Don’t Want To Live In The Center Of Denver? Check Out These Towns Close By

January 21, 2021
Last updated:
April 6, 2022
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Thinking about buying a home in Colorado, love the idea of Denver, but don’t love those astronomical home prices? You can still take the dream job and get a beautiful home in the Denver area with an easy commute.

The average home price in Denver is more than $608,955. If you’re willing to live in one of these surrounding cities, you can enjoy proximity to the Mile High City without the hefty price tag of living there. These rank right up there with some of the best neighborhoods in Colorado.

Buying a Home in Idaho Springs

The historic town of Idaho Springs is well known for its picturesque scenery and enjoyable hot springs. It’s the most populated town in Clear Creek County, with around 2,000 residents.

Living in Idaho Springs can feel like taking a step back in time to the gold rush days. Preserved buildings line the town square, but all modern amenities are available despite the quaint, rustic feel of the former mining town.

With a median home price of around $347,157, Idaho Springs attracts plenty of young professionals, many of whom commute easily to Denver with a drive of around 30-50 minutes in average traffic.

The schools in Idaho Springs are rated “above average,”, and the town has a sprawling suburban feel. You’ll be able to get to know your neighbors without feeling crowded! Plus you’ll avoid the cost of buying a home in Denver in 2022.

Buying a Home in Boulder

Boulder is about as “Denver adjacent” as you can get. That means you won’t save quite as much money on your new home, as median home prices hover just under Denver’s at around $1,027,432, but for many it’s worth it to get the big city feel in a small town setting.

Boulder is on multiple “best” lists, including being one of the healthiest places to live in the U.S.. It’s also ranked thirteenth out of the top 228 cities for excellent public schools, and is a favorite for remote workers.

Of course, Boulder is at the foothills of the Rockies, meaning plenty of access to snowy environments and associated fun like skiing and snowboarding. Around 105,000 people live there, and this number fluctuates quite a bit when you add tourists.

Another place young professionals love, Boulder is just a swift 35-45 minute drive from Denver, although if you hit the worst of rush hour traffic you could be sitting for twice as long. Leave early and beat the rush!

Buying a Home in Bennett

Just 37 miles from Denver, Bennett is another small town that is part of the larger Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area. It has around 2,500 residents and has a median home value of just under $200,000. This can make it easy to come up with your down payment.

Bennett has several “master-planned” neighborhoods designed to create amazing living spaces for residents. Walking paths, children’s playgrounds and other amenities seek to attract more young families to the area.

Commuters who live in Bennett and work in Denver say the commute isn’t bad; 30-45 minutes on a good day by car, or a relaxing hour on the train.

Best of all for some, homes in the median price range of $428,615 can sit on as much as a half acre lot or more, leaving plenty of elbow room. Bennett definitely has Denver beat when it comes to space for your money.

Buying a Home in Castle Rock

Castle Rock is excellent for those who feel a town of 2,000 is far too small, but anything with a six digit population is too big. With just under 65,000 residents, this city lies just south of Denver in one of the prettiest areas in the state.

Residents in Castle Springs enjoy easy access to nature and wildlife, with miles of rocky plains carved through with gulches and creeks and dotted with open Ponderosa Pine woodlands.

Public parks abound and Castle Rock schools are rated well above average. The median home price is at $717,173.

The commute is only 30-45 minutes by care, maybe a little over an hour in rush hour traffic. You can always opt to take advantage of the RTD light rail and save yourself the hassle of the daily drive.

Buying a Home in Hudson

Longing for a more rural life in a suburban setting that still gives you swift, easy access to Mile High culture and fun? Hudson is another 2,500 resident town (give or take a few hundred) northeast of Denver off of 76.

This rural plains town has a low crime rate, and the commute to Denver is only 30 minutes to an hour depending on the time of day and wherein Denver you are trying to get to. The entire town has a laid back feel and it’s ideal for couples seeking to start a family.

Median home prices in Hudson hover around $724,087, and appreciation is slowly but steadily rising. Check the mortgage rates in Colorado – it could be the best time to buy!

Buying a Home in Longmont

Just outside Boulder, Longmont is one of the most diverse suburban areas in Colorado. Less than 100,000 people live in this town, which lies just 30-odd miles from Denver. There are tons of restaurants and breweries, a skydiving club, and plenty of trails, parks, and foothills to explore.

Longmont is full of young professionals and couples seeking a slightly less hectic environment than either Denver or Boulder. The median home price is $561,351 and the city has a dense suburban feel.

Commuting to Denver takes 45 minutes to an hour, and the RTD light rail is perennially in the process of allocating money for a fast track option between Boulder / Longmont and Denver. If this comes to fruition, commuters will have expanded options.

Can I Afford to Live “Denver Adjacent”?

There is absolutely no reason that you can’t move to the Denver area and afford to buy a home. If you’re willing to commute, or you work remotely, some of these cities can give you easy access to the Mile High City without the cost of buying a $608,955 home.

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