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Hunting for the Best Local Schools? 5 Checklist Items to Look For

Sammamish Mortgage
July 24, 2015
Last updated:
February 26, 2021
Hunting for the Best Local Schools  Checklist Items to Look For
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There are numerous factors that you may review when choosing a new place to live. If you have children, the quality and the level of education that your kids will receive in the schools is important. However, you may not be certain how to determine if a school is high caliber or not. When you are hunting for the best local schoool, use this helpful checklist to guide you in making a great decision.

Achievement Data

One of the easiest factors for you to research about different school districts and individual schools is achievement data. This may include the percentage of students graduating high school versus dropping out, the enrollment percentage for college, SAT and ACT scores and other relevant data. This is typically published online, or a call to the district’s office may provide you with the information.

Student to Teacher Ratio

The student to teacher ratio can vary drastically between school districts. This will impact how much personal attention your child receives as well as how crowded the classrooms are. Generally, the lower the number, the better overall experience your child may receive. Lower populated areas will typically have schools with lower attendance numbers, and this will typically lead to a better student-teacher ratio. If private school is a financial possibility, these schools often have lower attendance and better student-teacher ratios as well.

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A Safe Location

The last thing you may want is for your child to be exposed to safety issues or to feel threatened or intimidated in school or while getting to or from school every day. You can research crime statistics online for the area surrounding the schools, and you can visit the school personally to visibly inspect the area.

Extracurricular Activities

The school age years are a time for kids to experience many new things. Everything from a drama and art club to a wide range of sports can benefit kids. Consider reviewing extracurricular activities available for younger and older students alike so that you can get a better idea for the experiences that a child may have outside of the classroom.

A Positive Environment

A final important factor to consider is the environment in the school. It is a good idea to set up a tour of the school to experience this yourself. The staff members and students should be happy and positive. Remember that this is a place where your child will be spending many long hours each day.

Where you choose to live will impact what school your child attends. Therefore, it is important to review the schools carefully before you make a final buying decision for a new home.

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