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7 Tips To Make Your Living Room More Appealing To Home Buyers

Sammamish Mortgage
May 15, 2013
Last updated:
April 9, 2021
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Everyone knows that first impressions are important. By carefully staging your home, you can positively influence the feelings your potential buyers have when they are viewing the property.

Staging is the art of decorating and arranging the spaces within your house to make it more appealing to buyers. If you can adapt the rooms to create an attractive and welcoming zone that home buyers can see themselves in, they will be more likely to buy your property.

One of the most important rooms to stage is the living room because it is such a central part of the house. This is where a lot of the social activity occurs, so it should appear comfortable and welcoming.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when staging your living room before the next showing of your home:

1. Clear out the clutter. 

The most important step is to de-clutter because a mess will turn off potential buyers. Clear away any papers, toys, and other items to make your living room as clean and minimalist as possible.

2. Go zen. 

The main purpose of a living room is for relaxation, so make the space look as comfortable as possible. Try a soft throw on the sofa, plush cushions, and a big chair that is just begging you to come to curl up with a book.

3. Strategically place the furniture. 

Arrange the living room furniture to create areas of conversation, such as two sofas facing each other with a low coffee table in the middle.

4. Depersonalize. 

Remove your personal items. If you have too many family photos and personal effects in the room, it can make it difficult for your potential buyers to imagine their own family living there.

5. Remove the bulk. 

If your living room feels small, you can remove some of the furniture to give it the illusion of being bigger.

6. Channel your green thumb. 

You might want to consider bringing in some plants to make the space feel fresh.

7. Brighten it up. 

If your living room has dark corners, invest in upright lamps that will help illuminate the space and provide an aura of intimacy.

With these seven tips, the living room in your home will be much more appealing to potential buyers.

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