With the Economy Re-Opening, Is It Time to Buy a Home?

August 18, 2020
Last updated:
September 24, 2021
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Over the past few months, economies have been significantly improving. In Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Oregon, businesses are faring quite well despite recent dips in the economy. 

Those who have put off a home purchase over recent months now wonder whether the stars are falling into place to make a buy. In fact, there are good reasons for being proactive. There are equally valid arguments for showing judicious restraint.

Incentives for Buying Now

The King of Reasons: Low Interest Rates

Mortgage interest rates were never lower than they are now. This has major implications for prospective home buyers. According to Freddie Mac,  a congressionally-chartered mortgage investment corporation, rates as of mid-September 2021 sat at 2.88 percent for a 30-year fixed rate loan and 2.19 percent for a 15-year fixed product.

Compared to this time of year in 2020, 30-year loans were just 0.02 percent lower. Unless buyers are in a very unique financial position, they should opt for the fixed over the variable rate loans when rates are this low.

One thing is certain, waiting for interest rates to drop further is a fool’s errand. While the occurrence is entirely possible, sacrificing the good for the perfect is unwise, particularly if monthly savings are a priority. If you choose to go ahead with a purchase soon, do yourself a favor and lock in the rate.

Buyers do not just pay for a house; they pay for the money to pay for a house. You owe it to yourself to minimize this expense by securing the lowest rate possible. Bear in mind, though, that rates have a history of rising amid uncertainty. With this pandemic, we are living in uncertain times.

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A Pro (and a Con): Home Prices Are High

How can this be a positive? For first-time home buyers, there is little upside in this fact to be sure. Yet for those moving from one house to another, the sellers’ market has rarely been better. How long this will last is the question of the moment.

Many other sellers removed their properties from the market as the pandemic ensued so the ratio of shoppers to inventory is quite high. The rewards for those intrepid sellers whose homes remain are higher prices and faster closings. This tees up a much better scenario for a simultaneous purchase: more money to offer in a tight market.

There are other ways for purchasers to gain when the listings are in a slump. An all-cash offer is probably the best way to rise above the competition. It is also the hardest and least likely. Short of that, early pre-approval by a lender beefs up your reputation with sellers. This means the credit, income and assets are all evaluated and signed off on.

The only issues remaining relate to the property. Another edge is yours when you engage a buyer’s agent to represent you. With experience and knowledge, this professional knows how to push a seller’s buttons, if you will, and can negotiate assertively on your behalf. In short, a sellers’ market can work in the interest of a buyer who maximizes all available opportunities.

Future Uncertainty

For buyers with good credit, adequate assets and steady revenue streams, now might be better than later. While the economy is currently on an upswing, anything can happen, and will happen, in the future. 

Yet viruses have a funny way of outsmarting even the most talented researchers at times. Accordingly, there may be many more months of masks, distancing and other restrictions before commerce can resume unfettered.

Such future ambiguity can affect companies in their plans to hire, businesses in their designs for expansion, and those who depend on interstate commerce. This means that investment is curtailed, deliveries are delayed and furloughed workers remain so indefinitely.

Those who have a steady income and meet lender guidelines can make their purchase move sooner rather than later. This does not mean you lack sympathy for the hardships of others. It is more a recognition that the present situation favors action over hesitation.

Reasons for Postponing a Purchase

Job Insecurity

Despite improvements in unemployment numbers, as the economy accelerates, some industries are still sluggish.

A Con (and a Pro): Again, Home Prices Are High

Recognizing the ways in which a sellers’ market can work to the buyer’s benefit does not, at any rate, negate the law of supply and demand. While many prospective buyers have opted to sit out the competition, the market is still weighted heavily with those seeking to purchase. Furthermore, they are doing everything you are doing to gain an edge.

This is not to discourage anyone resolved to buy. Rather, this is the reality you must confront in order to be successful in your quest. On the one hand, sellers must be reasonable because lenders frown on their borrowers paying prices above the appraised value. The flip side is that owners can demand as much as reason will allow.

Your Priorities Are Unclear

Looking at the record-low interest rates is intoxicating to those who qualify for home financing. However, you lack a vision for a house, i.e. an understanding of the home’s relationship to the family. What number of bedrooms/bathrooms is optimal? How much land do you need? Will you add onto the structure later? Are you particular about school districts and neighborhood cohesion?

Without thinking these things through, your search will be random and unproductive. It might not be the right time to buy a home you find appealing. It might later rank among your most regrettable decisions. Take time to examine your needs and wants before investing time looking for something. A dream home, after all, begins with a dream.

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Sammamish Mortgage has been helping those in the Pacific Northwest fulfill their dreams of owning a home since 1992. Sammamish Mortgage has mortgage programs in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Colorado. Please contact us if you have any mortgage-related questions. Or, feel free to View Rates directly on our site or Apply Instantly. You can even simply get a Rate Quote instantly.

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