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The Most Popular Cities In OR For Relocating To Get A Better Deal On A Home

Summary: Relocating to different cities in OR is often motivated by the cost of home prices. People don’t necessarily move out of their home town because they’re undesirable, but because they’re able to find better prices elsewhere.

Many people are looking to buy homes: not across the street, not somewhere else in town, but in other parts of the country. The motivator for this is that there are significant differences in the median prices for home sales in different parts of the US. After all, the median prices for homes vary a great deal from one market to another. This is not a result of the places being undesirable.

In fact, many of the places with excellent values in home prices are very desirable. In these attractive cities, the lower prices are more about the local economy, the cost of living, and the availability of homes for sale.

Popular Cities For Relocation

A study done by REALTOR® identified the most popular cities that people search for when looking for a new home in another area that is different from where they currently live.

The median home price in the US is $231,000.

Areavibes ranks American cities based on a livability score that considers many factors, which include the cost of living, crime, school, employment, and amenities. The livability score is a scale that goes up to 100.

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Here are the top choices in the order of their popularity for searches and median home prices along with their livability score:

  • Salem, OR – Median home price is $287,600. The Livability score is 72.
  • Keizer, OR: Median home price is $302,900. The livability score is 77.
  • Albany, OR: Median home price is $280,600. The livability score is 75.
  • Klamath Falls, OR: Median home price is $181,500. The livability score is 64.
  • Woodburn, OR: Median home price is $274,800. The livability score is 67.

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Cost Of Living

The cost of living is a big factor that impacts the quality of life for the average person. The cost of living includes the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, health care, utilities, and other goods and services. The national standard for America’s cost of living is set at 100.

The cost of living index in each city is a number that is higher or lower than 100. Higher figures than 100 represent a percentage higher than the national average. Lower numbers than 100 are cities that cost less than other cities in America.

Here is the cost of living index for these popular cities:

  • Salem, OR – 122
  • Keizer, OR – 147
  • Albany, OR – 99
  • Klamath Falls, OR – 86
  • Woodburn, OR – 135

These are all great cities to live in. For those who have the option to relocate and to get a better price when buying a home, these should all be considered as decent choices.

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