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The State of Oregon has seen increases to its median home value on a statewide basis in recent years. Oregon currently has a median home value of approximately $424,517, as of May, 2021. Sammamish Mortgage has been serving customers in the State of Oregon since 1992 and can give you a competitive mortgage rate for your OR purchase. A good mortgage rate can translate into large savings over the course of your mortgage loan. This is why it’s imperative that you obtain the best possible rate. Contact Sammamish Mortgage today if you’d like a mortgage rate quote.

Oregon State Offers a Lot to Buyers

The State of Oregon is an attractive option to buy a home for a wide variety of reasons. Oregon’s attractiveness is reflected in its recent home value statistics. On a statewide basis, Oregon has a current median home value of approximately $424,517. The market is classified as a warm market, which means that there will likely be some gains over the next 12 months. It also means that buyers may encounter a bidding war if they go to make an offer on an Oregon State property. Nestled between Washington to its north and California to its south, the State of Oregon has plenty of things going for it. Oregon has many highly desirable cities, educational institutions, state parks, sports franchises, and opportunities for recreational activity.

As for attractive cities, Oregon has great places like Portland, Salem, Eugene, Willamette, Medford, and others. If you’re a sports fan, you can get tickets to watch the Portland Trailblazers or the Portland Timberwolves. Oregon has plenty of parks, such as Crater Lake National Park and Tillamook State Forest. Simply put, Oregon has lots to offer new buyers. If you’re looking to make Oregon your new home, you’ll likely be very satisfied with your decision.

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Sammamish Mortgage is a family-owned mortgage company that has been in the industry for over 27 years. We provide quality loans to customers in the Pacific Northwest. Because of our focus, we have a detailed knowledge of the Oregon State real estate market and are happy to make our expertise available to you. We have software which provides instant rate quotes so you can see right away what sort of rate you might obtain on an Oregon home. Our mortgage specialists can provide you with counsel on how to lower your rate as much as possible. Lower mortgage rates can translate into big savings, and so you should take advantage of our knowledge. Contact us for more information today.

  • Sammamish Mortgage No Cost Program – Qualified buyers can receive lender credits up to $4,000 to cover third-party closing fees such as appraisal, title insurance, county recording fees, etc.
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  • Closing Costs shown include all lender and third party costs.
  • The only items not included in the Closing Cost are property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily interest.
  • The payment is principal and interest.
  • A Loan to Value over 80% may require PMI.

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