Real Estate Agents Are More Helpful Now Than Ever

August 6, 2020
Last updated:
April 14, 2022
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The health crisis has made buyers and sellers realize that real estate professionals are more important now than ever. This infographic will provide more details on a recent study conducted by NAR.

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, having a professional by your side throughout the entire process can make things a lot easier and smoother. Not only can a real estate agent help make sense of the process, but they can also help save you money.

And according to a recent survey, more and more buyers and sellers are realizing the importance of real estate professionals thanks to the recent health crisis we’ve been battling.

Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Real Estate

The recent health crisis has concerned buyers and sellers in WA, OR, ID, and CO over the past few months. In an effort to physically distance, many sellers decided to put off their listing to avoid having people visiting their homes and potentially contaminating them. By the same token, many buyers decided to hold off on their home search as well for similar reasons.

But that situation seemed to have been short-lived, as the real estate market across the nation has been quite strong over recent weeks. But in an effort to navigate their local real estate market, buyers and sellers are increasingly placing more emphasis on the importance of working with a real estate professional when buying and selling homes.

Real Estate Agents Are More Helpful Today Than Ever Before

Over recent years, some buyers and sellers have tried the DIY route when it comes to purchasing or selling a home in Washington or Idaho in an effort to save money. Granted, sellers typically pay the commission bill when a home is sold, so it’s somewhat understandable that sellers may want to try and sell on their own.

But sellers would be well-advised to hire a professional. While they may think that taking the For Sale By Owner approach might help save on commissions, what they don’t realize is that they may actually be leaving money on the table and not saving any money at all.

Real estate agents have the knowledge and experience needed to list at the appropriate price and negotiate to get the best price possible. Unless sellers themselves are licensed agents, odds are they don’t have the skills necessary to get the highest price possible for their home, and are therefore short-changing themselves.

Given this, it just makes sense to hire a professional in the world of real estate to represent you, whether you’re on the buying or selling end of a transaction. And based on the results of a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), an increasing number of buyers and sellers are seeing the light.

More specifically, the coronavirus pandemic has helped shape the attitudes of buyers and sellers when it comes to hiring a real estate professional. Let’s take a look at the results of a recent study shared by NAR noted consumer attitudes about working with real estate professionals during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • During the pandemic, relying on a real estate professional when searching for or selling a home is much more important than before – 47% of buyers and 53% sellers agree.
  • An agent can save a buyer the time and stress of weeding through online listings – 56% of buyers agree.
  • An agent can help buyers glean more valuable information from online listings than buyers could uncover on their own – 51% of buyers agree.
  • Particularly during the pandmeic, a real estate agent’s guidance is especially valued – 62% of sellers and 54% of buyers agree.

According to the president of NAR, Vince Malta says,

“For prospective buyers, the desire to own a home remains strong and the guidance, expertise and professionalism Realtors provide is more important now than ever.”

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Real Estate Agents Are More Helpful Now Than Ever

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