Home Maintenance Projects That Could Save You Thousands On Repairs

June 19, 2020
Last updated:
January 27, 2022
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No one likes to deal with repairing components of their home, but there are certain home maintenance projects that could save you thousands on repairs. This article will list what these updates are.

Owning a house comes with major responsibilities, and one of the most important is routine maintenance. While many people like to skip routine maintenance in an effort to save money, the reality is that these routine maintenance is going to save people down the road. The reality is that maintenance is a homeowner’s first line of defense when it comes to protecting their most valuable investment, which is their home.

There are a few projects that may save homeowners thousands of dollars down the road.

Inspect The Plumbing Connections

It is easy to forget about the plumbing system because many people don’t even see their pipes until problems arise. The idea behind expecting the plumbing system is that problems can be spotted before they cause a house to flood. Some of the appliances that people need to think about include refrigerators, faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines. All of these devices have hoses that connect to the water supply.

If these hoses tart to crack, leaks can develop slowly. Eventually, this water is going to get behind the walls, causing mold to grow, and it may also get underneath the floors, causing them to warp. It is important for people to take a look at these pipes from time to time. If leaks are identified, they can be repaired.

Clean The Dryer Ducts And Vents

Many homeowners overlook their ductwork; however, people need to take the time open up their dryers and change their filters between every load. The vents that people use to remove lint from their clothes will clog up quickly.

If the dryer is unable to suck air through this vent, it is going to have to work harder to dry the clothes. This is going to cause the dryer to overheat. It might even lead to a housefire. In order to prevent this from happening, homeowners should change their dryer lint filters after every load.

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Inspect the Exterior of Your Home

Spend some time visually inspecting your home’s exterior for any potential issues. Look for things such as holes, cracks, chips, loose shingles, loose downspouts, and any other issues that could turn into major problems.

These things can eventually lead to major repairs that can prove to be costly. For instance, cracks or holes in the foundation or exterior walls could eventually cause water to leak into your home and cause mold and mildew build-up. The same can be said for issues with your gutters and downspouts or the roof line.

If you find cracks or holes, you’ll want to patch them up right away, especially if they occur at the foundaiton line. You can patch up these crevices yourself, or else call in the pros if the problem is a lot bigger than you can hanlde on your own.

If there are any leaks around the perimeter of your windows and doors, get yourself some weather stripping or caulking to prevent any water from seeping in. Doing so will also make your home more air-tight and will help avoid any loss of heat or cool air that your HVAC system is working hard to maintain within the interior of your home.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

If your fridge is not properly maintained, it can use up a lot of energy and break down sooner than later. One way to maintain your fridge is to clean the coils on a regular basis. The majority of refrigerators have coils in the back, and the coolant within these coils is tasked with making sure the inside of the fridge stays cold. It does this by pulling warm air out of the fridge.

If the coils are filthy, they will overload the appliance and cause it to break down earlier than it needs to, requiring expensive repairs. You can ensure efficient exchange of cold and heat by keeping the coils clean. It only takes a few minutes but it can potentially save you a bundle.

Check For Electrical Issues

Not only can issues with electrical wiring end up being costly if they’re not dealt with appropriately, but they can also turn into a major hazard in the home. It’s important to do your due diligence and inspect any electrical wiring issues as they appear.

For instance, too many plugs in one outlet can be a hazard. Plugging too many electrical items in one outlet can not only trip a breaker, but it can cause an electrical fire because the circuit is being overloaded with too many items. Even if you are using a power strip that allows you to plug in many gadgets, you’ll want to make sure that the outlet is strong enough to power everything at once.

Make sure not to use power strips for high-power capacity gadgets, such as space heaters or other high capacity appliances. Instead, plug them into a wall outlet directly.

While you’re at it, look around for any faulty wiring, which can also be a hazard for electrical fires. If you notice any, you may want to call in an electrician. While this might cost you some money out-of-pocket, it’s a lot less expensive than dealing with the aftermath of an electrical fire.

Routine Maintenance Is Critical

These are a few of the most important points that homeowners need to remember when it comes to routine maintenance. Homeowners need to have a regular schedule that they follow to ensure that none of these tasks are overlooked. It can prevent disaster from happening.

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