What Questions Should I Ask a Real Estate Agent?

What Questions Should I Ask a Real Estate Agent?
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Are you looking for the perfect real estate agent to shepherd you through the home buying process? Here are some questions you should definitely ask before signing a real estate agent contract.

How Long Have You been an Agent?

While you shouldn’t immediately write off a newcomer to the real estate industry, you may want a level of expertise. If they’ve only been in the business a short time, ask whether they do real estate full time or part time, and what training and certification they have. The more committed they are to their profession, the easier your mind can be.

Do You Represent Buyers or Sellers More Often?

You need an agent who is accustomed to looking out for buyers and handling the negotiations in a competitive market. If it comes down to a bidding war, you want someone with plenty of experience on your side.

What is Your Experience In My Target Neighborhood?

Ideally, your real estate agent has closed homes in the same general area you are looking in, and understands the local market as well as the pros and cons of each street. This type of insider knowledge can be invaluable when you are looking at a very specific location to live in.

How Fast Can You Get Me a Viewing?

Your agent needs to be able to get you in the door of the home you are interested in with no delays. A part-time agent who only works weekends or evenings around another job might cost you the home of your dreams if they can’t get you keys for a walkthrough in a timely manner.

When Will I Hear From You?

The same goes for standard communication. Set expectations. If you call, how many hours until you hear back? What do you do if there is a real emergency? Will you always deal with your agent, or do they have other agents working with them to back them up?

Do You Act as a Dual Agent?

You want to avoid a situation in which the agent you choose starts showing you houses they are also acting as a seller’s agent on. It’s always best for sellers and buyers to have separate agents, to ensure everyone’s best interests are being kept in mind.

What Can I Do to Facilitate the Home Buying Process?

A good agent will make things as easy as possible for you. A great agent will also educate you during the process to make the entire process as hassle free as possible for everyone.

Finding the right agent can mean the difference between finding your dream home at the best price in a short time, and the hunt for a house dragging on for months. Asking these questions can help you evaluate if a specific agent is a good fit for you.

If You’re Out of Town or Have an Emergency Who Will I Work With?

Many real estate agents either work with or run a team, or have another agent in their office that they partner with to help each other’s clients when one of them is unavailable. It is important to ensure that this is the case, to know who the backup agent is, and to have their contact information in case it’s needed in a time sensitive situation.

The last thing you want is to find your dream home and have to wait a few days because your real estate agent had an emergency… only to find out another offer was accepted before you had a chance to take action.

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