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Washington Cities listed on the Improving Market Index

The National Association of Homebuilders’ Improving Market Index presents which housing markets in the United States show “measurable and sustained growth”. The monthly report shows which U.S. markets will be likely to perform above average in the upcoming months. The Improving Market Index uses data including: home price growth, employment statistics, and single-family housing growth.

Two Washington state cities have been listed on the latest Improving Market Index report – Kennewick and Mount Vernon. In order to be listed, these two cities have shown that all three areas of data have improved in the past month, and have also had steady increases during the past six months. If you are thinking about where to relocate in Washington state, this report shows that Kennewick and Mount Vernon may offer more sustainable, long-term employment opportunities. Contact the professionals at Sammamish Mortgage for more information, or check out the latest Market Commentary on our website.

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