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Don’t Overlook When Applying For A Mortgage

These Overlooked Issues Can Become Deal-Killers For Your Mortgage ApplicationAs a borrower your loan approval is never final until the process is 100% complete and your loan funds.

Mortgages have many moving parts any one of which can derail your loan application and cause major heartache.

Some aspects of the loan process are within your control and others are not.

Being aware of some potential pitfalls can help avoid issues down the road.

What Many Mortgage Articles Don’t Say

Most mortgage articles give the same advise like avoid buying a car before closing, or don’t open new credit cards prior to closing, but there are  more uncommon factors that can lead to a similar loan turndown.

As an example a home with safety issues is a huge red flag for lenders and can derail a purchase or refinance transaction. Even a minor safety issue like a missing or broken railing on a deck can be enough cause problems. Broken windows, plumbing issues, dry rot, electrical code violations and/or major foundation damage are all deal-breakers with a lender.

These types of issues have to fix the home prior to your loan closing or the loan won’t close.

Mortgage Red Flags

Below are some additional items that lenders will question:

  • Self Employment income declining (If your income is lower in recent years than in previous years a lender will require further explanation as to the reason for the decline).
  • Your tax return shows large unreimbursed employee expenses
  • Employment gaps or changes in your line of work
  • You have large deposits that cannot be sourced
  • Rental income is not properly reported on your tax returns
  • Failure to file returns even when no taxes were due

Despite improving market conditions the current lending environment is still conservative. It is important to have a discussion with a mortgage professional well in advance of applying for a loan.

The best way get approved for a mortgage is to know the rules before you start to play. Call us today at 425-401-8787.

And the best way to know the rules is to speak with your trusted mortgage professional today!

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