Top 5 Neighborhoods To Live In Spokane, WA 2024

February 18, 2021
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April 25, 2024
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Thinking about buying a home in Spokane, WA? 

Spokane is a decently-sized metropolitan area, with a sprawling population of nearly 600,000, almost triple the number of people in the city proper. There are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from. Whether you prefer Downtown or in the ‘burbs, Spokane has a location for you.

Spokane is the jewel of eastern Washington state, with spectacular falls, stunning architecture, and a family friendly vibe. Find out which are the best neighborhoods to live in Spokane, and what makes them so special.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Spokane

The Lilac City has no lack of beautiful neighborhoods, and many have been designed for walkability, making it possible to enjoy city life without needing a car. If you’re lucky enough to remote work, Spokane becomes even more appealing.

Depending on your budget and preferences, any one of these neighborhoods could be the destination of your dreams. With WA state mortgage rates at record lows, it could be just the right time for a change. Here are the top five neighborhoods to live in Spokane.

Browne’s Addition: Urban Planning 2.0

With only a moderate housing density, a perfectly apportioned mixed-use rating, and a medium home cost of around $362,843 Browne’s Addition is an up and coming Spokane residential neighborhood.  

The American Planning Association slates Browne’s Addition as not just a top ten neighborhood in Spokane or WA state, but nationwide. The reason? Urban planning done so well, residents can enjoy almost everything they need within a few blocks of their homes, without noise pollution or traffic. 

The bulk of the neighborhood’s perimeter tops a steep bluff overlooking Peaceful Valley. The rest is fenced in by a busy arterial, with emptiness on the far side, keeping through-traffic to a minimum. 

Historic, custom built mansions abound, with many converted into small apartment complexes while others remain single family homes. There is a wide range of architectural variety among newer structures, but all sidewalks are detached and street trees provide a canopy for luxurious walkability, with Downtown but ten minutes away by foot.  

The South Hill: Soul of Spokane

The South Hill is a charming collective of smaller neighborhoods, with low housing density, a fair mixed use assortment, and home prices averaging a median of around $552,500. It’s a perfect example of why people move from Seattle to Spokane for a lower mortgage payment but a high standard of living. 

Known locally as the Soul of Spokane, South Hill is the neighborhood young couples from the north side aspire to, and the one to whom native return after venturing elsewhere in the country. South near 29th you can find plenty of ranch and split-level ranch homes, while north close to 14th Avenue becomes more commercial.

The older Rockwood section features basalt monuments, as well as the Blvd Gateway which is a landmark. There is a wide range of diversity when it comes to architecture in these more aged areas, with mansions, cottages, Tudors and Victorians all represented. 

Most homes open up to the street, and the majority of streets connect thanks to a sensible grid street pattern. Less dense areas feature longer, meandering drives and ornamental lawns. While the sidewalks are not detached, plenty of street trees offer shade for an afternoon stroll. A vehicle is rather a necessity to reach any kind of shopping unless you live off of Grande.

Peaceful Valley: What’s on the Tin

Peaceful Valley is all about what is on the label of the tin – you get what is advertised. The housing density is light to moderate, the median home price pegged at around $334,072 and the mixed use rating excellent thanks to proximity to Downtown. 

Based picturesquely at the bottom of the Spokane River George, just west of downtown, Peaceful Valley is ringed by steep bluffs, the river itself, and Latah Creek. This forms a seemingly isolated capsule of natural beauty that is in reality just a short walk from the heart of Spokane.

Spokane mortgage companies can wax poetic about this narrow, long neighborhood. It straddles the Spokane river, and has inexhaustible character. The Peaceful Valley park creates a kind of center, located under Maple Street Bridge. Natural areas along Latah Creek provide ample room for relaxation. 

Architecture ranges from the large and historic to the quaint yet modern. There is little commercial availability aside from multi-family homes, but amenities are a short walk away, making the neighborhood car-optional. The street grid-pattern is challenging as many streets dead-end at a bluff or waterfront.


Audubon-Downriver is strikingly similar to South Hill in feel, but less pricey; median home prices run around $375,000. Housing density is almost exclusively single family, although the mixed use rating is above average. 

Audubon-Downriver could be seen as two distinct neighborhoods, separated by Northwest Boulevard. However, both areas share the same characteristics and architecture, namely a charming English brick cottage vibe interspersed only scantily with more modern structures. Most commercial activity takes place along the Boulevard.

Downriver is anchored by the Spokane River bluff, which it straddles on the neighborhood’s southern side. To the north, Audubon is anchored by Audubon Park. A healthy tree canopy envelops the area, for comfortable pedestrian shade.The brick homes provide a feeling of 1920s continuity as you pass from one side of Northwest Boulevard to the other. 

Indian Canyon: Recreational Bliss

Indian Canyon is possibly one of the most liveable neighborhoods in Spokane. It has a housing density that runs to primarily single and multi-family in the lower and upper reaches respectively, and boasts a mixed rating abundant with recreational amenities. The median home price is around $612,500, but with plenty of variance. 

Just up the hill from downtown Spokane, Indian Canyon is a favored destination for outdoor lovers and pet owners. Hiking, biking and walking trails are family and dog-friendly, and some of the best natural attractions in Spokane can be found inside this neighborhood.

Indian Canyon is anchored by a splendid waterfall, canyon, and golf course, which doubles in winter as a local hangout for sledding and cross-country skiing. The schools are excellent, as Indian Canyon feeds into the highly acclaimed Hutton Elementary on the South Hill

If the anchor is the recreational complex, the center of Indian Canyon is Whittier Park, a humble but well appointed gathering spot. Homes range from modest mansions to chic little cottages, and are front-yard focused for an attractive pedestrian experience. If you’re looking at buying a home in Spokane, you can’t do much better than Indian Canyon.

Why Choose Sammamish Mortgage?

At Sammamish Mortgage, our focus is helping you find your dream home in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle now and in the future. These areas represent the finest neighborhoods to live in Spokane, whether you’re looking for a rustic century old hideaway or a more modern, commercially adjacent landing spot.

Sammamish Mortgage has been in business since 1992, and has assisted many home buyers in the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking for mortgage financing in Washington State, we can help. Sammamish Mortgage offers mortgage programs in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Contact us if you have any mortgage-related questions or concerns. If you are ready to move forward, you can view rates, obtain a customized instant rate quote, or apply instantly directly from our website.

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