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Idaho Mortgage Rates Today

The real estate market in the State of Idaho has seen significant gains in recent years. Now may be a very good time to enter the Idaho market. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Idaho, Sammamish Mortgage can help. Sammamish Mortgage offers highly competitive mortgage rates for Idaho home purchases. Shopping for the best mortgage rate is critical to ensuring that you create the best financial situation for yourself. Sammamish Mortgage can give you a live mortgage rate quote to assist you in the process of buying a home in Idaho.

  • Closing Costs shown include all lender and third party costs.
  • The only items not included in the Closing Cost are property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily interest.
  • The payment is principal and interest.
  • A Loan to Value over 80% may require PMI.
  • Sammamish Mortgage No Cost Program – Qualified buyers can receive lender credits up to $4,000 to cover third-party closing fees such as appraisal, title insurance, county recording fees, etc.
  • Live Real-Time Custom Rates and Costs – We eliminate the hassle and frustration in getting a mortgage rate quote. Unlike other lenders we don’t require your full life’s history to show you what rates and costs we can offer.
  • Detailed Cost Breakdown – Our Rate Quote Tool not only shows you a variety of rate and cost options specific to your situation, but it also provides a breakdown of the fees simply by clicking the View Details tab. This allows you to easily compare our offer with another lender. 
  • Idaho Low Mortgage Rate Quotes and Fees  We consistently beat our competitor’s rates and fees when doing an apples to apples comparison. This is why we are one of the few lenders willing to be transparent 24/7 in what we can offer our clients.  
  • Close Quickly  Have confidence closing on-time as we consistently close purchases in less than 30 days.

Get a personalized instant mortgage quote online in minutes today!

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