Sammamish Housing Market Update for 2022

July 28, 2017
Last updated:
February 3, 2022
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The Sammamish, Washington real estate market has changed significantly over the last few years. Let’s take a look at where the housing market in Sammamish is today and where it is expected to be throughout 2022.

Strong demand and a limited supply of homes have put upward pressure on prices, despite a temporary dip in prices over the past couple of years

As a result, home buyers in the Sammamish area are encountering higher housing costs today than last year. Here are the latest trends and forecasts for the Sammamish real estate market in 2022.

Sammamish Real Estate Market Trends and Forecast

Home prices in Sammamish have risen steadily over the past few years, with double-digit gains in much of the past decade year-over-year. And home prices continue to increase in the area.

According to the real estate information service Zillow, the median home value in Sammamish climbed to $1,454,826 as of February 2022. That marked a 31.7% increase over the same month in 2021. Additionally, the company’s long-range housing forecast for Sammamish, Washington predicts a continued gain in prices over the next 12 months. 

That’s the first thing you should know if you plan to buy a house in the Sammamish area over the coming months. You will encounter slightly higher housing costs compared to those who purchased last year.

Looking forward, the general consensus is that prices in Sammamish will continue to increase over the months ahead. The current supply and demand situation will likely push house prices higher as we move further into 2022.

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Population Growth Increases Demand for Housing

Part of this growth can be attributed to the “Seattle effect.” With its strong tech industry and robust economy, Seattle is attracting residents from all over the country. And many of them are buying in surrounding cities. But the city of Sammamish itself also has plenty to offer, and these attributes contribute to steady population growth.

Over the years, Sammamish, Washington has found itself on numerous lists of the “best places to live” in the United States. It was even once ranked as the friendliest town in America by the publishers at Forbes. All of these factors increase demand for housing in Sammamish, and across the Seattle metro area. And this comes at a time when supply of homes is very limited.

In many parts of the metro area, there is less than a one-month supply of homes available. A “balanced” real estate market is said to have about five to six months worth of supply. So the current housing market still favors sellers over buyers, as far as negotiating leverage goes.

Mortgage Rates Expected to Increase

The median household income in Sammamish, Washington is much higher than the national median. Even so, a lot of home buyers in the area still have to use mortgage loans because of the high cost of housing. 

This means that mortgage rates are an important consideration for Sammamish home buyers. So what can we expect for the rest of 2022?

According to the latest forecast issued by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the average rate for a 30-year home loan is expected to reach 4% by the end of 2022. It’s hovering around 3.55% right now, as of the first week of February 2022. 

Mortgage rates have been on a steady increase since the start of last year

Predictions by Zillow and other economists suggest that home prices will continue to rise over the months ahead. So, a strong case could be made for buying a home sooner rather than later.

Disclaimer: This article includes various predictions and forecasts relating to the real estate market in Sammamish, Washington. This information was provided by third parties not associated with our company. We have presented it here as an educational service to our readers.

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