Home Inspection Tips: How To Stay One Step Ahead

October 9, 2013
Last updated:
September 17, 2021
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Home inspections are a tense time for everyone. Sellers are hoping that nothing is wrong with their home that could impact the purchase price and buyers want to hear that their new house is in prime condition. Both sides want a clean inspection; however, issues that can send the deal sideways are common. Home inspectors have a tough job.

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They have to be trained to spot hundreds of potential issues with a home and be knowledgeable of local codes, community restrictions and residential permit parameters. Stay one step ahead of your home inspector by addressing common home inspection issues.

Electrical Wiring

This is a common bubble-busting issue, especially in older homes. Wiring might have been up to code when the home was built, but it now violates code and is a fire hazard.

Look for ungrounded outlets, shoddy wiring or a mass of confusing connections in the electrical panel. Replacing an entire electrical system can be expensive, but the risk of a fire is serious. Homes with faulty wiring are more susceptible to major damage and a potentially hazardous environment for all occupants.

As such, having a home fully inspected for its electrical wiring and components is a crucial part of the home inspection process. And if issues are identified, you may even want to call in a professional electrician to assess the situation before you finalize your transaction.


Look for signs of water damage in the ceilings. This could be a sign that something above, like a bathtub or sink is leaking into the floor or walls. Look around toilets and inside kitchen cabinets for traces of wet flooring or wood. While external leaks are easy enough to fix, interior pipes might require you to rip up flooring.

And if the issues are on the upper level, there could be leakage with the roof and fascia. In this case, it would be worth having a professional get up in the attic or even on top of the roof itself to pinpoint where the problems may be occurring.

Water damage can be extremely expensive to repair. If left alone, if could lead to the build up of mold and mildew, which is not only unattractive and can compromise the integrity of your ceilings, walls, and floors, but it can also be a danger for you and your family to breathe in every day.

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Foundation And Framing

Examine the foundation and framing of your home for any structural issues. You’ll want to keep an eye out for cracking in the foundation due to water runoff or settling. Also, look for signs of wood rot or termite damage.

These issues affect the framing of your home and could cause scary structural problems if left unattended. Any issues with the foundation can be very expensive to fix, so you’ll certainly want to know if there are any problems present before you agree to buy a home.


While it’s probably too difficult for you to inspect the roof yourself, just stand back in the yard and see if you can notice any bare spots. Also, check for water damage around the roofline from rain leaking in. Don’t get too discouraged about roof issues. It might not call for a complete replacement, but just a repair on one section.

These common home inspection issues affect both sellers and buyers. As a buyer, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these problems so that you know what you’d be getting for your hard-earned money. As a seller, it’s good to stay one step ahead of the home inspector so that whatever price is agreed upon goes through.

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