Seattle Home Buying Guide

Do you have questions about buying a home in the Seattle metro area? Questions about the real estate market, mortgage loans, or the buying process?

You’ve come to the right place. The 2021 Seattle Home Buying Guide offers a wealth of insight into these and other home buying topics. The 10 Step Guide helps home buyers make well-informed decisions and you view it for free!

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An Updated Look at the Seattle Housing Market

If you’ve been following the news, you probably already know that the Seattle real estate market has changed dramatically over the last decade. Home prices have risen steadily over the last few years, and are now higher than ever before. That’s just one of the trends you should know about if you’re going to buy a home in Seattle.

This book will help you get up to speed on local real estate and mortgage trends. The first few pages provide an update on local housing market conditions, along with some insightful forecasts from housing analysts and economists. It’s a great way to begin your market research.

The Home Buying Process, Start to Finish

The bulk of this book is dedicated to the home buying process. It offers more than 24 pages of guidance and advice for local buyers. The Seattle Home Buying Guide explains every aspect of the purchasing process, from the initial planning and budgeting stages, all the way through to the final closing week.

This book also simplifies the process by distilling it into a series of steps. Instead of using traditional chapters, this e-book is arranged around the 11 steps to buying a home. And each step is covered in detail. You’ll learn how to create a housing budget, how to choose a mortgage loan, how to shop for a home, how to make a smart offer — and more.

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Part of a Broader Educational Campaign

Sammamish Mortgage takes consumer education seriously. We go to great lengths to help borrowers make informed decisions, and the 2021 Seattle Home Buying Guide is just the latest example. This e-book is part of a broader educational campaign we are conducting.

We also publish in-depth real estate and mortgage guides every week, to help you keep up with local real estate conditions. You’ll find our most recent articles on the main page of our blog.

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