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January 22, 2020
Last updated:
April 20, 2022
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Sammamish Mortgage is constantly striving to create a superior customer experience. If you’re in the market to buy a home and need a mortgage to finance, we’re here to help.

Sammamish Mortgage is always searching for new ways to better serve our clients. To do this, we know that we have to be innovative, and be willing to try new approaches and think “outside the box” from time to time.

Recently, in our drive to better assist our customers, we upgraded our online application system. Our new system is capable of being used on both mobile and non-mobile platforms, and it offers a highly efficient, intuitive application process.

Getting a rate quote and applying for a mortgage have never been this easy, thanks to Sammamish Mortgage’s intuitive website features. With just a few clicks, you can start your mortgage application process to buy a home in WA, CO, OR, or ID.

Search Function Permits Nuanced Searches

These days, searching for your next home is easy thanks to the internet. Simply enter a few search parameters, click a few buttons, and you’ll have a list of homes within your budget that match your search criteria within seconds.

Whether you’re looking for a home in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, or other city in the Pacific Northwest, you can quickly and easily find it with an online search query. And once you find that perfect home, you can quickly apply for a mortgage to finance it online with Sammamish Mortgage.

Learn Everything About Homes You Select

After you identify and select a specific home you’re interested in, you can click on that home to bring up a new page that focuses solely on your selected home. A certain amount of general information is provided on the browsing page.

You’ll find a general description of the property, square footage, listing details such as information on utilities, interior, and exterior features, and so forth.

Once you’ve found the home you want to buy, you can begin the application process for that specific home!

Today’s Mortgage Rates

Apply for a Mortgage Online

After clicking on the link to jump to the automated online application system, users will then need to provide certain information to complete the loan application process. Users will need to provide specific personal information, as well as information about their selected home.

For instance, users will need to provide contact information, information about their present financial condition, employment situation, demographic information, and so forth. Users will also need to provide specific information about their selected home, such as the price, location, and so forth.

The whole application process is straightforward and simple. You’ll be able to complete and submit your application using our online application system in double-quick time!

Get Pre-Approved Now

Connect with an Agent

It’s important to connect with an experienced real estate agent. The benefits of hiring a real estate agent to work with you through the home buying process can be very substantial.

Agents typically have a detailed understanding of the market and of the home buying process in general. They can help you navigate through the process, negotiate prices, explain key concepts, and more.

Get in Touch with Sammamish Mortgage Today

As mentioned, the team at Sammamish Mortgage is constantly striving to upgrade its features and provide a better overall customer experience for our current and future customers. Toward this end, we’ve developed a couple of new tools, such as the improved search feature described here, as well as the new automated online application system.

We hope that these new, enhanced features will create a smoother, quicker and altogether improved customer experience. Even with these new tools, we know that our customers will still likely have all sorts of questions pertaining to the buying process, the application process, and other related areas.

We encourage customers to reach out to the team of mortgage professionals at Sammamish Mortgage if they have any unanswered questions. Sammamish Mortgage has been in business since 1992. and we would be delighted to make our expertise available to you. We are based in the Pacific Northwest and currently provide high quality mortgage loans in the states of WA, OR, ID and CO. If you have questions, contact us today, or click now to View Rates on current mortgage rates. We also have a Rate Quote feature that provides instant quotes, and you can also Apply Now using our online system if you’re ready to apply!

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