Denver, CO Home Buying Guide

Consumer education is a primary goal for buyers at Sammamish Mortgage. We continuously update and research current trends in the real estate market, mortgage news, and related topics. Below you will find a virtual library of the best and most current content for home buyers in the Denver, Colorado area.

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Home Buying Articles

Renting vs. Buying in Denver

Home prices are continuing their gains in the Mile-high city. This is a good time to revisit the rent-versus-buy option. Remember that buying CAN be less expensive than renting if you consider monthly housing costs.

Average Closing Costs in Colorado

All home buyers encounter closing costs when purchasing a house. However, the total amount you will have to pay at closing and vary, based on several factors. Here is a look at average and typical closing costs in Denver, updated for 2021.

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Mortgage Loan Articles

Colorado Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Loan Requirements

FHA loans are a popular financing option for Denver home buyers. First-time buyers in particular are excellent candidates for the low down payment and flexible criteria associated with these loans. This article clearly explains all the basic requirements for FHA loans.

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Loan Limits for Denver

In 2021, the maximum FHA loan size for a single-family home in the Denver Metro area is $596,850. The median home price in the Denver Metro area is $474,501. Here we explore what Denver home buyers should know about FHA loan limits.

Denver Housing Market Forecast

The Denver metro area has been relatively strong throughout the past few months. Home prices have increased 4.8% over the past year and are expected to increase by 7.2% from December 2020 to December 2021.

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