Retiring Early With a Mortgage Retiring Early With a Mortgage
March 23, 2021
The baby boomer generation had a set plan: graduate college, earn for a bit, buy a home, pay it off, save money, retire. For later generations, it may…'
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New Homeowners Fee for Refinancing New Homeowners Fee for Refinancing: Everything Owners Need to Know
February 26, 2021
Refinancing is a very attractive option for homeowners these days. With interest rates at unprecedented depths, owners are flocking to lenders to lowe…'
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Lost your Job we get help with your mortgage Lost Your Job? Here’s Where You Can Get Help With Your Mortgage
April 14, 2021
The global onset of the COVID-19 has disrupted economies throughout the world. In the United States, and the Northwest in particular, state government…'
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