Should I buy a new construction home or a resale?

Should I buy a new construction home or a resale?
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What’s the difference between a new house purchase and buying an older home? Lenders don’t differentiate between new builds and resale homes as much as you’d think. Here are the top differences between the two options.

New Homes

Although new homes are built every year, existing home sales make up the majority of the real estate market. However, you may want a brand new home for a variety of reasons:

More Customization

When you’re the first owner, you get to put your own individual stamp on the home. You can choose the paint colors, flooring, layout, and design, and move into a home built precisely to your specifications. Even if you are buying an already in construction “turnkey” home, you’ll still be able to tailor the brand new build to your personal taste and style.

Fewer “Surprises”

A new home doesn’t have the maintenance history of an older one, meaning you can expect less trouble withy upkeep for the first few years at least A homeowners warranty can also help protect you against unexpected costs.


Newer homes are built with better materials and with the local weather patterns and environment in mind. You can save on energy costs and landscaping when your home is built to blend into existing surroundings.

Resale Homes

So, why buy an older house? The cost could be lower, but is it worth it? Only you can decide.

You Get More House

Older houses are bigger, and so are the lots they sit on. If you long for generous square footage, and can’t afford it in the newer subdivision, an older home could give you room to sprawl.

Charm and Craftsmanship

When people say they just don’t build houses like they used to, they are often referring to architectural styles that don’t lend themselves to modern home building. If you want aged wooden floors, antique wallpaper, and an attic bedroom to use as an art studio, you’re best looking for a quaint old cottage than a sleek new build.


Older neighborhoods can date back to days when not every family had a car or three. If you like being able to walk to the store or the library, an older home in a neighborhood designed for foot traffic could be ideal. Modern subdivisions can require a map to get from your driveway to the main road!

As with every aspect of house hunting, make a list of what is important to you. Typically, your answer to whether you should buy a new house or an older one will be staring back at you from your notes!

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