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February 9, 2021
Last updated:
November 10, 2021
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Considering buying a home in Oregon? If you love the outdoors, you can find plenty to do within quick driving distance of any major city. It’s the ideal state to live in if you want the best of both worlds; amenities and comforts, plus ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

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Oregon makes people think of Portland, which in turn manifests hipsters, coffee, and bookstores. However, it still makes the list of the top five cities for outdoors lovers in the Beaver State. Find out why, and which other four towns are some of the best cities for homebuyers in Oregon.

The Best Cities for Homebuyers in Oregon: Outdoors Edition

Are you looking to buy a home in Oregon, but aren’t sure where to land? If you are an outdoors enthusiast, there are a few things you may not be able to live without. Whether you ski and snowboard, prefer water-related activities, or just want miles of trails to run or bike down, there’s a town waiting for you – and mortgage rates in Oregon have never been more favorable.

Oregon has some of the most beautiful untamed wilderness butted up against the most technologically advanced cities in the world. If you want to live someplace where you’ll never lack for creature comforts, but simultaneously want unfettered access to all nature has to offer, one of these could be the best Oregon city to buy a home in this year.

Portland: Willamette and Beyond

Portland is a prime place to settle down as a single person, half of a happy couple, or a parent. The reasons to buy a home in Portland are many, but for outdoor lovers, here is what really makes this one of the best cities for homebuyers in Oregon.

For starters, the Willamette is open for kayaking, which means you can get out on the water at almost any time even if just in a rental for a few hours. Want a more exciting experience? Go 20 minutes east and enjoy running the White Salmon River or the more challenging Husum Falls.

Mount Hood is so close you can take off early on Friday and go skiing or snowboarding in the winter and the summer. Backcountry terrain beckons and you can get your adrenalin rush anytime.

Prefer to hike or bike? The 5200 acre Forest Park is right there. Enjoy the towering Douglas fir, hemlock, and western red cedars, and don’t miss Maple Trail with its lush growth of Oregon Grape, red alder, and sword ferns.

Salem: Big Town Vibe

Salem is a terrific place to live if your feet yearn for the open road. Designated a runner-friendly community, Salem features in-city roadways as well as an incredible park system with miles of trails that are easily accessible with just a short drive from anywhere in the area.

Bikers also love Salem, and the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway runs clear through to nearby Keizer. Bush’s Pasture Park is ideal for biking, hiking and jogging, and you never have to leave the city.

Only 25 miles away lies Silver Falls State Park, with a whopping 9,000 acres of forest. Waterfalls abound as does local wildlife, so take your camera for a little “shooting” practice.

One of the nicest things about Salem according to residents is the big town vibe rather than feeling like the small city that it is. It could be your kids’ and grandkids’ hometown if you buy a Salem, OR home and settle down for good.

Eugene: Waterfall Wonders

Settle in Eugene if you can’t get enough of Waterfalls. This Cascades and Coast region boasts seven within easy day trip distance of Eugene, including Sweet Creek Falls, Kentucky Falls, Sahalie & Koosah Falls, Trestle Creek Falls, Proxy Falls, Salt Creek Falls, and Diamond Creek Falls.

Want to get a little more familiar with water activities? The Fern Ridge area offers more than a dozen; you can enjoy swimming, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, water skiing, and flat water kayaking before visiting the attached park for a picnic while you dry off in the sun.

Crave fun that’s a little less liquid? The 80 year old Hendrick’s Park is within city limits, although you’d never guess by how it seems worlds apart. Birdwatchers and botanizers will love the Ridgeline Trail System as a place to visit again and again. King County home values are still spiking, so it’s a great time to seal the deal.

Hillsboro: Silicon Forest, Woodland Trails

It’s the best of both worlds if you’re a geek by weekday and a wilderness enthusiast by weekend. Hillsboro’s fame for its status as a tech hub is matched only by tales of outdoor fun. First-time homebuyers in Washington County can benefit from FHA loans and favorable rates.

The Orenco Woods Nature Park is ideal for day hiking, with stunning stickwood sculptures. More trails lie just ten to twenty minutes drive from the city, so you can enjoy jogging or trail running year round with ever changing scenery.

The Tualatin Scenic Bikeway is perfect if you prefer exploring on two wheels rather than two feet. Wineries and breweries abound, so you can slake your thirst on some of the finest beverages on offer. Working farms also dot the surrounding countryside, so you can experience the agricultural heritage of the region firsthand.

Bend: Work Hard, Play Harder

Finally, if you’re serious about the outdoors, you can’t do better buying a home in the Oregon town of Bend. The city itself, like many Oregon hubs, is supremely bike friendly, so you can get a slice of the outdoors right from your front steps. When you have more time, check out the surrounding country.

You can always find time for snowboarding and skiing in the winter thanks to the proximity of Mount Bachelor. The rest of the year, try rock climbing, camping, hiking, and mountain biking.

Water-related sports are a daily affair on the Deschutes River, which bisects the city. You can take to the water on a raft, SUP, kayak, or canoe all summer long, or venture further outside the city for whitewater rafting if you like a little more excitement.

Visit lakes in the 20 mile radius around Bend, and don’t forget the smaller mountains and desert settings for a wide variety of outdoors experiences. Before long you’ll be ending your day with a local brew with your new neighbors.

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