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Top 5 Reasons to Own a Home in the Pacific NW

Summary: Are you a homebuyer hopeful looking to purchase a home in the Pacific NW, but are still on the fence? This video will show you some excellent reasons to own a home today.

There are plenty of reasons why homeownership should be on your radar in the near future in the Pacific NW.

Here are 5 Top Reasons:

  1. Privacy. Instead of renting a place that’s not yours and padding someone else’s wallet, owning your own home will afford you with a valuable asset. You’ll have the advantage of having a place to call your own that’s yours and yours alone.
  2. Family. Buying a home in the Pacific NW can help you prioritize your family’s needs above all else. When you own a home, your family’s immediate needs will come first.
  3. Stability. Retain control over your future direction and security. Not only that, but when you own a home rather than rent, you are in control. Instead, renting places you at the mercy of the landlord who can ask you to vacate the premises (with appropriate written notice), forcing you to have to look for a new home in a short period of time. Owning does not put you in such a vulnerable position.
  4. Financial investment. Take the opportunity to grow your assets and wealth over the long run. When you buy and own a home in the Pacific NW, you have an asset that can grow in value over time, allowing you to accumulate home equity. You can then use that equity for other financial purposes, or sell at a profit. It’s an investment that is often unmatched with other investment vehicles.
  5. Physical comforts. Enjoy amenities and features that enhance your daily experiences without dealing with restrictions from a landlord when you rent.

Buying a home in the Pacific NW is an excellent investment you can make that will help you build wealth over time while also providing you and your family with some roots and a place to call your own. Teaming up with an experienced mortgage company like Sammamish Mortgage can help you secure the right home loan to make your dreams of buying and owning a home come true.

If you’re ready to buy a home of your own, get in touch with Sammamish Mortgage to make your dreams of home ownership come true.

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