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What You Can Do to Keep Your Dream of Homeownership Moving Forward

April 16, 2020
Last updated:
September 21, 2021
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The coronavirus has everyone confined to their homes to practice “social distancing” to keep everyone safe, and that has drastically reduced our activities. But that doesn’t mean you have to let the virus put a hold on your plans of buying real estate

Luckily, there are some ways that you can continue with your home search so that when this crisis calms down, you’ll be ready to make a move.

1. Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a home loan will help you find out how much you can afford, show sellers that you’re a serious buyer, and help move the final mortgage approval process along faster when you put in an offer on a home. While you’re at home, connect with a mortgage specialist, get the paperwork needed to get pre-approved, and check your credit score to help your lender get the process moving.

2. Get in Touch With a Real Estate Agent

As a buyer, you’ll want to team up with a real estate agent so that you can be ready to jump on a property when the time is right. By connecting via telephone, video conference, or mobile phone chat, getting in touch with a trusted real estate advisor can help keep the process moving without it having to be on hold during this pandemic.

3. Do Some Research

Now is a great time to look into down payment assistance programs if you think you may need some help coming up with a down payment to buy a home.

4. Check Out Online Listings

You don’t have to visit homes in person right now. Instead, check out virtual listings to see what’s available in your area by using virtual tours and listings. 

Your dreams don’t have to be put on hold. This might be the year that you purchase a home. Your real estate agent and mortgage specialist will help you along the way!

What You Can Do to Keep Your Dream of Homeownership Moving Forward

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