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Housing Markets For Home Buyers To Get Most Bang For Their Buck

7 Housing Markets Where Home Buyers Get the Most Bang for Their Buck

Not all housing markets are created equal. Some have more to offer than others. This post identifies and discusses 7 housing markets which have a great deal to offer potential buyers. Readers should also be sure to contact the team at Sammamish Mortgage to learn more about the buying process.

Buying a home, no matter where you choose to buy it, is truly a life-changing, transformational experience. For most people, buying a home will be among the most – if not the most – expensive purchases they make in their life, so it represents a significant financial event.

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What’s more, buying a home has a level of permanency which sets it apart from renting. When you purchase a home, you are truly setting down roots and declaring your attachment to a particular area. Naturally, one of the primary concerns which come up when people buy a home is the location. Buyers want to maximize their purchase by making sure that they buy their home in a desirable housing market.

This doesn’t just mean an area which is desirable in the present moment, but an area which will continue to be desirable well into the future. In short, buyers want to find housing markets that appear to have upward momentum.

In this post, we will identify and discuss a few housing markets where buyers will receive the best return for their money. These markets are among the best housing markets based on cost and what buyers receive for what they spend. We will go over current median home values for each of these housing markets and then point out the reasons why buyers should consider one of these areas for their future purchase.


With a current median home value of approximately $812,108 according to Zillow, home values in the Seattle housing market have increased considerably in recent years.

The housing market in Seattle is hot right now. Zillow recorded an increase in median home values of around 9.8% between February 2020 and February 2021. With its attractive scenery, strong job market, cultural attractions, and other perks, Seattle offers potential home buyers a great deal for their money.


Located just to the east of Seattle, the bustling city of Bellevue has a current median home value of around $1,075,770 according to Zillow. Bellevue has seen impressive gains from February 2020 and February 2021 of 11.9%.

Notwithstanding this recent decline, Bellevue shows many promising signs of being a desirable housing market well into the future. Amazon is in the process of migrating its headquarters to downtown Bellevue, and many other corporate giants have a significant presence there too.

Bellevue boasts quality schools, a strong tech sector, a lively environment and plenty of other perks. Those who choose to purchase in Bellevue will almost certainly get a great product for their money.

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Located in the far eastern part of Washington State, the city of Spokane currently has a red hot real estate market according to Zillow. The current median home value in Spokane is $298,760, and Spokane’s housing market just experienced a very impressive YOY gain of 17.8% between February 2020 and February 2021. Although Spokane may not have the same kind of attractions as Bellevue or Seattle, it makes up in other ways.

Buyers will be taking advantage of a very affordable housing market. Among local housing markets in WA State, Spokane is one place where buyers will clearly obtain a lot for their money. Buyers can expect a larger house in Spokane than they would receive elsewhere, and also a home which is likely to appreciate significantly in value in the foreseeable future.


With a current median home value of $496,640, Portland has seen significant increases in recent years. Like Seattle to the north, Portland experienced a healthy increase between 2020 and 2021. Zillow estimates that median values increased by about 8.9% between February 2020 and February 2021.

The city of Portland has plenty to offer potential buyers; those who choose Portland as their new home will likely have very few doubts about their decision. Portland has more than its fair share of scenic beauty, as well as a bustling downtown area with plenty of activities. The city enjoys a relatively high quality of life, and buyers can feel confident that their home will appreciate in value into the foreseeable future.


Home to Willamette University, Salem is the capital city of Oregon and currently has a thriving housing market. Salem currently has a median home value of $326,282, and is seeing trends which are similar to what’s happening in Spokane right now. Between February 2020 and February 2021, the city experienced a growth of 10.5% in home values.

As with Spokane, buyers in Spokane can expect a larger-than-average home when compared with more urban markets. And they can expect to acquire a property which will almost certainly increase significantly in value in the foreseeable future.


Denver is among the most desirable housing markets in the country right now. With a current median home value of $494,856, the city has seen significant gains in recent years, including last year. The city has a thriving tech sector, along with tons of natural scenic beauty and cultural amenities.

Denver is easily among the best housing markets based on cost and what buyers receive for what they spend. Buyers in Denver can expect a relatively high quality life and access to a good job market.


The city of Boise is currently experiencing very significant gains and is characterized as a hot market by Zillow. Boise has a median home value of $406,579 and saw a YOY gain of 21.7% between February 2020 and February 2021.

Boise is the largest city in Idaho and has lots to offer in terms of attractions. Boise is also relatively affordable in terms of cost of living. Buyers will be confident that they are obtaining a desirable property which is scheduled to appreciate significantly in value.

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If you decide to buy a home in one of these highly attractive, affordable housing markets, you stand a very good chance of being happy with your purchase. Of course, few things are ever a certainty, but these housing markets certainly have a great deal to offer potential buyers.

If you’d like more information about these markets, mortgage programs and products, or other related topics, reach out to Sammamish Mortgage today.

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