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Mudroom Makeover Tips For Your Washington Home

Sammamish Mortgage
October 11, 2013
Last updated:
February 26, 2021
Mudroom Makeover Tips For Your Washington Home
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From crunched-up leaves stuck to bottoms of shoes to bulky coats shed as soon as kids walk through the door, mudrooms are ideal for keeping outdoor dirt, wet clothing, and outerwear from being strewn throughout your Washington home.

Mudrooms not only keep the rest of your house clean, but they also designate a spot for those last-minute grabs, such as coats, umbrellas, and purses, when you’re running out the door.

These rooms are great catchalls. However, an organized mudroom can make your life and those hectic mornings much less stressful. Below are smart tips for getting your mudroom ready this fall.

1. Put In Seating

After shedding outer layers, the next thing anyone wants to do after coming inside on a cold, wet day is to take off their mucky shoes. So make sure there is a built-in bench or convenient chair for people to sit down and tend to their tootsies. Whether taking off or putting on shoes, it makes life a little more comfortable.

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2. Install A Sink

A mudroom is supposed to be the catchall for everything dirty from the outdoors. With this in mind, a sink for washing off the grime and mud makes sense, so consider including one with your update. Then you can clean your clothing in the contained space without having to haul them to the kitchen sink or laundry room.

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3. Create Cubbies

Even though this space in your Washington home is designated as a drop-off point before entering the main living space, you don’t want everything just thrown into one big confusing pile. Create individual cubbies for every person in your household. Each cubby should contain a shelf for purses and backpacks, hooks for coats and a low place for shoes.

4. Splurge On A Boot Warmer

While electric boot warmers can be a little expensive, you will definitely think it’s worth the money when it’s freezing outside and your shoes are damp. Electric boot warmers heat your shoes on pegs and dry them out at the same time. They also work well on gloves.

Fall is a mudroom’s busy season; so get it in shape with the tips above. With all the coats hanging on their hooks, shoes in their cubbies and dirt contained to this designated space, your life will be a little more organized and much less stressful!

5. Add a Pet Bath

If you have pets, you know how filthy they can get after frolicking outdoors, especially after it’s rained. Rather than having them trek all over your floors to get them to the bathtub, why not have a poet shower ready as soon as they step foot through the door! If the space permits, having a pet bath in the mud room makes cleaning your furry friend so much more convenient while saving your home from all those muddy footprints.

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