Best Work-From-Home Cities In The Pacific NW

November 3, 2020
Last updated:
April 5, 2022
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As COVID-19 brought public health concerns and economic disruption to the United States, many businesses relocated their personnel to work in the comfort of their homes. These staffers performed most of their responsibilities remotely, while management enjoyed savings on overhead. As a result, quite a few employers are considering making the arrangement permanent, with the welcome approval of the workforce.

If recent demographics are accurate, the Pacific Northwest is a destination for a lot of workers freed from geographical restrictions on their place of work. Find out where the best work-from-home cities in the PNW are, and what makes them so great!

What Makes a City Great for Remote Workers?

What makes a city or town compatible with working remotely? First things first: the overall cost of living there must be manageable on your income. When you telecommute, you can save more of your money and spend it on living in the city of your dreams!

Remember that you’ll be able to count on the elimination of commuting expenses and a reduced need for a professional wardrobe, which can amount to considerable savings for many home workers. In some areas, you might even be able to forego a vehicle and depend on public transportation instead.

Other indicators of a great city to work remotely from include fast local Wi-Fi networks, the availability of coffee shops and wired eateries, and plenty of spaces to work cooperatively with colleagues, customers and vendors.

Where Are the Best Work-From-Home Cities in the PNW?

We’ve collected the data, crunched the numbers, read the surveys, and collated a list of the best work-from-home cities in the Pacific Northwest.

WA State

Top picks of cities for remote workers in WA State include:


A mecca of the info-tech industry, Seattle is a very good environment for remote workers. It is estimated that 7% of the city’s population already perform their business functions from home offices. Given the highly wired nature of this city, many people find and procure their jobs without ever having to pay a visit to the employer’s office or facility. The physical climate is temperate, if a bit wet at times. There is no shortage of coffee houses as Starbucks makes its headquarters here and competitors abound. The Wi-Fi is famously responsive and cost-efficient.


Sitting on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue’s population includes a significant 8.2% of people who work from home. Arts and culture flourish in Bellevue’s museums and performance venues. In addition, this city hosts multiple green parks and several farmers’ markets. Schools are highly ranked in Bellevue, and the city is considered a great place to raise children.


A whopping 86% of Tacoma residents have access to broadband internet for $60 a month. Rentals are inexpensive, averaging just over $560 a month per person. A large number of public employees in the city have already been scheduled for teleworking. Outdoor spaces include parks, forests, hiking/biking trails, playgrounds and waterfront venues. With a robust arts and culture scene, Tacoma is also one of the most walkable cities in the U.S.


Favored cities for remote employees in Oregon include:


Residents of Portland can enjoy the benefits of small town living with access to city nightlife. Portland has substantial tech presence, and 6.4 percent of its working population aren’t tied to a physical office. For craft coffee, Portland is second to no other city, pleasing all the bean aficionados, and 650 Wi-Fi public hotspots are scattered across the city, letting work-from-home employees vary their location from day to day.

Culturally, Portland reminds many of San Francisco, although the cost of living is much lower than the City by the Bay. Laid back and artsy, Portland offers both culture and comfort.


Bend is one of the fastest growing cities in the Beaver State, and a staggering 12.1% of its labor force telecommutes. Bend was one of the pioneers in establishing co-working spaces through an initiative called BendTECH. For those entrepreneurs with product to move, a storage space cooperative called Collective Pallet can house inventory for work-from-home retailers.

A mild climate combines with myriad recreational opportunities and a ton of well-regarded food and beverage establishments., and the town lies just a short distance from Redmond Airport, which is served by six major airlines. Bend is very popular with millennial homebuyers as well as travelers seeking a home base.


Most Silverton commuters spend 25 minutes or more each way to and from work, but not the 7% of Silvertonians who can telework from anywhere. In terms of graduation rates, test scores and teacher-to-student ratios, the schools rank high statewide and nationally.

Positioned at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, Silverton is rich with waterfalls and natural beauty, proximate to vineyards and agriculture, and steeped in Old West history. Coffee houses, cafes, and restaurants are easily accessible for those getting cabin fever and in need of human contact.


Telecommuting employees love these Idaho cities:


Boise sees new tech start-up firms established on a regular basis. These new enterprises are more accommodating to work-from-home employees than many established companies. Median home prices and rental rates are comparatively low. Single-family residences currently run around $534,806, though that is probably going to rise dramatically in the future

Boise is nestled among breathtaking natural beauty. Recreational opportunities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding are only a short distance away for remote workers who settle here. Boise also boasts fine dining, wineries, nightlife, and cultural institutions.

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is home to the Idaho National Laboratory, which attracts up-and-coming science and technology firms. These companies routinely hire off-site employees. The city has median home sale prices even lower than those of Boise, averaging around $375,970, which makes the Falls a great place to find a starter home.

 Fast becoming a preferred destination for millennials, Idaho Falls is also a college town, so you can work and learn comfortably. In recent years, Idaho Falls has made a substantial investment in local infrastructure. Expanding traffic capacity of major arteries and development of a landing area at the nearby Snake River are among the upcoming projects.


Colorado calls for remote workers to find a new home in these cities:


Denver has one of the highest percentages of distance workers in the entire U.S. Co-working spaces abound in Denver, with more than 20 located in the downtown district alone. These are tremendous forums for networking and breaking up the monotony of solo work.

Nestled amidst the Rocky Mountains, the Mile High City offers natural beauty that few others can. Its infrastructure is modernized, its educational institutions, highly ranked and its economy is thriving. Plus, the growing tech economy rivals those of San Francisco and Seattle.


Boulder can boast the highest work-from-home population in the state, at 14.9%. Residents love the hybrid urban/suburban quality of life that Boulder offers. The University of Colorado calls Boulder home, and the public transportation system is highly ranked nationally.

Best of all for stay-at-home business owners and employees, Boulder welcomes digital ground breakers, online retailers and independent service providers. The spectacular weather and expansive eatery choice are not bad inducements for a relocation.

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