Decorating Your New Home: 7 Actionable Tips

July 12, 2019
Last updated:
April 25, 2022
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After buying your new home, the next step is to make its interiors look fashionable, inviting, and modern. If you will be moving in with your old furniture and decorations, in particular, the task of recreating your former house can be very tedious. If you will be starting from scratch, then you may have a bigger room to showcase your creativity.

Here are 7 actionable tips for decorating your new home without inflating your budget!

1.The walls

Before you unpack, start by painting the walls and hanging your wall arts of choice. If you don’t paint right away, you may never get the time or space to do it. It is advisable to paint the living room, kitchen, and the corridors that see tons of traffic with neutral colors such as grey and beige. Natural colors are great because they will blend in pretty well with your furniture. They are very versatile.

As for the art, ensure that you install modern wall décor if you want to make a great first impression for every visitor. For the bedrooms, you can paint the walls each with a different shade in order to make them look both beautiful and large. While at it, ensure that you go for a high-quality paint that will not fade even when exposed to sunlight.

2. Daytime lighting

As much as possible, let the sunlight shine in during the day. Natural light makes the wall paint and art look better and livelier. You can even make more of the sunlight by hanging mirrors, one in each room. When the mirror reflects the sun around the room, your home will look brighter and well lit around the clock.

At night, you can leverage the power of artificial lighting by replacing the traditional light bulbs with inexpensive, sophisticated, and chic table lamps.

3. Add living plants

Adding a couple of living plants in your living spaces makes it feel fresh and more finished. If you are worried about maintenance, you can go for those plants that don’t require much maintenance such as cactus or philodendron. You can place the plant beside the TV or on a table that sits opposite the door. That means that everyone who comes in will have a great view of it.

Additional benefit: On top of their decorative power, living plants will ensure that your home has enough circulation of fresh air.

4. Update your furniture

If the furniture from your former home is too old, it is advisable to budget for new, modern ones. While at it, ensure that they have the best color that blends with the other decorations in the living room. Also, you should be mindful of how you arrange them. One great arrangement idea is to put the couch on one side, the chairs on the opposite side, such that they form a U-like shape. As for the throw pillows, let them camouflage; find patterned pillows and mix and match.

5.Define the seating area with a rug

Again, you may need to buy a new rug for your new home if your current one is too old, doesn’t match with the other décor, or if it is too big or small to fit well in your new seating space. A good rug should accommodate a living area perfectly such that the front legs of the chairs and couches around the room rest on the tip of the rug.

6. Keep your clutter under control

You may not know this because you probably loved your old stuff, but some of them are, in all honesty, junk that needs to be thrown out. The bookshelves, the closets, the kitchen shelves, and even shoe rack has lots of stuff that you don’t need. Throw them away so that you can create more space. if you find it hard to do it, you can always hire a pro to do it for you.

7. Install a hanging pot holder

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you must not forget when decorating your new home. A hanging pot holder, for example, makes the kitchen elegant, inviting, and warm. It also frees up tons of space so that the kitchen can appear bigger than it actually is.

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