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Homeowner Wish List

Do you know what you want in a home when you’re house hunting? You might have an idea of what you want, but if you’re a first-time homebuyer and have never owned a home before, you might not realize how important certain traits are.

In a recent study by, homeowners noted some of the top things they would change about their space to make it more livable while staying at home, including the following:

  • More Space – Having more space will improve the flow and function of a home and can provide more square footage to house your belongings. This is especially helpful for growing families.
  • More Natural Light – A dark and dingy home is not a comfortable or esthetically-pleasing one. Having lots of natural light available will make for a much more cheery home.
  • Home Gym – Having access to your own gym at home provides you with more incentive to work out. And given the current health crisis happening right now, many families who would love to visit their gym are unable to. An at-home gym would have given them a great alternative to staying active.
  • Add a Bathroom – Having to share a bathroom with other family members can be a real nuisance, especially when everyone is trying to get ready for the day at the same time. An additional bathroom would solve this problem.
  • Updated Kitchen – The kitchen adds a ton of value to a home if it is updated. Not only that, but an updated kitchen can also make preparing meals much more convenient and efficient.
  • Larger Yard or Patio – Spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy Mother Nature, and a larger patio or yard can make the time you spend outside much more enjoyable.

Be sure to work with a seasoned real estate agent who can help you check off all the things on your wish list. In addition, team up with an experienced mortgage company that can help you get the home loan you need to finance your new home purchase!

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2020 Homeowner Wish List for Hombuyers

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