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The monthly payment shown is principal and interest only and doesn’t include property taxes and homeowners insurance.
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The monthly payment shown is principal and interest only and doesn’t include property taxes and homeowners insurance.
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The monthly payment shown is principal and interest only and doesn’t include property taxes and homeowners insurance.
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Live Mortgage Rate Quote Tool – Live Rates 24/7 

Over 15 years ago we decided to be one of the first mortgage companies to allow our clients to get rates and costs online with our online rate quote tool. This transparency has helped us build trust with our clients and empowered them to take control of the mortgage process and with guidance from our experienced Mortgage Advisors make informed decisions on what loan structure works best for their specific situation.

Rates Depend on Multiple Factors

Sammamish Mortgage makes use of an innovative software platform that provides you with an instant rate quote. The system does this by comparing multiple lenders and investors from across the US, providing real-time results. All you need to do to get your rate quote is to input a few pieces of information, and within seconds, you’ll receive an accurate breakdown of the interest rates and costs available for you. You won’t have to supply any personal information to obtain this data, either. The mortgage experts at Sammamish Mortgage always work to ensure that the best interests of our clients are always met.

Loan Purpose

The term “loan purpose” is used in the mortgage industry in the US to describe the reason why an applicant is looking to apply for a loan. The lender will use the purpose of the loan to make decisions on the risk level of the borrower. The loan purpose could also affect the interest rate offered by the lender. The most common examples include purchase, rate/term refinance (no cash-out refinance) and cash-out refinance.

Down Payment

The down payment refers to the equity amount that the buyer puts towards the purchase price of a home. For instance, a home being purchased for $500,000 with a $100,000 down payment means the buyer will have 20% equity in the new home. In general a larger down payment results in better rates and closing costs for your loan. Down payments below 20% usually require some form of mortgage insurance which would be an added cost to you. The exception is for VA financing.

Loan Amount

This term refers to the amount that the borrower must pay back to the lender as stipulated in the loan contract. The loan amount is one of the main factors in determining what rate and loan program you’ll be eligible for. For the most common loan programs such as conforming or FHA financing there are loan limits. Anything above those limits results in a borrower being ineligible for that program and subject to different rates and fees. In general VA loans have the best terms followed by conforming loans and select jumbo loans for really qualified borrowers or high net worth clients.

Credit Score

A credit score is a numerical figure that expresses the creditworthiness of a consumer. A higher credit score is better when it comes to taking out a loan, as it reduces the lender’s risk when loaning out funds. A credit score is affected by repayment history, number and age of open accounts, total debt levels, and credit utilization. Credit is a key deciding factor in determining what rates and costs you’re eligible for. High credit scores over 740 will get you the best rates available. Adjustments to the terms available for most loan programs occur in 20 point increments. For example the second best credit score range would be 720-739, then 700-719 and so on.  Once your scores drop below 640 the programs you will qualify for will be severely limited.

Purchase Price

The purchase price refers to the price that a buyer pays for a property.

Property Type

Property type refers to the characteristics and configuration of a dwelling. For instance, detached homes, townhomes, and condos are all examples of different property types. Single Family Home will have the best terms when compared to other property types. Provided you put down more than 25% condos will be second best followed by multi-family 1-4 units. Properties like co-ops and manufactured homes will usually have higher rates and it will be more difficult to find lenders that will accept those property types.


Occupancy refers to the status of the people living in a home. For example, a home may be occupied by the owners, or by tenants who pay the owner rent in exchange for the right to live in the home. Owner Occupied homes will have the best rates followed by second homes (vacation homes that are not rented) and investment properties which include any property that does not fit the classification of a primary residence or second home. This includes rental properties, homes a family member occupies for free or a speculative property that is vacant.

Loan Program

A loan program or loan type refers to the type of loan being taken out to finance the purchase of a property. In the US, common mortgage loan programs include fixed-rate mortgages, variable-rate mortgages, conforming loans, FHA loans, and VA loans. Fixed-rate loans can come with different terms such as a 30 year fixed, 20 year or 15 year fixed. ARM’s or adjustable rate mortgages are usually fixed for a specified period of time and then adjust annually after the initial fixed rate period.

Rate quote isn’t what you expected?

If your instant rate quote isn’t what you expected, we can provide counsel on how to potentially transform your quote into something more acceptable. Sammamish Mortgage is a family-owned mortgage company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We proudly serve customers in the Pacific Northwest region. We serve WA, ID, OR, CO and CAL. If you’re looking to buy a home in one of these states, we can help!

Our Reviews

Jay M
May 29, 2023
Sammamish Mortgage was an overwhelmingly positive experience! For anybody out there that prizes transparency, professionalism and promptness, I couldn't have been more impressed in working with Trevor and Tonya. I reached out to Sammamish without much experience with local markets and Trevor was the first person I spoke to. He was attentive and informative with every random question I had. In addition, as a working professional, I can appreciate their accommodation with a variety of communication needs. We were able to communicate mostly through email and I ALWAYS had a response within a few hours, even on weekends. I was able to be in a position to close early as well as work with them around dates that I would be out of town, etc. This promptness was key in securing our loan early! I was also fortunate enough to get to work with Tonya during the underwriting process, and similarly both she and Trevor made the lending process as smooth as possible. Her promptness, professionalism, and communication turned an inherently stressful process into (much to my surprise), the most consistent/easy part of the home-buying process. I would absolutely recommend Sammamish (and would very much use again in the future.) Their Live Rate tool, transparency, promptness and professionalism was such a relief during the frenzied home-buying process. Do yourself a favor and contact them if you're considering multiple lenders in the area!
Rachel F
May 17, 2023
Sammamish Mortgage was great to work with, they answered all our questions in a timely manner, gave good advice in this market, and helped us get a great deal.
Richard Thatcher
May 16, 2023
Great job by Sammamish once again. Start to finish they are the most customer-oriented mortgage company sit whom I have worked. Five star all the way
Andrew Small
May 10, 2023
I recently worked with Sammamish Mortgage to secure a mortgage for my new condo, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From start to finish, the team at Sammamish Mortgage was knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. They were upfront about all of the costs associated with the mortgage, and they took the time to explain everything in detail so that I fully understood what I was getting into. They were also very responsive whenever I had questions or concerns, which made the whole process feel much less stressful. Overall, I would highly recommend Sammamish Mortgage so If you're in the market for a mortgage, definitely give them a call!
Ian R
May 5, 2023
Steve was very responsive and helpful when trying to close, painless closing process and paperwork went smoothly with processor
John C
April 27, 2023
Very easy. Everyone helped us in the entire process and was quick to reply with answers to our questions.
Cyn Liu
April 19, 2023
We had such a wonderful experience working with Steve and cannot recommend him more! We first reached out to Sammamish Mortgage last year when we were only casually home shopping. As first time home buyers, we had almost zero knowledge about the loan process and things to pay attention to. Steve is extremely knowledgeable, detailed-oriented, patient, and responsive in answering all of our questions in details and we felt that he wasnt trying to sell us the loan, but looking after us to help us make decisions that works the best in our situation. Last month, we saw a property that we loved and decided to actually kick off the loan process. The Sammamish mortgage team made the entire process seamless and helped us closed on time for our new home.

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We proudly serve customers in the Pacific Northwest region. We serve WA, ID, OR, CO & CAL. If you’re looking to buy a home in one of these states, we can help!

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