellent communication and service. 4/6/2009- Betty B – Tacoma , WA – You were very upfront and honest. No game playing around with interest rates and your company is easy and very efficient to work with. Thanks again for the great experience!!! 4/5/2009- Gary D- Monroe, WA– They are an excellent company to do business with and they are very much with you and on your side. There is no pressure in anyway from them. They are happy to answer any questions you might have through out the process. Since refinancing my mortgage I have referred two people to Sammamish Mortgage. I mentioned the smooth transaction process that I experienced and both people were attracted to that. The great thing is Sammamish Mortgage had all the information you might need without any rush. They were always happy to talk to you and help. 4/1/2009- Dai M- Seattle, WA – I’ve already related how pleased I was with the refinance to friends and relatives. 3/24/2009- David D – Redmond, WA- Easy to talk with. Consistent message. Online application was appreciated. 2/20/2009- Chad F – Elma, WA- What could have been a disastrous situation caused by the lender turned out to be an over all good experience because of Sammamish being accountable & looking out for us as clients. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the end result! 2/20/2009- Andrew D – Duvall , WA – Thanks for everything. 2/17/2009- Vijay R – Bellevue , WA- We would definitely recommend Sammamish Mortgage to anyone seeking to refinance their home. Ron Wilcox provided us excellent and efficient service in refinancing our home. 2/12/2009- Dwight O – Copalis Beach , WA- This went so smooth and fast, it was unbelievable. In all the houses we have bought and sold, and mortgage companies we have dealt with – you guys were perfect. 2/5/2009- Gigi M – Sammamish , WA- You’re the BEST, Jeanne 🙂 I will let anyone I know who’s refinancing that Sammamish Mortgage CAN be TRUSTED! I didn’t have to make many decisions because of the “trust” I have in YOU! :)))) 2/3/2009- Christie P – Bothell , WA- This Company is the best mortgage company I have ever done business with -thanks for everything. 2/3/2009- Marjorie M- Seattle, WA- Overall, our refinance experience very pleasant. Very nice and easy to work with. 2/3/2009- Mary Ann J- Seattle, WA- I consider Michael Shane one of the most ethical and hardworking advocates for his constituents. He went out of his way to help me get a good loan rate after I had asked him to contact me when the rates hit a better level than I was paying. He did that and kept me in mind when I had long given up on the possibilities. He had to do extra paperwork to meet new and stringent standards for home loans, and held the process together throughout. 2/2/2009- Cuong L – Tacoma , WA- I liked the fact that there were no surprises and you guys answered my questions promptly. I liked how efficient the process was, there was no hidden fees and no surprises. 2/2/2009- Lorelei G- Seattle, WA – I have already mentioned your great service to our neighbors and friends. Keep up the good work! 1/26/2009- Mark S- Issaquah, WA- Jeanne and her team were there to answer questions. The fees they charge compared to other lenders are very low. The transaction was very smooth. My involvement was extremely minimal after sending the initial required documentation, and this was during a very busy time in the industry. Thanks Jeanne! 1/22/2009- Eric J – Seattle , WA- Michael does a fantastic job providing clear answers to all questions and makes it easy to understand. He was also patient with us as we figured out what path to take. 1/20/2009- Shane S- Issaquah, WA- You have my business and referrals for life. Thank you for the outstanding service! 1/10/2009- Marcus B- Redmond, WA- Mike – Great job. I’ll be referring you whenever I get the chance. Thanks 1/7/2009- Gerlando P – Sammamish , WA- By far the best broker experience I’ve had. I really appreciate the time spent in figuring out the best solution for my situation rather than simply rushing me through to close. I will definitely use you guys in the future.

2008 Reviews 12/2/2008- Herman S – Sammamish, WA- I would like to compliment everyone I came in contact with at Sammamish Mortgage, specifically Michael and Suzanne, in their open and prompt lines of communication. I ask a question, I get an almost immediate answer… refreshing. Thank you. 11/20/2008- Ron T – Enumclaw, WA- All questions were answered efficiently and effectively. Stacy Schmitt was great to work with and extremely helpful. Sandy Sadowski came in on Saturday (her day off) to do our closing and was well prepared. Great job. 10/31/2008- Tracy R- Medical Lake , WA- Wonderful experience–you were fast and efficient. The mortgage approval was very fast thus allowing us to close within a week. 10/30/2008- Anne H – Lincoln City , OR- Overall I feel everything went well. I would go with Sammamish Mortgage again if I needed to buy another house. This one went very smoothly. Thank you for your help. 10/28/2008- Pamela H – Tacoma , WA- You have a professional organization that is conducted with efficiency and courtesy. Thank you 10/24/2008- Tracy D- Issaquah, WA- I liked receiving the weekly emails updating me about the loan process in general. Any questions I had, you answered quickly over the phone and made sure to explain everything to me. I appreciated the high level of customer service and attention. Thank you.

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