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A Guide to Refinancing a Traditional Mortgage to an FHA Mortgage

Refinancing a mortgage can provide a homeowner with many benefits, and many are interested in refinancing their traditional mortgage into an FHA mortgage to take advantage of low interest rates. Depending on the specific circumstances, this step may lower the monthly payment, reduce interest charges, adjust the loan term so that it is more beneficial for achieving financial goals and more.
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What Is HARP 2.0 And How Do I Know If I Qualify To Refinance With It

What is HARP 2.0 And How Do I Know If I Qualify To Refinance With It

If you're looking for home refinancing options, you may have had difficulty in the past - especially if you owe more than your home's value on your mortgage. Getting refinancing consumes much of your home equity, which is in short supply for people who already have a mortgage. But with the government's extension of the HARP Program, you may now be able to refinance your home with a variety of lenders.
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A Quick Guide to the FHA Streamline Refinance Mortgage Loan Program

Many homeowners would love to lower their interest rate or take advantage of other benefits associated with refinancing, but they are concerned about the time and expense associated with refinancing their current mortgage. The FHA Streamline Refinance loan program is designed to provide those who currently have an FHA loan with an easier way to refinance their mortgage, and this may be a desirable option for many.
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