Most Affordable Neighborhoods for Portland Home Buyers, 2023

September 26, 2016
Last updated:
May 23, 2023
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Portland home prices have rapidly increased over the past decade. Prices are still relatively expensive compared to statewide prices across Oregon.

So, where can you buy in Portland to help you save some money?

Portland, Oregon has been in the news a lot lately for its rapid home-price gains over the past decade. Despite this trend, some neighborhoods in and around the city remain relatively affordable for home buyers.

Here are some of the most affordable neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, based on median home selling prices over the winter of 2023.

Affordable Portland, Oregon Neighborhoods for Home Buyers

Note: This list is based on median home sales prices reported by the real estate website Zillow as of February 2023.

Powellhurst-Gilbert: $400,223

With a median sales price of $400,223 as of February of this year, Powellhurst-Gilbert is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Portland. According to the neighborhood’s website, this community boasts “tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity” and is close to some of the best natural assets the city has to offer. Good schools, abundant greenery, and large lots attract home buyers to this relatively affordable Portland, Oregon neighborhood.

Pleasant Valley: $520,900

Pleasant Valley is located in the southeastern part of Portland. According to the city’s website, homeowners in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood enjoy beautiful surroundings and “opportunities to explore Johnson Creek watershed and other natural areas,” all within a short distance from downtown. Pleasant Valley is also located near some popular parks and outdoor spaces, such as Powell Butte Nature Park and the Springwater Corridor.

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Centennial: $405,581

Centennial is a popular neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, based on the number searches performed on real estate websites. It includes the eight-acre Lynchwood Park and the 25-acre Parklane Park. With a median home selling price of $405,581 over the spring of 2023, Centennial is also one of the more affordable neighborhoods for Portland home buyers.

Glenfair: $427,655

The Glenfair neighborhood is located on the city’s eastern border, where it meets Gresham, Oregon. It surrounds Glenfair Park, which offers five acres of open space and hosts many community events year-round. With a median sales price of $427,655, Glenfair is another one of Portland’s more affordable neighborhoods.

Lents: $415,694

Lents was recently named as one of America’s “up and coming” neighborhoods. In response to this information, neighborhood association president Jesse Cornett said: “I think it’s exciting. We’ve been working toward this for a long time.” The City of Portland called it the crossroads of the Eastside, and a “thriving, diverse community.” At nearly four square miles, Lents is one of the largest neighborhoods in Portland. It’s also one of the most affordable. Lents had a median sales price of $415,694 in May 2023.

Disclaimers: This article includes third-party data that are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Price trends were not available for some Portland neighborhoods. Home values change constantly. For the latest sales prices and affordability rankings, check out the major property listing websites or speak with a Portland real estate professional.

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