5 Signs You’re Buying a Good Home

March 30, 2021
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September 7, 2022
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When shopping for a great house, you likely have a long list of things in mind that make some homes stand out more so than others. But signs that you are buying a good or even a great home might not necessarily be items that you can check off your must-have list. Thus, in this article, we’ll go over five signs that you are buying a good home that is attuned to your needs.

When searching for a home, figuring out the numbers or your potential budget is often the somewhat easy part. Clearly, you know how many bedrooms you can get for your money, and you have a tendency to know ahead of time your overall required square footage. And, getting pretty much everything you want/need in a home likely means you do have a good home on your hands. But there are a few other signs that the home, in particular, that you are leaning towards is the one for you.  By looking for these clear indicators, you can figure out if you have found a truly amazing home that you should scoop up immediately.

5 Signs You’ve Found Your Home

The top five signs that you have come across a good home that is perfect for your needs are as follows:

1. It Is In An Area You Like

A great home in the area you like is a sign that you have probably found a good fit.  For instance, if your everyday lifestyle means you want a home that is close to a grocery store or in the best school district, then it is important to make sure your home is in an area you desire. So, if the home you are eyeing fits this condition, then you are one step closer to determining whether you are buying a good home.

2. It Is Convenient With Your Everyday Life

Along those same lines, a house that pairs well with your everyday life and what your life may look like a year from now conceivably has real potential. For example, if your family is growing, then the right home for you will be close to both work and school. In general, a great find in a locale that feels relaxing and inviting, as well as conducive to your everyday life matters. So, do not forget to take note of the area and consider factors like being close to your family, friends, or extracurricular activities as they are all relevant to your home purchase.

3. The Home Fits Your Future

A home that aligns with your future plans is yet another sign that you are considering a good home. So, if you can see your family growing with the house, then it is likely a great fit for you. Plus, if you plan on big holidays, or having spaces for family members, work, hobbies, and more, then the right home will meet the criteria that will accommodate your future.

4. You Are Able To Picture Yourself In It

Similarly, if you start to picture furniture arrangements, how you want to paint, or if you are thinking about how you will set up the bedroom for your children, then you have likely struck gold in the house hunting process. It may sound a little silly, but once you start envisioning furniture arrangements, home décor, and more, this is always a good sign you have found a home for yourself.

5. The Home Is Within Your Budget

Finally, if you have run the numbers and your dream home either fits within your budget or is agreeable with your total monthly housing financial plan, then it might just be time to put your offer in. Note, when “running the numbers” for your budget, do not forget to factor in all costs associated with your monthly mortgage payment, the utilities, HOA fees, taxes, and insurance.

Other Indications That You Are Buying A Good Home

As briefly mentioned a house that checks the most important boxes is a home worth seriously considering. In other words, despite the fact that the property might not have every amenity on your want list, it still meets your basic requirements or offers the big ticket items, if you will. Likewise, if your prospective residence is missing a few things you would like, yet you suddenly find the urge to be flexible in regard to some of your missing must-haves then, this is a good sign that you are in the right place.

Furthermore, if you find yourself wanting to stop looking at other homes or feel that your other options no longer appeal to you, then it might be time to seriously consider making an offer.

A Structurally-Sound Home

In general, most homes have a few imperfections. However, whether or not a home has potential structural issues is not the same thing.  So, make sure you keep an eye out for any structural problems, serious or otherwise.  Overall, a house free from common issues like uneven walls, sloping floors, sinking foundations, not-so-great water pressure, or cracks is likely a structurally sound home. That said, the home appraisal tends to be the best reference point to know for sure.

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A Not-So-Perfect Home Is Still A Good Option

Lastly, it Is worth noting that the perfect house is a myth, as no house is without imperfections or areas that appeal to some buyers and not others. But that is a good thing—quirks give a home individuality and personality and keep them from being cookie-cutter. What’s more, the perfect house takes all that into consideration and lets you be you. Plus, buying a less-than-perfect home does come with a few benefits like saving money, being able to purchase a good home in the best area, beating the market, and being able to create the home of your dreams via upgrades or by renovating.

Ultimately, you will know that your future home is a good option when you see it and cannot help but feel right at home.

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