Best Seattle Suburbs for Home Buyers

December 5, 2018
Last updated:
November 4, 2022
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Looking to buy a home in the Seattle area, but aren’t sure what prices are going for in various suburbs in the city? Read on to find out some of the best suburbs in Seattle for homebuyers.

For years now, Seattle has been one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. The population boom in the largest city of Washington state is not surprising.

A number of employment opportunities combined with great infrastructure and abundant parkland are just some of the reasons newcomers keep settling in Seattle. However, this population boom has left a mark on the living conditions and housing market.

Hectic life has started to take its toll. Once the situation became unbearable, a number of local residents decided to move to the suburbs. If you are one of them, or simply looking for the best neighborhood to start your life in a new city, check out the list of the best suburbs Seattle has to offer.

1. Sammamish

Median Home Value:  $1,633,832

Sammamish is an affluent neighborhood with one of the lowest crime rates in Seattle. What homeowners love about this place is that they can enjoy the peace and quiet of suburban life in the close proximity of urban amenities.

Parents are generally drawn by a family-friendly environment and a number of highly rated public schools. But good news for home buyers is that the neighborhood is constantly expanding, which means that there is quite a selection of new homes around the area.

The average home price is above the national average, but with affordable mortgage rates, buying a home in Sammamish is not unattainable. Renting is not a common practice. The quality of life in this neighborhood easily compels newcomers to stay.

2. Maple Valley

Median Home Value: $833,431

If you’re moving from a big city in search of peace and quiet, Maple Valley may be the perfect place. This Seattle suburb is especially appealing to families in search of spacious homes where they can enjoy outdoor activities in their own backyard. With large houses and spacious lots, Maple Valley offers an idyllic, almost countryside feel.

Relocation to this Seattle suburb means moving away from the hustle and frenzy of city streets. Still, it’s not as if you were preparing for a long distance relocation. You are moving to the suburbs and it’s possible to commute to Seattle on a daily basis. Commuting shouldn’t be an issue if you take into account the fact that Maple Valley has the highest median income per household in King County.

And it’s not only suitable for extended families in search of spacious homes. There are multiple-acre properties, but there are also apartments and single-family residences. The diversity is one of the reasons home buyers love this Seattle suburb.

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3. Redmond

Median Home Value: $1,463,789

The home of Microsoft Headquarters and the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest, Redmond proudly takes its place among the best Seattle suburbs for homebuyers. Even though the costs of living are slightly above the national average, the extra expenses are compensated by the quality of life and a number of employment opportunities.

Housing options are diverse and range from rustic houses to single-family homes and modern condos. The range of housing opportunities makes the purchase more attainable for buyers of different financial backgrounds. Local authorities keep investing in the community. The quality of life in Redmond is recognized by the locals – most residents own their homes.

4. Canterwood

Median Home Value: $995,000

Canterwood is a highly desired Seattle suburb for home buyers. One of the primary reasons lies in its safety. The abundance of green spaces, tree-lined streets and beautiful houses make this neighborhood truly picturesque. A growing number of new homes in this area provide prospective buyers with a plethora of possibilities.

Luckily, the construction boom has not impaired the idyllic ambiance of this neighborhood, as the number of parks and green spaces remain unchanged. This neighborhood is also home to a Canterwood Golf and Country Club, a place where locals can enjoy an outdoor pool, a vast golf course, tennis courts, and a classy restaurant.

In addition, there are biking, walking and running trails. The residents of Canterwood cherish the sense of community and act as good hosts to new homeowners. Becoming a part of Canterwood community is a privilege.

5. Madrona

Median Home Value: $1,310,592

Rather affluent in terms of prices, Madrona justifies its highly ranked position with the quality of life its residents enjoy. Most residential units are small and medium single-family houses with charming little backyards. The prices have increased significantly over the past decade, but the average value is mostly affected by the luxury waterfront homes. These are reserved for the well off.

However, if you move across the neighborhood, the selection of homes is getting more diverse. The majority of houses are occupied by owners, rather than tenants, as residents of Madrona seldom buy investment properties in this neighborhood. Even though it’s considered an oasis of peace, this Seattle suburb has an urban feel and a high-class business district. It is located in the proximity of Capitol Hill and the average commute time is one of the shortest in the Seattle area – only 22 minutes.

Neighborly relationships are strengthened by a number of regularly organized outdoor events – movie nights, concerts, wine tasting, etc. In addition, Madrona owes its place among the best Seattle suburbs to the network of highly rated schools around the neighborhood.

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