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Current Mortgage Rates for Seattle, WA

With a median home value of approximately $755,613 as of April, 2020, the city of Seattle has seen significant increases to its real estate market in recent years. Now may be an excellent time to become a homeowner in the Seattle area. If you’re planning to obtain financing, and you’re considering the Seattle market, Sammamish Mortgage can be of assistance. Sammamish Mortgage has been serving customers in the Seattle area for over 27 years and provides highly competitive mortgage rates for homes. If you’re like to learn more, contact Sammamish Mortgage today and we can get you a current mortgage rate quote right away.

Maximize Your Seattle Mortgage Interest Rate

As the numbers from sources such as Zillow show, Seattle’s real estate market has grown significantly in recent years. This is because Seattle offers many valuable things to local residents. For one thing, Seattle has dozens of highly desirable neighborhoods. Places such as Ballard, Crown Hill, Fremont, Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Capitol Hill are widely known as attractive living spots. What’s more, Seattle has a number of prominent employers, such as Amazon and Google. These companies draw in talented professionals from all over the country. In some ways, the desirability of Seattle has had an unexpected side effect: Seattle’s home prices have gone up and up, and this has made homeownership a bigger hurdle to reach. For this reason, obtaining a good interest rate on a Seattle mortgage loan is all the more essential. Simply put, if you’re planning to buy a home in Seattle, you need to maximize the various factors which contribute toward your mortgage interest rate.

Use Our Convenient Rate Quote Software

The mortgage professionals are a great resource for maximizing your mortgage interest rate. Our team of specialists can provide you the sort of counsel you need to reduce your rate and minimize your monthly payment obligation. What’s more, interested persons can take advantage of our convenient rate quote software and generate an instant rate quote. To use our system, you will simply need to provide us with a few pieces of information, including certain details about your financial situation and your desired property.

  • Closing Costs include everything except prepaid items which include property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily interest
  • The payment shown DOES NOT include taxes or insurance.
  • PMI is required on loan to values over 80% except on VA loans.
  • Accurate Rates and Costs in Seconds– Our rate quote tool provides transparent Seattle mortgage rates and closing costs instantly with no personal information including email required.
  • What is Included in the Closing Costs Quoted – Our rate quote tool includes all lender AND third-party fees in the closing costs shown. This includes appraisal, title insurance, county recording, etc. The only things not included in the costs shown are your prepaid items which include property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily interest.
  • Detailed Cost Breakdown – Want a breakdown of the closing costs? Click on the view tab under details and you will see the individual costs broken up.
  • Transparency – With all of your options shown in one spot you can select the best mortgage rate and cost option that fits your specific needs. Unsure of which option is best for you? Our experienced Loan Officers can help guide you.
  • How Long Does the Process Take?>–We routinely close purchase transactions in less than 30 days and in some cases much faster.
  • Need a longer lock? We offer locks as long as 180 days.
  • Putting less than 20% down? Reduced PMI options available with as little as 3% down.

Today’s Seattle Mortgage Rates Oct, 24, Sun, 2021


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