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Using A Seattle Mortgage Company: 9 Good Reasons When Buying A Home

Using a Seattle Mortgage Company: 9 Good Reasons When Buying a Home

You have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping for a home loan, and this includes the location of the lender you choose. There are benefits to using a local Seattle mortgage company, as opposed to a national lender or “big bank,” which we’ll get into below.

9 Good Reasons to Use a Seattle Mortgage Company

Why should home buyers use a local Seattle mortgage company? Here are five good reasons to consider:

1. You can meet face-to-face and get answers to your mortgage questions.

If you use an out-of-state mortgage lender or one of the big national banks, you might have a harder time getting answers to your mortgage questions. You’ll be limited to email and phone exchanges.

But when using a local Seattle mortgage company, you can come in for an office visit and meet face-to-face. This is a great way to get answers to your mortgage-related questions and to get to know your loan officer.

2. You (or your agent) can deliver documents in person to expedite the process.

During a typical home buying and mortgage transaction, a lot of paperwork changes hands. Borrowers have to provide a variety of documents relating to their assets, debts, and income. That’s not to mention all of the documents produced by the mortgage and escrow companies. This is another benefit to using a locally owned Seattle mortgage company.

Being able to hand-deliver documents can be a real time-saver. On the other hand, having to fax, mail and/or FedEx everything can add days onto the process.

3. There’s a better chance you’ll close on time with fewer snags.

When using a local mortgage company, there’s a good chance your transaction will be more efficient. We touched on some of the reasons for this above. In many cases, the home buying process can be expedited when working locally. It’s easier to deliver documents, resolve issues that arise, etc.

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4. You’re tapped into a local network of real estate professionals.

Seattle-area mortgage companies (like us) usually have close working relationships with local real estate agents, escrow and title companies, home appraisers, and other housing-related professionals.

So, when you get pre-approved by a local Seattle mortgage company, you can also get recommendations for other top-notch housing professionals. This is a benefit you probably won’t get from a larger lender that’s based out of state.

5. Local mortgage companies are more personal than working with a ‘big bank’.

Mention the phrase “mortgage lender” and many people think of the large, multinational corporations that do most of the advertising. But are they the best option for you? A lot of consumer advocates encourage home buyers to work with a local mortgage company for the reasons stated above, among others.

The thing about the “big banks” is that they’re — well, big. Huge, actually. Big corporations tend to have a much larger customer base, compared to a local Seattle mortgage company. So, with a big bank, you might be just one of thousands of customers moving through the home loan process at a given time. And that’s not necessarily a recipe for efficiency.

A smaller, locally owned company not only has a better understanding of local real estate market conditions, but could also provide a more efficient loan experience. This in turn could help you succeed in the hot Seattle real estate market.

6. You’ll have a more customized experience.

Local lenders are more likely to provide you with a personalized experience compared to working with general lenders who may not be located anywhere near you or who don’t necessarily know the area closely like local lenders do. Having a close working relationship with a local lender can help you avoid any uncertainties that you may have.

You don’t have to get stuck on customer service lines or risk having your voicemails go unanswered for days before you hear back from the person you wish to speak with. Instead, local lenders are more closely tied to their clients and are much easier to get in touch with than mortgage companies that are stretched thin trying to service borrowers across the entire nation.

7. Your can tap into their knowledge of the local market

Like local realtors, local lenders know their market very well. You won’t get the same level of knowledge about your area with a general mortgage lender like you will with one who works directly in the location you are looking to buy a home in.

Local lenders will have a clear understanding of the local economy and the property values in the area, which can go a long way at helping you get the right mortgage at a fair interest rate. Most local lenders may also be able to provide in-house resources to help ensure your loan approval process moves along quickly without a hitch. They’re also more willing to take extra steps to ensure a successful mortgage.

8. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding int he Seattle housing market.

Seattle is a busy real estate market. We know that much already. But how does that relate to working with a local mortgage company in Seattle?

According to the WSJ story: “[home] buyers who need financing can strengthen their offers by working with a locally based mortgage broker or loan officer.”

The article went on to quote real estate agents who said they actually prefer to deal with buyers who are using a local mortgage lender. “Agents want to work with buyers whose lenders know the local market and have a record of getting deals done. That reassures the listing agent and the seller that a sale will close.”

Now we’re connecting the dots. In a highly competitive, fast-moving real estate market like Seattle, home buyers need every possible advantage to achieve their goals. Working with a local mortgage company in Seattle (like ours) is a step in that direction.

9. You can read reviews from local home buyers and mortgage shoppers.

Yelp and similar review websites are a good way to read feedback from local consumers who have used a certain business. These days, a lot of mortgage companies have Yelp profiles. This allows you to get unbiased reviews from home buyers and mortgage shoppers just like you.

For instance, Sammamish Mortgage has reviews on both Yelp and Read through our reviews, and you’ll get a sense of how we treat our customers.

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