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Rates Depend on Multiple Factors

Mortgage rates depend on a wide range of different factors. Just one of these factors is points and closing costs paid at closing. Additional factors that can affect your mortgage rate is credit score, down payment, property type, occupancy, loan program and number of days you are locking your rate. The rate quote tool quotes custom rates and costs based on your specific criteria to give you the most accurate reflection of what your rate will be without submitting a full application. Understanding which rate and cost option best suites your situation isn’t easy. This is where the mortgage specialists at Sammamish Mortgage come into play. Our specialists are available to answer any questions you have, but they can also counsel you on which loan structure will best fit into your long-term financial plan.

Sammamish Mortgage Can Help You with a Rate Quote

At Sammamish Mortgage, we have cutting-edge software which allows you to obtain a rate quote instantaneously as the system compares different investors and lenders from across the country provide real-time best execution results. To obtain this quote, simply enter a few key pieces of information and in seconds you will have an accurate breakdown of what rates and costs are available to you. This can all be done without providing any personal information. The mortgage professionals at Sammamish Mortgage work diligently for the benefit of our customers. If your instant rate quote isn’t what you expected, we can provide counsel on how to potentially transform your quote into something more acceptable. Sammamish Mortgage is a family-owned mortgage company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We proudly serve customers in the Pacific Northwest region. We serve WA, ID, OR and CO. If you’re looking to buy a home in one of these states, we can help!

Compare Mortgage Rate Quotes

  • Sammamish Mortgage No Cost Program Qualified buyers can receive lender credits up to $4,000 to cover third-party closing fees such as appraisal, title insurance, county recording fees, etc.
  • Live Real-Time Custom Rates and Costs We eliminate the hassle and frustration in getting a mortgage rate quote. Unlike other lenders we don’t require your full life’s history to show you what rates and costs we can offer.
  • Detailed Cost Breakdown Our Rate Quote Tool not only shows you a variety of rate and cost options specific to your situation, but it also provides a breakdown of the fees simply by clicking the View Details tab. This allows you to easily compare our offer with another lender. 
  • Low Mortgage Rate Quotes and Fees  We consistently beat our competitor’s rates and fees when doing an apples to apples comparison. This is why we are one of the few lenders willing to be transparent 24/7 in what we can offer our clients.  
  • Close Quickly  Have confidence closing on-time as we consistently close purchases in less than 30 days.
  • Reduced Monthly PMI and Lender Paid PMI premiums available for qualified borrowers with less than 20% down.

Get a personalized instant mortgage quote online in minutes today!

  • Compare rates by the lender fees/lender credits or compare include all closing costs selecting to add the third-party fees such as appraisal, credit report, escrow closing, title insurance, county recording, etc.
  • The only items not included when choosing to include third-party fees are the property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily interest.
  • The payment is principal and interest as well as PMI if applicable. Your monthly taxes and insurance payments need to be added to the payment shown. 
  • Loans currently locked with Sammamish Mortgage are subject to our investors rate renegotiation policy and are not eligible for the pricing shown.



We provide reliable, transparent rates and fees to all our clients. Nothing to hide, no surprises.


You can apply online, check rates in real time and get a free home valuation report right on our website.

On-Time Closing

Our experience and professional team ensures a smooth on-time closing without unexpected surprises.


We order appraisals with local companies who know the area, know the market and can provide quick return on reports.


5-Star lender with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating supported by an award-winning operations and sales staff.


Consistent notifications keep you informed throughout the loan process. You have consistent access to a local, in-house team member during the loan process.



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Ryan Shane


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Michael Shane and his team have incredible response times, and they go above and beyond to make sure your home purchase it done correctly and on time. We ended up closing on our house 1 week earlier than expected. After talking with realtors and other people purchasing homes right now this is incredibly rare. We are amazed at how well the team works together and gets everything done so fast. We have highly recommended the team to all of our friends and family.

The service was exceptional. It was the fastest, most painless refinance we have ever done. With email updates every step of the way the level of communication exceeded our expectations. The website where we uploaded all of our documents was easy to navigate. I couldn’t believe how fast everything got done. We have friends who have spent four months trying to close their loan and we feel so luckily that we found you! We will definitely recommend SM to our friends and family.

“We were recommended to Sammamish Mortgage by trusted friends. They were very professional. They had a solution to every challenge we had encountered when we made the last minute change from another Mortgage originator to Sammamish.”

Rhoda P
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Proudly serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years, we are a family owned and operated lender, offering unrivaled prices on home mortgages. At Sammamish Mortgage, our team of experienced professionals is committed to doing what is best for you, the client. Our number one goal is to make your home loan the enjoyable and exciting experience it should be. For more information about what Sammamish Mortgage can do for you, we invite you to contact us today!


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