How Are Home Buyers Gearing Up for the Summer

July 10, 2020
Last updated:
March 31, 2022
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Summer has advantages for house-hunters that Spring does not. Even with low inventories of available houses, smart buyers exploit the season to find good deals.

Although spring is often the high point in shopping for houses, the contraction of available inventory leaves many home buyers still waiting for an expansion of real estate listings. 

Although questions remain about how many new listings will appear, they will in no way damper the need for houses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Colorado.

What Makes Summer a Good Time to House-Hunt?

Unsold Spring Listings Await

Inventory tends to expand during the summer months, shifting the bargaining edge at least slightly in the buyers’ direction. Furthermore, the houses that did not sell over the spring may list for lower prices in the summer.

Plus, many homebuyer hopefuls that were wating for the cooler months to subside may be more frequently out and about, visiting open houses and booking showings.

Vacation Season

Popular vacation destinations are re-opening all over the United States. This phenomenon can filter out the less-motivated buyers from the truly committed. Taking a holiday is just more convenient during the summer months. Schools are closed, and summer vacations are often scheduled with employers far in advance. For those who absolutely must procure a new house, vacations can wait.

For the interested but less urgent, time away takes the highest priority. This fact can significantly whittle down the buyer competition in local markets, leaving discounted properties for people willing to sacrifice summer rituals to a higher cause, namely getting into a new home.

Following the School Year Rhythm

Moving is always stressful, but ever more so when parents must transfer their children to new schools in the middle of an academic year. Often in such cases, quarterly grades are not yet finalized so incomplete records are passed to the new school, which must evaluate the student without all the most recent facts.

Moving during the summer avoids such scholastic and bureaucratic challenges. Moreover, kids do not have to assimilate into a new classroom where social relationships are already forged, making friendships more difficult to establish. While work requirements might demand immediate relocation, waiting for schools to let out before moving is a gift to the next generation.

Spring Shopper Exhaustion

Many spring house-hunters achieve little success during that peak buying season, feeling exhausted after a few months. Given the smaller for-sale pool in Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, this burn-out may be widespread. There are several reasons for this. One may be that the tempo of the search may be too intense at the outset, sapping their best energies.

Additionally, motivation diminishes when the quest bears little fruit. At the same time, couples may have conflicting desires as to what the new residence should be. Taken together or separately, these realities can induce search-fatigue, causing tired shoppers to take a little break.

What Does the Inventory Look Like?


The Evergreen State has seen low housing inventory for a long time now. Real estate analysts observe a shrinking of the listing pool every year as autumn turns to winter. 

Yet new listings ordinarily remain consistent. Market direction is more difficult to ascertain with so many variables affecting it, though first-time home buyers may find a rare opportunity to get a bargain. 

If the statewide and national economies substantially rebound, interest rates might do likewise, filtering out potential buyers. Sellers who fear this may list their houses sooner rather than later.


Home prices have continued to pick up since last year, as things continue to improve with the economy. 

Meanwhile, toward the center of the state in Bend, robust sales have been tempered by low inventory. This occurrence may dictate why home prices in the state and centers across it are rising. Stay tuned to find out what happens as the summer draws closer.


Inventory is also tight in Idaho, and prices are rising rapidly as a result. Forecasts for the summer, vary but migration is working in Idaho’s favor. 

As one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., more people working remotely may choose the Gem State for its quality of life and natural beauty. If this trend plays out over the next few months, and available housing does not tank, summer may see a vibrant real estate market.


Like its neighbors in the western part of the U.S., Colorado is not awash in available homes for sale. In fact, the dearth of listings is at record lows per the Colorado Association of Realtors. 

With the lifting of prohibitions on in-person showings, more buyers are returning to their search for new houses. As with other states, the question mark remains over whether inventory will rebound to accommodate this influx of purchasers.

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How Do Buyers Prepare for the Summer Market

How, then, can those searching for homes get ready for summer shopping when the prospective inventories are so modest? Savvy buyers are undaunted by such challenges. They see, instead, the opportunities summer offers.

Getting Better with Age

Spring listings that get no bites in season are potentially excellent prospects for summer buyers. Once on the market for two months or more, these houses produce more flexibility on the part of their owners. In fact, motivation turns to urgency for many sellers, leaving purchasers in a stronger position.

Envisioning a Dream Home

There are houses that remain on the market because they frankly need work. Competitive buyers are not so quick to dismiss them. Many of these less-than-attractive dwellings have sound foundations and structural integrity. Sometimes, decent landscaping and a fresh coat of paint make all the difference. Some houses just look like shacks because of inattention.

Strategic Patience

If they have the time, buyers will wait until the back-end of the season to put their search into high gear. By mid-July into August, the intense home-seeking ebbs as people grab vacations and get ready for a new school year. When inventory is low, this is a better time to strike.

Real Time with the Realtor

When fewer houses are listed, real estate agents have more time for purchasing clients. Successful summer house-hunters employ their agents as consultants and advisors regarding strategies and the market. Yes, sellers pay the commissions, but buyers make the closings happen.

Arrange for a Mortgage Early

One constant about summer is that it ends quickly. Before labor Day rolls around, speak to a mortgage consultant and get pre-approved. Sellers will know a serious offer when financing is addressed.

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