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Rent Or Own? Which Makes More Sense For You?

Summary: Should you rent or bite the bullet and make a home purchase? It’s a question that many people ask themselves. But while renting may offer more flexibility and not require as much of a commitment, there are certain benefits of owning that you simply can’t get with renting. 

If you rent, you’ll be doing little to build equity while building your landlord’s wealth. You can’t customize your home whenever you feel like it, and your rent could increase at any time. Plus, there are other fees that are required with renting, including security fees. 

But with owning, you can build equity and your own wealth instead of someone else’s. Plus, your mortgage payment is locked in without risking it increasing, which is the case with rent. And you have the freedom to customize your home as you see fit!

Rent Or Own, Which Makes More Sense For You?

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